‘Shadowhunters’ 2×2 – Valentine continues to grow his army while the Clave continue to search for Jace


Shadowhunters comes back with a vengeance as a war is brewing between Valentine and his new army and the Shadowhunters. But it doenst stop there as there is a war brewing between Clary and essentially everyone else in her life. Alec wants to find Jace and bring him back while her mom wants to kill him. That’s right, kill her own son.

In the last episode, the season opens up with a bang as Jace is reluctant to help Valentine help build his army which makes Valentine push him harder than before. The rest of the gang is off trying to find Jace before he does something that is going to be unforgiveable. Throughout the show, we see that not everyone is as they seem as Jocelyn tries to kill Jace. In this episode, titled ‘The Door in the Dark’, has Clary trying to find Jace before the Clave kill him and Simon gets a task at spying on the werewolves for the new Clave boss, Victor.

While everyone may be out to blame Clary, because that is the easy thing to do, there are some people that know that it’s not her fault. Izzy and her grow closer as Alec continues to blame her for all the problems they have. This forces Clary to make a drastic decision to try and find Jace without any help from anyone else. It will come back to haunt the Clave to keep her out because Valentine is also interested in having her on his side.


Dot kidnaps Clary for Valentine and him and her try to convince Clary that she needs to join their side. This only complicates Jace’s life because he wants to protect Clary and the only way he can do that is going deeper into the world of Valentine. Clary uses her time there to try and get Dot to help her again (because she is only there by force). Jace gets newfound strength with Clary because while he’s not supposed to love her (like that) he does and he uses her strength to help them escape.

Luke is able to figure out a way to try and find out where Valentine is, but it comes with major consequences to Alec. Of course he’s full speed ahead but Izzy is reluctant to let Alec go ahead of it. When they do the ritual, Alec goes to deep and becomes sleeping beauty.

Simon is basically running in circles as he can’t figure out a way to stay out on top of the world around him. Victor backs him in a corner as he blackmails him into ratting out information on the werewolves and Raphael returns and makes Simon find Camille or else the vampires will kill him. It has him asking Magnus Bane for help.

In the next episode, Alec suffers from the effects of trying to find Jace while Jace tries to survive living with the werewolves and staying away from the Clave.

What did you think of the show?


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