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Thin lizzy miracle slimming camisole as seen on tv: Verify your identity

After waiting 2 months for this Cami Shaper to arrive and repeated emails from camishaper. I think this is disgusting.

Ethan Walker
Friday, October 14, 2016
  • I likewise have gained some weight after being the super trained, toned and lean fitness buff. Romi Accucover Digital Foundation.

  • Thank you all for saving me the aggravation of these things! Your stuff is a total rip off.

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  • What fabric is used to make Cami Shaper? Not only that BUT the product did not do what it advertised at all.

The Tummy Tuck System is not like other slimming garments...

Very upset with this order. I once again called customer service 2nd time in 2 days. Will stick to Slander and Wacoal.

I have tears in my eyes reading your post. Instant Vanity Makeup Organizer. Cerafit Vs Stonedine. Darcy had been spending too much time being polite in London with a group of stuffy people.

  • I feel empowered and motivated to get up and start over now!

  • Women all over the world choose to wear slimming camisole as seen on tv under their everyday clothes to provide coverage and compression. Like most of the reviews below, this product is a rip off.

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  • The bras roll up too.

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I was going to order these but definitely will not after reading. We can solve your questions about our products ASAP.! And I agree with with all of them. I continue to send Breast Cancer survivors like myself to the amazing Genie Bra.

But hey, its the holiday season, with lots dlimming parties and food. Copper Fit Compression Sleeves. I have to say that this is me now. Replacing some terms for myself like healthy instead of skinny has been beneficial because no longer is the focus on being super skinny, just being the healthiest version of myself.

The Tummy Tuck System

Correcting poor posture will reduce pain over time and wear. I was so excited to receive the Cami Shaper tbin. So glad I read this, I was actually on here looking for the site to place an order, thank God I stumbled upon this forum first. All I get is a bunch of Indian speaking people everytime I call.

Footlog Foot Massager. But Colin, then 33, brought something very special to the role. Mister Crisper Review. My second is son is amazing and crazy smart! I have never been that small.

  • Rapid Relief Electronic Pad. Rank Arena Air Fryer.

  • Clinical scenes recreated by volunteers that were not paid for their time.

  • All bodies are bikini bodies!

Aunt Bettys Amazing Polish. Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor. I have allowed my self to rest and I feel a lot better at the moment so I say screw it start again in the new year, step by step and then pick up the pace when I can. Eyeglass Watcher. Blake Blaster Review.

My health continues to decline, and I am told that I must lose weight. I did. It makes me feel that ill be okay. Dm Laser Hair Removal System. Micro Touch Max Vs Norelco. Stay strong! From homesickeness, missing my family like crazy and catching up on school work.

Total Cost Breakdown

Fusion Juicer Vs Breville Juicers. Ceramicore Gold Collection. About a month later we found out we were pregnant.

It was exhilarating and not gonna lie, I love those pictures. Dreamers Hero Blanket. I can just be a man. Eyesee Mobile Projector. Bright Squares Review. Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop.

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She was very apologetic. At this point I am getting annoyed I told her I just wanted my order and that was it. In order to really burn fat your body needs to seen an increased metabolic rate combined with oxygen intake. I was about to buy one of the Cami shapers and after reading all your reviews, I will not. I order items everyday on the internet—this is the first time I have ever had such a thing happen. No where in the infomercial I watched did it say they came with bust pads already built in the camisoles.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed. The stress of making new friends, a new job, even new food have led me to completely lose control. Better Bacon Press Review. Your videos have helped me get to a better place in my life and leave regret, anxiety, and disordered eating behind me. Barber Sharp Review.

Ashamed of Gaining Weight

I am SO glad that my sisters have shared their disappointments and experiences. I was going to order these but definitely will not after reading. It looked like I had four boobs. I think I gave my credit card information before I was bombarded with offers to buy more product…that was not a problem for me…After placing the order I get a message saying to confirm my order and receive a

I want thin lizzy miracle slimming camisole as seen on tv cancel order due to automated oj trying to trick you by saying say yes or press one and not giving a chance to say no and have talked to friend who says they constantly ride up and she hates hers! The Cami Shaper has no no no support at all in the bust area or much less holds your tummy in. Any tv product ads that go on and on and on ad nauseam are suspicious!! Additionally you are instructed to speak with your doctor and review the instruction manual before you do any exercises included in the exercise programs part of this order. Awful awful product!! Most importantly I want to speak to someone that can help me with this.

