‘Chicago PD’ 4×12 recap – The unit look for the murder of a women in the park


In the last episode, a rapist is found killed and the city is less then helpful when it comes to finding the person responsible. There are people out there trying to help clean up the streets and it looks like they are doing it in the wrong way. This week we have two episodes, in ‘Sanctuary’, there is a church in Chicago protecting murder suspects and it’s up to the CPD to shut it down.

As the seasons go on there is a certain roll call with each show or at least most of the shows. A car chase, some turmoil between the group, a bad decision, and a foot chase. All of which take place in this show.

The foot chase is the first up as the police go after two young black men that were fingered at being at the park around the victim. They are unable to get to them before they find sanctuary (there it is. The name of the show) in a church. The priest, Father Bill stands up for the kids and tells the police that they won’t let them try and arrest the young black kids without proof.


This sparks a major feud in the city as each side tries to figure out the truth. While the city riots at the church, the unit try and get to the bottom of the truth without the help of the two witnesses in the church.

Rixton is up next with the bad decision. He gets information from one of his informants, an informant that Voight wanted to know if he was in town. Here comes the bad decision. Rixton decides to lie about which comes back to bite him in the butt as Voight confronts his lie and states that he only has one more strike.

Burgess and Olinsky continue to butt heads in this show. He is trying to show her the ropes but it always comes off as a little jerky. It’s not until the end of the show that he finally shows respect for her. Saving his life would certainly do that.

What did you think of the show?


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