Review: JA Redmerski’s latest book ‘Everything Under the Sun’ challenges the idea of what’s more important, duty or love?

everything under the sun

Format: e-book, paperback
Format read: arc
Series: stand-alone
Rating: 16+ for theming, language, graphic scenes
Genre: New Adult
Goodreads page:

In this new dystopian word Thais is struggling to keep her and her sister alive after a deadly virus killed a majority of the population. And it only gets worse when she gets captured and brought to Lexington City. There she meets Atticus, a soldier, who she knows she should stay away from but struggles between survival and this pull towards him.

Atticus is about rules and doing his job. But once he meets Thais all that he knows goes out the window. He is challenged by duty and his feelings for her.

The story is very much like a cross between Hunger Games, The Darkest Minds, and Red Queen series. This is different kind of book for me to read for Redmerski, but the love part of the story is something that I am used to. We were to feel the stress and the longing that both characters have for one another and of course you nothing good is going to come from the forbidden love.

Since this is a dystopian book, it is super long. Think Mortal Instruments length. And I didn’t realize that when I went into it (b/c kindle doesn’t tell you the length when you start reading it). But there will come a time where you can’t put the book down. Because you want to know how Thais is going to get her and her sister out of the mess she is in and whether or not Atticus will be with her at the end.

Be prepared for the ending because it’s CRAZY! I like to think that I am good at not being super surprised by endings, but this one caught me off guard. It’s so out there that it makes me want to have the next book right now. So while the journey is going to be long, the destination is well worth it.

Rating: A

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