Belle meets Beast in new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer

It is finally upon us. The first officially footage of the upcoming live action Disney film Beauty and the Beast. (I am not counting that 10 seconds we see Emma Watson in the teaser). 

In this trailer, Belle (Emma Watson) finds her father (Kevin Kline) and trades places with him to be Beast’s (Dan Stevens) capture instead. There she sees there’s something that wasn’t there before (yes it is a line from the beloved song) and falls in love with him. Gaston (Luke Evans) is not to happy with this so he starts a riot and tries to get her back.

It’s a full synopsis of the movie that we see in the trailer and offers up a first look at a lot of the characters. The only major one we don’t see is Josh Gad as Lafou. Maybe next time.

We did get to see a lot of special effects, especially with the character that are not human and it looks like visually it’s going to be as stunning as Cinderella was. We didn’t get to see the music/singing side and that will ultimately decide how the audience reviews this movie. I know for me it will make or break it because the soundtrack for the animated film is one of the best Disney ever did.
Beauty and the Beast is set to come out March 17, 2017.

What did you think of the trailer?

Get darker in first ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ trailer


The wait is over. The first look at the second movie in the NY Times Best-Selling series by EL James, Fifty Shades Darker is here. In the trailer, which can be seen below, we see Christian (Jamie Dornan) trying to win Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) back. After he succeeds, we see that there is more to his past then she thinks as things get a little ‘darker’ for her.

The last movie ended with Christian taking things a little too far with Anastasia and her walking out on him. In this movie, Christian lets Anastasia in but it comes at a high risk as the ghosts from his past threaten everything that they are trying to build.

Obviously there are going to love scenes in this movie. I mean, you read the book. And the fact that the first director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, lost the job for the rest of the series because there wasn’t enough love scenes. Though, the fact that there was a rift between her and the author may have helped as well. The new director, James Foley, seems to pick up where Taylor-Johnson left off which is a sigh of relief. It happens when directors change that sometimes there is a rift in the exchange, but it looks like that won’t be the case in this movie.

The first movie didn’t fare well with Rotten Tomatoes, but did well at the box office bringing in $571 million worldwide. This set the bar high and was one of two movies with female directors (the other being Elizabeth Banks with Pitch Perfect 2) in 2015 that proved that woman can in fact direct successful movies.

Fifty Shades Darker is set to come out Valentine’s Day 2017 with the final movie Fifty Shades Freed coming out Valentine’s Day 2018.

What do you think of the trailer?

‘The Magnificent Seven’ leads books coming out in September

the magnficent seven

September is now upon us and so comes the changing of the leaves. Kids go back to school and the stock in the movie theaters goes down. That has always been a trend and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be changing any time soon. This month there is a lot of movies coming out, but no real stand out movies that are going to be drawing people to the theaters.

The best movie, or most interesting in the list, is The Magnificent Seven. What makes this movie attractive to the eye is that it has an all-star cast that consists of Denzel Washington, Matt Boomer, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke. It is a remake of the movie by the same title and is a fan favorite so we will see if this remake holds water compared to the first one

There are a few suspenseful/scary movies coming out this month that should help you get ready for Halloween in October. When the Bough Breaks is reminiscent of the 2009 movie Obsessed as a surrogate mother becomes obsessed with the father of the baby. Morgan is a thriller movie that may attract fans of the scary movies and may be the dark horse of the month.

With the fall months beginning, so is the start of Oscar movies coming out. This month we start with Sully starring Tom Hanks. The movie covers the incident that took place a few years ago where a plane landed on the Hudson in New York. It looks an awful lot like the 2012 movie, Flight, with Denzel Washington. Only difference is that Sully is based on true events.

bridget jones baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby should do well this month, especially considering it’s a slow month. The fans of the original movie are likely going to come out to see this movie especially because it looks like it’s got all the same elements as the original, add in to the fact that it involves two characters that we love so it’s going to be fun to see how her pregnancy unfolds and who in fact could be the father of the baby.

What movie are you going to see this month?


Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell shine in ‘Bad Moms’

bad moms

It is finally a here. A movie that every mother out there can relate to on so many levels. The movie that is based on how hard it is to be a mom, follows all the rules and problems that mothers face in today’s world. The movie covers every kind of mom out there like the divorced mom, the stay-at-home mom, the single mom, the mom that is TOO involved in their kids’ lives, the mom that is not involved at all. Everything that you can imagine.

The movie was perfectly cast that I don’t think I could have thought of anyone better for each of the roles. Mila Kunis is perfect as the mom that tries to give her kids everything but fails miserably. She does something that we all wish we could do as a mother and just be the ‘fun’ parent. She tries to be their friend, but by doing so, she makes things worse. The movie shows that kids can’t have two ‘fun’ parents and that they need a parent that gives them structure and helps them be good people.

