Review: ‘King’s Cage’ by Victoria Aveyard – Can Mare survive her imprisonment?

kings cage

Format: e-book, paperback, audible, hard cover
Format read: audible
Series: book 3 of Red Queen series
Rating: theme, sensual language
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page:

In the third book of the series, Mare is doing anything she can to survive as prisoner of Mavin while still trying to find a way out. The Scarlet Guard continue to build an army as they try to get strong enough to take down the Silvers and Mavin once and for all.

As with the other two books, it takes a little while to get started. There is a lot of repetition of just Mare complaining about the silent stone and the manacles and how they are stifling. This isn’t important at the time of it happening, but it plays a major part later on in the story. It creates a psyche in Mare that changes the course of the story.

Cal’s allegiance has always been shaky ground and this book challenges everything that was grown up knowing. I feel bad for him because he is struggling with what he wants and what is his duty. He doesn’t want to kill Silvers because he is one, but the only way that he can get the crown away from his brother is to kill them. It’s a form of betrayal and like Mare it shapes who he ends up being at the end of the book.

There are quite a few fight scenes in this story (or action sequences). They run for a bit and the BIG one at the end is a bit drawn out. But once the climax begins it is a wave of emotion as there is so much going on that it’s hard to keep up with (much like war).

Aveyard gives us a few new looks in this story and it helps give the story a new life. It completes the story in a way that Mare’s point of view couldn’t do and help explains why certain things are done. There were times I would have been majorly confused without this. So thank you for that.

The story ends in a bit of a cliffhanger so be warned. You are going to want to make sure that you have the final book of the series ready so that you can dive right on in.

Rating: A

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About the Author – Victoria Aveyard

victoria aveyard

I’m a screenwriter/YA author who likes books and lists. This site is the nexus of my universe.

My book RED QUEEN will be published Winter 2015 from HarperTeen at HarperCollins. I’m repped by the incomparable Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc.

The genres I’m into include YA, Fantasy, Historical, Adventure, Apocalyptic – if people are dying, I’m buying.

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