‘Chicago PD’ 4×11 recap – The unit look into a man who may have been assaulted by a former victim of his


In the last two episodes before the fall finale, Olinsky had the unpleasant joy of deciding where his loyalties lie as his friend is accused of raping a young girl. In the second episode, the unit try and find a person who is picking off the police. This week we have two episodes, in ‘Don’t Bury the Case’, the unit try and help clear Severide’s name after being involved in a hit and run. For this week, titled ‘You Wish’, the unit investigate a potential hate crime when a rapist is killed but problems arise when his wounds don’t match up to the cause of death.

The unit gets called to a scene where a man’s favorite appendage has been cut off. The victim’s name is Sanford Greg who is a sex offender who just got out of jail with a laundry list of crimes and restraining orders. They look at the people that he’s had problems with (which is only like twenty or thirty people or so).

With witnesses help, they are able to find a woman, named Erin, who threw a bloody knife into the bushes and a big red flag of guilt, she ran. Olinksky opens up and lets Burgess take the interview with Voight. Turns out that Sanford was attempting to rape her and she sliced him to get free. When they get the cause of death, choking, they know that Erin didn’t do it.


Looking into an incident, they find that there is a group called ‘Special Police’ that covers an area that has all the rights of cops but none of the rules. They are all about helping until they learn it’s a murder. The ME shows them that this new victim is not the only one which points all the arrows at this special police and James Mooney.

My love for Halstead only grows in this whole thing with Jimmy. While Lindsey doesn’t want to cause more problems with Jimmy (wanting to bask in the fact that she has a father now) but Halstead is always watching her back and making sure no one else hurts her. That spells love like no other. But it backfires on him when he discovers that Jimmy is not her real dad, basically destroying her happy little bubble and what little relationship Lindsey had with Bunny. The silver lining (and it has me hopeful) is that apparently Bunny and Voight had a one-night stand. Could this mean that Voight is really Lindsey’s father?

In the next episode, there is a church in Chicago protecting murder suspects and it’s up to the CPD to shut it down.

What did you think of the show?

One thought on “‘Chicago PD’ 4×11 recap – The unit look into a man who may have been assaulted by a former victim of his

  1. […] the last episode, a rapist is found killed and the city is less then helpful when it comes to finding the person […]

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