My favorite part is Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. They are the two friends to Mila’s character, Amy, and they offer commentary to everything that she does. Hahn plays the single mom, Carla, who just does not give a crap about anything. She does what she wants when she wants, and has no qualms about it. But with the help of Bell’s character, Kiki, and Amy she sees the importance in being there for her son.

bad moms 2

The villain of the movie, if you can say that, is Christina Applegate’s character, Gwendolyn. I mean, with a name like that you have to be the overbearing mother who tries to control every single detail in her life. And like true Mean Girls style, she has her two minions behind her supporting her and making Amy’s life a living nightmare.

The message behind the movie is simple and obvious. Love and be thankful to your mothers. Their job is thankless and they don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. If you are a mother, you can relate to everything that this movie talks about. Even if you’re NOT a mother you can still relate to the movie because you have either seen it happen or you have done it to your mother yourself. The story plays on the stereotypes of woman and mothers and knocks them down. Mothers are superheroes and they have no kryptonite.

Rating: A

Bad Moms is out now and stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jay Hernandez. You can buy tickets by going here.

What did you think of the movie?


‘Suicide Squad’ leads movies coming out in August

suicide squad

It is no surprise that Suicide Squad is the most anticipated movie to come out not only in August, but for the year. The movie is jammed pack with stars that it might just overwhelm you. Will Smith alone is enough to pique your interest, but add Oscar Nominee Margot Robbie and Oscar Winner Jared Leto, how can it not be amazing?

Well therein lies the problem. There might be TOO high of expectations for this movie. The fact that there are so many stars in the movie and it’s a movie where the bad guys are good guys, it’s a different take on the superhero world because while we all love the hero, a larger part of us likes the bad guys more. So it’s going to come to this concept: It’s either going to be the best movie or the year, or it’s going to be the biggest flop.

Suicide Squad is not the only big movie coming out to end the summer. Disney is trying yet again to do live-action films for their classics with Pete’s Dragon, but like with Pan, it’s not likely to do well at the box office. There isn’t much buzz surrounding the movie and the large budget the movie had may not be enough to help the movie.

nine lives

Another questionable movie coming out is Nine Lives. You see Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner in this movie and think, really? Because I know that’s what I thought when I saw Francis Underwood turn into a cat in this trailer. War Dogs with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller won’t probably do well at the box office, but will likely end up finding its way to the award shows.

Outside of that, there really isn’t a whole lot of movies coming out this month. This may help Suicide Squad at the box office. I predict that it will fall under the triple digits opening weekend, but be close.

What movie are you looking forward to seeing this month?

‘Allegiant: Ascendance’ coming to a TV near you

insurgent 5

Today, Lionsgate announced that the final movie in the Divergent saga is not going to be coming to the big screen. Instead, the movie is going to be made for TV with the hopes that there will be a TV show spin-off. The idea is coming off the success that The Mortal Instruments has on ABC’s Freeform.

This comes as no surprise considering the lack of box office the last two movies in the series got. The series started off a high note with Divergent bringing in $150.9 million with a 41% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. But it all went downhill from there. Insurgent had a bigger budget, but failed to beat what the first movie took in. The movie ended with $130.1 million and a 28% approval rating. The final movie, The Divergent series: Allegiant, was barely a blimp at the box office only bringing in $ with a 13% approval rating.

Riding on the tails of the success of splitting final books in an adaption from movies such as Harry Potter and Twilight, Lionsgate had hoped they would get the same success with this movie series. Unfortunately, that did not pan out. Viewers and fans found the storyline hard to follow and the effects were a bit over the top.

Only time will tell how this turns out but in the end, it sounds like what was supposed to a successful series turned out to be a major flop.

What do you think of the news?


First look at the rose in first poster for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

beauty and beast poster

We get a first look at the new poster for the upcoming Disney live-action movie, Beauty and the Beast. Entertainment Weekly was one of the first to release the new poster and it looks beautiful. It centers around the red rose in the glass frame. What is truly catching is the fact that it’s the only thing with color in the poster. Everything else is a dark shadow or white, so the red really pops.

If you have never seen the movie since it came out in 1992, here is a quick run-down. It’s a movie that surrounds a young beautiful woman named Belle, who becomes a prisoner of the beast. She is reluctant to like the beast who is holding captive but that quickly changes when she sees something new in him. But that’s not the hard part. She has to try and save him from the dashingly handsome Gaston who is trying to kill him because he dares to take Belle from him.

The first teaser trailer came out in May and really offered nothing for the look of the movie. All it was is just inviting the fans to ‘Be Our Guest’. It’s obvious that the marketing team is doing the same strategy that they did when they released Cinderella. They are only going to show the teaser until a few months before the movie comes out then they are finally going to show footage of the actual film. Granted, that could change because they are still editing the movie. Time will tell.

Beauty and the Beast is set to come out in March 2017.

What do you think of the poster?