‘Shadowhunters’ 2×4 – The Shadowhunters try and find a way to save Jace from The Silent Brothers

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Day of Wrath" - No one is safe when the Shadowhunters come up against a new kind of demon in “Day of Wrath,” an all new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing MONDAY, JANUARY 23 (8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Ian Watson) DOMINIC SHERWOOD

In the last episode, Alec suffers from the effects of trying to find Jace while Jace tries to survive living with the werewolves and staying away from the Clave. In this episode, titled ‘Day of Wrath’, The Clave begin their trial with Jace while the others try and find a way to help him. Clary is given an opportunity to take a step back while Simon continues to try and find Camille before Raphael gets killed by Victor.

This has a lot going on that ties some ends from previous shows and making some new ties for the rest of the season and beyond. Simon is still on the hunt to find Camille but little does he know that the answer to finding her is right in his hands. In that box. With the help of Raphael they are able to open the box and have the key to summon Camille.

We see a very ugly side to The Clave and more importantly to Victor. He decides to torture Raphael and threaten his life in order to find Camille. And of course, his way around it is to call it ‘motivation’. Add to the fact that he basically made sure that Jace was found guilty in the City of Bones just so that he can recommend that he spend the rest of his life in prison.
True to form, Jocelyn wants to get away and wants to take Clary with her. Clary sees the appeal in running but knows that her place as at the Clave. Especially after she goes on her first hunt with Alec and Izzy and sees how much she likes it.


While in prison, Jace faces the choices of his past. He wonders if he will ever get past his feelings for Clary and demands that she stays away. He sees a familiar face with Hodge and he makes him see that some choices will never leave him. But by the end of the show he is able to prove to Victor that he shouldn’t be in jail when he fights off Valentine and then refuses to go with him.

We see that maybe the show is not going to be exactly like the book. I had wondered because the fans of the book will know things before everyone else. This week we see Alec killing Jocelyn (with a demon inside of him) and essentially breaking a part of Clary with her. I also think it’s safe to say that the relationship between them will only being more strained now that she is dead.

In the next episode, Clary tries to bring back her mom despite Jace telling her that it’s a bad idea.

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‘Chicago PD’ 4×12 recap – The unit look for the murder of a women in the park


In the last episode, a rapist is found killed and the city is less then helpful when it comes to finding the person responsible. There are people out there trying to help clean up the streets and it looks like they are doing it in the wrong way. This week we have two episodes, in ‘Sanctuary’, there is a church in Chicago protecting murder suspects and it’s up to the CPD to shut it down.

As the seasons go on there is a certain roll call with each show or at least most of the shows. A car chase, some turmoil between the group, a bad decision, and a foot chase. All of which take place in this show.

The foot chase is the first up as the police go after two young black men that were fingered at being at the park around the victim. They are unable to get to them before they find sanctuary (there it is. The name of the show) in a church. The priest, Father Bill stands up for the kids and tells the police that they won’t let them try and arrest the young black kids without proof.


This sparks a major feud in the city as each side tries to figure out the truth. While the city riots at the church, the unit try and get to the bottom of the truth without the help of the two witnesses in the church.

Rixton is up next with the bad decision. He gets information from one of his informants, an informant that Voight wanted to know if he was in town. Here comes the bad decision. Rixton decides to lie about which comes back to bite him in the butt as Voight confronts his lie and states that he only has one more strike.

Burgess and Olinsky continue to butt heads in this show. He is trying to show her the ropes but it always comes off as a little jerky. It’s not until the end of the show that he finally shows respect for her. Saving his life would certainly do that.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×9 recap – a billionaire uses an old way of trying to woo women


In the last episode, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party. In this episode, titled ‘Decline and Fall’, a billionaire store owner is accused of raping a young woman at one of his parties. Bob Gunton guests stars as Lawrence who is a multibillionaire philanthropist who thinks that he is above the law. It comes at a time a few days before someone of similar means was accused of doing the same thing. Difference is that this man gets arrested.

The show starts with a young man, Eric, who gets confidence to talk to a woman, named Sarah, from his grandfather, Lawrence. Everything seems to be ok until the next day when Sarah goes to SVU claiming that she was raped.

