‘An Act of Courage’ by KC Lynn is out! Buy your copy today!

She’s the light from his past.
He’s the one her heart has always longed for. 
Trained by the best, Christopher Walker has fought hard for his country and even harder to forget the only girl he’s ever loved. He spent countless nights submerged in death and destruction only to find himself clinging to the memories of her when the darkness crept in. 
When her life is threatened, Christopher will stop at nothing to protect her. Even if it means having to confront his past.
Alissa Malone never thought she would find herself face-to-face again with the only boy she’s ever loved. But she soon realizes Christopher is not the same man he once was. 
His touch is still electrifying—his voice still earth shattering. But there’s a darkness about him that wasn’t there before. A pain he harbors so deep that she can feel it all the way to her soul. 
One fateful moment destroyed his very existence, and only one person will be able to make him realize that what he considers an act of dishonor was truly an act of courage.


This is Book Four in the Acts Of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men Of Honor. It is not necessary to read all the other books in the series. However, I do highly recommend that you at least read Resisting Temptation, the third book in the Men of Honor series since this is where these Characters story began.

I’m sucked in so deep there’s no coming back—no fighting it. I can smell the desolation and death of the cell, my muscles protruding from my skin, almost ripping out of my body as I try to free myself, his screams of agony ricocheting off the walls.

Then it changes.

I’m down on my knees, my eyes on fire, face soaked in sweat, tears, and blood. Despair grips me with the decision I face.

One I can’t make.

I can’t bring myself to do it.

“Please, man. I’m fucking begging you!”

The guilt swallows me whole, leaving me in a black abyss, my own personal hell. I stare down at my hands that are stained red—blood that will forever haunt my soul.

The roar that rips from my chest shreds my vocal cords, ripping me apart from the inside out. I become nothing more than a shell of what I once was and it’s exactly what I deserve…

I’ve killed countless times for the sake of my country and its freedom but it was the one death I was forced to take that changed my existence forever~ Christopher Walker, An Act of Courage

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Buy your copy today!

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