Will also file complaint with better business bureau! So when I saw the cami shaper there I bought it in the same size as my many other Genie Bras. I had to give the damned thing to my daughter. I will patiently await for the arrival since shipping delay seems to be a problem. I have been trying to get a refund since January of this year, It is February and I am still trying to get my refund. Or combine with the Tummy Tuck diet and exercise program to burn fat from your midsection.

Thank you so much! But I know exactly what you mean. Dream Machine Brother Review. EVERY person is different, our bodies are all different and need different things! Music Bullet Speakers. Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan.

Get up to 50% Off

So my bank refused to release the funds. Before I purchased it I checked out several sports bras and found them both expensive and very uncomfortable. I was talked into purchasing an extra set but they are all going back tomorrow. If I wear it, I feel like I am going to be pulling the thing down all day.

I do not knowing support outsourced companies. For women in particular you can get rid of back fat or love handles by listing the bust naturally and compressing the waste to provide a slimmer and more slender look with improved posture. Hope this helps someone else that is on the fence. Thanks to all the women who warned all of us about this slimy company.

Sci Relief Sciatic Pillow. And yet an average of 10 ae viewers sat on their sofas to watch a classic bonnet drama. I have modified some of your workouts, but its still not enough to keep my body the way I expect it to be. Justice Night Vision Binocular. I feel you on this.

Body Shapers Products

Wish I had read the Cami Shaper reviews before ordering. Will report to attorney general! I followed the advice of others and tried Skinny Cami www. I ordered the Cami Shaper before Thanksgiving as I needed it for holiday parties.

They ride up and the pads end up on the top of your breasts. Product Type. No support for my 38DD breasts. This is a piece of garbage!! It is very comfortable, but it offers very little support.

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This post came at the perfect time in this 12 week body makeover challenge. I have been gaining weight recently and my pants have started to get tighter. Life would not be amazing, complex, or exhilarating without both the ups and downs. Crystal Blue Foot Soak. Bissell Deepclean Essential.

What really hit me was when I went home for Thanksgiving and the first thing my grandmother told me in 3 months was, wow you gained some weoght. I swear. My Lil Rainbow Light. I did eat cheeseburgers, I tried to gain weight.

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If you pull it down to cover the hip area the bra part stretches to under the stomach. Relax or do other activities for 8 minutes. This came up, so I clicked on it quick. Well, I ordered mine after Thanksgiving,after saying NO to all of the extra things they try to sell-how annoying!!! Or combine with the Tummy Tuck diet and exercise program to burn fat from your midsection.

They offer up full coverage for the top half of the body and will look great camissole any outfit. Instead of shrink wrapping yourselves with this worthless product, take a walk. With higher evaporating power and better absorption you can sweat more as you're doing your daily activities which helps you to increase your metabolic rate and burn your fat. I was looking at the infomercial and dialed the order number when something told me to check reviews first so I hung up.

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Ardente Gourmet Stirrer. Jml Pedi Pro Deluxe. Oh I thought it only happens here in my country! Genie Slim Jeggings Review. But she was the one that was addicted to mcdonalds or anything she could get her hands on.

However, instead of being covered in sweat while you are wearing the vest the absorption inside of us will prevent your sweat from dripping all over. All of the reviews about the product not living up to what is advertised, the delays in sending the product or refunding the money when you process a return are absolutely TRUE!!! I am a small woman and thought it would shape. Yes, Cami Shaper is machine-washable and can be put in the dryer. I thought this would be easy and is now turning into a nightmare!!!!!

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I was very discouraged. Instyler Vs Ez Curler. I recognize that exercise makes me happy and makes my brain release endorphins. Bunch O Balloons Review. This was 4 years ago.

Magical Unicorn Mask. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. Belvia Shapewear Leggings. A1 Helper Review. Reading your blog and doing your workouts has helped me a lot over the past year or so.

Will cancel my order today!!! This does not burn fat. It also pushed whatever fat I did have by my arms n armpits!! I just put my phone on speaker walked away and almost one whole afternoon no one ever came through to talk to me only the same voice recording repeating the same stupid crap. Designed for both women and men Wear it under your clothes for an instant slimming look, plus it's comfortable to wear all day Comes in three sizes to accommodate a variety of different body shapes.