Turns out she is half right.


She had conscensual sex with Eric but that led to them discovering that the other man, Lawrence gave her drugs in order to have sex. Quaadludes to be exact. A very old drug that was used before rohypnol became the drug of choice. That alone has detectives knowing that Lawrence is the man since no young man would use that.

As the trial comes to a head, Lawrence tries to play that he is not in the right mind and that he can’t be held responsible for his actions. First person to pull that one huh? Barba knows that it’s bull until it starts to work. It needs some maneuvering and pulling out some skeletons before we are able to get Eric to see Lawrence for what he is. Turns out that the reason why Lawrence Jr (Eric’s father) and his mother got divorced is because Lawrence gave his mother some of that Quaadludes in order to get her to ‘open’ up.

In the next episode, which will be on February 8th, we are at a TV milestone as SVU hits it’s 400th episode. In this one we have a mother who is having an affair with her son’s best friend and it doesn’t look like it’s going to have a happy ending.

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‘This is Us’ 1×12 recap – The Big Day is finally here

THIS IS US -- "The Big Day" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

In the last episode, Kevin finds himself knee deep in a love triangle that becomes just one by the end of the show because Kevin doesn’t know how to talk to women. Kate and Toby decide to get married after his heart surgery is a success. Randall struggles with the fact that his father would rather spend time with his boyfriend then with him.

The time is finally upon us. We finally get to the ‘Big Day’. We see what happens the day that the Big Three was born. Starts off with the happy couple and includes what happened with the man who delivered the babies and Joe (the man who found Randall). The entire show is in the past but it does paint the picture of Rebecca’s and Jack’s relationship as they jumped into being parents.

THIS IS US -- "The Big Day" Episode 112 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gerald McRaney as Dr. K, Chad Morgan as Alli, Mike Bradecich as Peter -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Rebecca is struggling with the pregnancy and by struggle I mean she becomes a monster. She even admits it when she realizes that she spent the morning of Jack’s birthday yelling at him rather then remembering it. When she finally does remember she makes it up to Jack as she realizes that Jack is going to be a great parents and she admits to her kids that she is going to make a lot of mistakes.

Dr. Katowsky is struggling with the loss of his wife and tries to move on. It’s not an easy feat considering how long he’s been married. While his son is trying to help his dad out by helping him move on, it only makes it worse because he doesn’t want to move on. It’s only until after he delivers the babies that he sees that he should try and not hold back his life.

The man responsible for finding and saving Randall has struggles at home as his marriage is falling apart. He tries to keep Randall in hopes to save his marriage but it only causes more problems.

In the next episode, Kevin fights for the girl that he wants (of course we don’t see who) while Kate finds that she might have another love interest at a camp.

What did you think of the show?

‘Shadowhunters’ 2×3 – Jace fights through the city to try and save Alec


Shadowhunters comes back with a vengeance as a war is brewing between Valentine and his new army and the Shadowhunters. But it doesn’t stop there as there is a war brewing between Clary and essentially everyone else in her life. Alec wants to find Jace and bring him back while her mom wants to kill him. That’s right, kill her own son.

In the last episode, Clary trying to find Jace before the Clave kill him and Simon gets a task at spying on the werewolves for the new Clave boss, Victor. In this episode, titled ‘Parabatai Lost’, Alec suffers from the effects of trying to find Jace while Jace tries to survive living with the werewolves and staying away from the Clave.

The last show had quite the epic finale as Jace and Clary escape Valentine’s ship only to find themselves a beach apart. Jace finds himself in deep water (pun intended) when he is found next to a dead body. He goes on the run only to find out that the woman he found is a dead werewolf, who they think he killed.

Isabelle is desperate to try and help Alec and she uses Magnus as her backup. Nothing he does seems to work because they know that the only way that he can wake up is with Jace’s help. Problem is that Jace is wanted by basically the whole city of New York. The only way that she has a chance to help is to make a deal with the last person she wants to, Victor.


Things don’t look up for Simon as he learns that his mom is missing. Only gets worse when Raphael threatens Simon to find Camille or he will hurt his mom. Even though he wanted to help Clary I don’t think that he thought that all this was going to happen. Him becoming a vampire and having his family threatened by other vampires.

