Book review: ‘Inked Souls’ by Lucia Grace is a story about how fated love is out there if you want to believe in it

Format: e-book, paperback
Format read: e-book arc
Series: book 1 of Shaw Effect series
Rating: 18+ sexual content, language
Genre: Contempory Romance
Goodreads page:

Fated love is something that we all want in life. When you meet that person that we are destined to be for and bam, that’s it. You are together forever. That’s what this story is all about. It’s about how Rhett and Kennedy come together after both experience a life without parents, though in different ways. They bond of their heartbreak and learn how to make a new family, together.

While I love the idea of a fated love story, I just wish there was more of that build up (denial). The second that Rhett sees Kennedy, that is it, he’s gone for. There is no hesitation or time to think about it, he’s gone. For me, I just felt it rushed that part of the story because you didn’t get to see that part where they fall in love. And let’s be honest, that’s the best part of a love story.

Outside of that, the rest of the story flows well. Once they are together you get to see them build that life together. But of course, it’s not going to be just easy peasy for the happy couple. There is a problem that comes to light that challenges everything that they are building.

Rating: B-

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Author Lucia Grace

I am a romantic at heart and love all things love. Being an avid reader, my love for reading is what sparked my determination to put pen to paper and write my debut novel, Falling Deeper. Becoming an author is something I never planned. Writing is a dream I never knew I had. But now that I’ve started I can’t imagine doing anything else.

When I’m not getting lost between the pages of my favorite books, or cheering on my favorite sports teams, I can be found spending time in my coastal New England town with my longtime boyfriend and furbabies.


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