I placed a stop payment on them and got a new bank card. I am not a large person but small with some belly fat. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. After waiting 2 months for this Cami Shaper to arrive and repeated emails from camishaper. I experienced this with my order too.

Hair Removers Page xeen. Is not measure by pounds but by hard work, motivation, dedication and when we fall out of track it only counts much more when we get back to it. You are truly an inspiration! I feel way better physically and emotionally I am way more confident. Professor Amos Super Fast. Blue Hawk Dash Cam Review. The real kicker is that I am only 21 years old!!!

Paint Zoom Vs Paint Bullet. Saint Gaudens 50 Double Eagle. I have gained back 10lbs. Emjoi Micro Pedi Tornado Review. Hoover Blue Disinfecting Steam Mop.

Msa 30X Sound Amplifier. Hoodie Footie Snuggle Suit. Bendaroos 3D Review. Microwave Pasta Boat. I am still working on getting an excercise routine in place.

Nothing but a scam. I needed the items for a big out of town event in 3 weeks. I really hope someone from Cami-Shaper reads your reviews. Will also file complaint with better business bureau! It did not work for me,i will try to return it. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with.

That piece of information is how you should watch it. Fits great and smooths everything out. This is a scam and a big joke! I lost 50lbs last year, but due to unemployment, I have gained 30 of those pounds back.

That has been my response for the past year and it works. You are truly original. This is an old post, but thank you for sharing it.

Prevent and cure the spraining and injury during sports 4. Liked the Cami section but the Cami and bra combination did not fit well. Your story, Kathy, is just like mine. Guess I should know that when something sounds too good to be true, that it usually is!

Hidden Element Dvds Review. Gymform Ab Generator. I did not take crazy fat burning pills or anything — I never would — but I was deprived. Pack It Insulated Lunch Bags. Dieting down and losing weight…it was hard. It was very much a wanted baby for Susannah and then-husband Iain Glen, but there was a fear she might miscarry.

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I feel ever word you wrote. Audiences fell for the slowburn romance at the heart of the drama, helped no doubt by Colin and Jennifer's own real-life love affair on set. Emjoi Micro Nail Review. Glow To Bed Friends.

Slimmin I attempted to place an order right after Thanksgiving. Supporting the waist and helping relief waist fatigue 3. I just bought a Cami Shaper at bed bath and beyond to try it out. To my surprise I liked them…My biggest concerns other than money was would it ride up or make me flat chested…. Thanks to all of you guys who took the time to write your reviews.

Cassey, Thank you for posting this. You are already so much ahead of them in fitness and you can only get better and better. Thank you so much for sharing. You can let yourself live and eat. But I also remember stepping on stage in my cheetah bikini with those high heels and strutting my new, super tanned body, showing off the most defined muscles I ever had. Honestly, at the start, all I was thinking about was losing that thigh fat, getting skinnier. I mean, propably no one does so much work than you.

Healthmaster Vs Vitamix. Bosmere Windscreen Cover. Reading your blog and doing your workouts has helped me a lot over the past year or so. I looked at an apple and worried what it would do to me.

I know exactly how you feel. Air O Space Luxury Bed. Fd 47 Fuel Efficiency Booster. Real Market Masters. That i am not losing. Llovia Purio Review. Cassie, I have followed you for a long time and I constantly see you as one of the few positive female role models in the world.

Thanks for update. Glad I did. The reps are RUDE and hang up on you. This utra-thin, high-waisted Shorty fits like a second skin, combining comfortable smoothing with the flattest fit ever.

Lifstyl Coffeehouse Solution. Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer. Antidote Hair Styling Spray. Thank you. Nurture those things with loving people, positive environment, encouragement and self love.

  • Good for you for not being too hard on yourself after all we are all human. While your hard work and dedication was definitely visible and amazing, I actually think you look better now; more realistic and easier to relate to.

  • To send it back they tried to talk me into getting a med.

  • Hair Removers Page 6.

  • Bamboo Slimming Garment. Air O Space Luxury Bed.

  • I am a size XL and the bra has not support at all. Walmart through the self checkout is the quickest way to buy it.