Jace fights his way through the city, literally, as he fights off the werewolf pack to try and get to Alec. At the end, there is a very sad and powerful scene where Jace helps Alec and we see the connection between the two of them and how it’s deeper then brotherhood and parabatai.

In the next episode, The Clave begin their trial with Jace while the others try and find a way to help him.

What did you think of the show?


‘Chicago PD’ 4×11 recap – The unit look into a man who may have been assaulted by a former victim of his


In the last two episodes before the fall finale, Olinsky had the unpleasant joy of deciding where his loyalties lie as his friend is accused of raping a young girl. In the second episode, the unit try and find a person who is picking off the police. This week we have two episodes, in ‘Don’t Bury the Case’, the unit try and help clear Severide’s name after being involved in a hit and run. For this week, titled ‘You Wish’, the unit investigate a potential hate crime when a rapist is killed but problems arise when his wounds don’t match up to the cause of death.

The unit gets called to a scene where a man’s favorite appendage has been cut off. The victim’s name is Sanford Greg who is a sex offender who just got out of jail with a laundry list of crimes and restraining orders. They look at the people that he’s had problems with (which is only like twenty or thirty people or so).

With witnesses help, they are able to find a woman, named Erin, who threw a bloody knife into the bushes and a big red flag of guilt, she ran. Olinksky opens up and lets Burgess take the interview with Voight. Turns out that Sanford was attempting to rape her and she sliced him to get free. When they get the cause of death, choking, they know that Erin didn’t do it.


Looking into an incident, they find that there is a group called ‘Special Police’ that covers an area that has all the rights of cops but none of the rules. They are all about helping until they learn it’s a murder. The ME shows them that this new victim is not the only one which points all the arrows at this special police and James Mooney.

My love for Halstead only grows in this whole thing with Jimmy. While Lindsey doesn’t want to cause more problems with Jimmy (wanting to bask in the fact that she has a father now) but Halstead is always watching her back and making sure no one else hurts her. That spells love like no other. But it backfires on him when he discovers that Jimmy is not her real dad, basically destroying her happy little bubble and what little relationship Lindsey had with Bunny. The silver lining (and it has me hopeful) is that apparently Bunny and Voight had a one-night stand. Could this mean that Voight is really Lindsey’s father?

In the next episode, there is a church in Chicago protecting murder suspects and it’s up to the CPD to shut it down.

What did you think of the show?

‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×8 recap – a child goes missing and a neglectful mother is the one to blame


In this episode, titled ‘Chasing Theo’, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party. In the last episode, we follow a young woman who gets raped by someone she thinks has been stalking her since college, but finds that it’s bigger than that when she discovers that the person she trusted may be the one that hurt her.

Every one of these shows has a ‘theme’ that they try to show on both sides of the fences (usually it involves Benson). In this one, it involves neglect and how you have to pay attention to your kids because accidents will happen if you don’t. Nadine (Rochelle Lefevre, Twilight) lives the high life and is one of those people that think ‘nothing bad can happen to me’ until it acutally does. And it does, three minutes into the episode as her son, Theo goes missing after she has a little party involving drugs, alcohol and probably sex.


The nanny, Gloria, doesn’t trust Nadine and her ‘friends’ and we all know that it could be anyone that was there but without her knowing who was actually there, it’s going to be hard for them to try and find suspects. Turns out that she is just playing everyone involved. She didn’t like Nadine’s lifestyle so she has her brother kidnap Theo and they go on the run.

The two mother hens of the squad, Benson and Rollins, have a hard time accepting the fact that Nadine would have a party when her son was sleeping in the next room. It’s hard for them to keep their emotions out when it comes to her.

On a personal note, there is tension between Tucker and Benson as he tries to get Benson to open up to the idea of retirement, especially considering she shot someone in the last episode. Benson, like always, avoids the conversation and pretends everything is ok. In end, Benson finally steps up and breaks things off with Tucker knowing that she needs to be focused on Noah.

In the next episode, a billionaire is accused (though he openly admits it) of drugging women and having sex with them while they are unconscious.

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