I saw SO many negative comments. Most un comfortable things ever. I feel scammed. I am wondering about the size I need to order, does this product come true to size, Should I order same size as my actual size or a size bigger? The Cami Shaper is a three in one solution provider that gives you wonderful shape by providing the comfort of a camisole, lifting of a support bra and tucking the tummy and buttocks. I always like reviews of any item that I plan on ordering and spending my money on.

Crystal Sponge Review. I have mitacle much stress going on with family and friends I always feel terrible with self esteem. After a while the comments really started to get to me and I started to have the dreaded funhouse mirror effect where for some reason I saw myself as a ton heavier than I really was. Ad Feature Advertisement. Probably two. Pocket Flip Brella.

Actress starring in West End's Cinderella played the same role in school production Little Mix fans convinced Leigh-Anne Pinnock has thin lizzy miracle slimming camisole as seen on tv secretly given birth - as singer says she is 'proud' of bandmate after welcoming baby Demi Rose showcases her ample cleavage in a racy white tulle negligee and matching thong as lsimming poses in Ibiza Love Island's Amy Sen tests positive for COVID after recent show reunion dinner - amid claims 'two other contestants have contracted the virus' 'I'll never rule it out': Jesy Nelson reveals she's open-minded about being in a relationship with a woman after splitting from ex Sean Sagar Zara McDermott flaunts her slender physique in sizzling snaps which saw beau Sam Thompson getting 'on his hands and knees in a car park' to take Free Guy stays at the top of the box office with the best second-week hold of the summer Even after eating clean, and still working out all through the Christmas holidays, I noticed some weight gain too. Duo Magic Pans Review. You were a great inspiration to me today :. Instant Tailor Clips.

  • Thanks again.

  • Before I purchased it I checked out several sports bras and found them both expensive and very uncomfortable. I am currently on hold for 9 minutes and 45 seconds!

  • Hercules Hook Review.

  • Renu It Battery Generator. Home Organizers Page 3.

  • This was the worse customer service.

It bound my breasts and the bottom kept riding up my hips to my waist. Ok — so I thin lizzy miracle slimming camisole as seen on tv the Cami Shaper after waiting months…but I knew that ahead of time. Long wait for delivery, Cami is made of poor fabric. Companies like this should never be allowed to peddle their wares in this country without being highly scrutinized, but the mighty dollar comes first…. Had to put a fraud alert on the Companies with my bank and spent hours talking to RUDE so called customer service reps before speaking with a customer service specialist to get half of my money refunded.

  • Bell Howell Silver Sonic Micro. Nutritec Slow Juicer Professional.

  • You saved me a head ache I do not need.

  • Blue Hawk Dash Cam Review.

  • Keep that good job!

  • They offer up full coverage for the top half of the body and will look great under any outfit.

  • I walk and talk and dance as often as I can. Oh So much relieves to hear that somebody like you say this kind of thing.

Kruncher Ab Exerciser. Reading your post made me feel better about no longer being the skinny rail I was in college. But nothing drastic. I mean it has completely lifted my spirits. Dreamskin Beauty Pillowcase.

Go Green Drain Opener. And I love your positive attitude! I eat clean, the majority of the time, but when night-time boredom and munchies hit, I go haywire. Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone. Air Hogs Firewing Bird Review. Power to them for not being ashamed of their body, and for loving it enough to show it off to the public.

Sewn reviews helped me out a lot. After waiting two months and making 5 phone calls to the company thin lizzy miracle slimming camisole as seen on tv time I called I was assured it would be taken care of to get my refund, I finally reported them to the Better Business Bureau and finally received my credit to my account. I am sooooo pleased to finally find a shaper that works! People should not have to go through all of this nonsense to get something that they paid for. The body contains a great deal of water and things like saunas at a low temperature result in the same thing.

Cravey Instant Gravy Mix. I felt like the diet left me so lost and dry. No No Pivot Review. Perfect Pane Lizxy Window Gel. Thank you so so so much, you made my day so much better and I will keep on sticking to my fitness goals!!! And who knows what we may end up years down the road? I had a very rough semester of pulling my GPA up and near the end of the semester I got really into Blogilates.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Catastrophe occurred when Colin Firth had to shoot the underwater close-ups of him swimming in the lake in a large weed-filled tank at Ealing Studios some time after the outdoor scenes were filmed. Crystalift Professional Microdermabrasion At Home. Eyesee Mobile Projector. Adorable moment Max Whitlock's daughter, two, crashes another TV interview to say 'hello' to Christine