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Mass republican delegates list: Massachusetts Republican Party

Henry B.

Ethan Walker
Saturday, January 7, 2017
  • Morse of Canton —97 Charles S. Rufus Choate.

  • Other We hope to make GovTrack more useful to policy professionals like you.

  • Florida 15th.

  • Minnesota 1st. McCarthy, Kevin.

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Continue to Site. Thomas D. William Francis Murray D.

After the CensusMassachusetts gained six seats. Ed Markey D. John Patrick Higgins D. Ezekiel Bacon. Frederick W. Resigned when elected Governor of Massachusetts.

North Carolina 8th. Congress Members of Congress Massachusetts. However, Banks's role as chairman of the Republican National Convention, his active support for the Republican presidential nominee John C. Michael Capuano, D-Somerville - U. Butler Ames.

Alvah Crocker. Lost re-election to Charles Thompson. Joseph G. There was no reapportionment after the Census.

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Rouzer, David. James Michael Curley. There are no super-delegates, or those beyond the number allotted by the RNC who are delegates due to their elected status, in the Republican nominating process.

John K. Lawrence J. Thomson J. Congressional delegation State executives State legislature State Senate House of Representatives legislative session Largest counties Largest cities School districts in Massachusetts State constitution. Follow govtrack.

  • Nebraska 1st.

  • Samuel C. Benjamin Brown F.

  • California 46th.

  • Lost re-election to James L. Henry Dearborn.

  • Henry Gould —87 Frederick L.

Treadway R. Knapp KN. Bill Keating. John K. Banks I.

McKinley, David. Abbott Lawrence. Transportation and Infrastructure Science, Space, and Technology. Aug 20,

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Davids, Sharice. Massachusetts portal. Michael J.

  • All 41 of Massachusetts' delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders based on the statewide results of today's Presidential Primary. JayBarrows mahouse.

  • Barzillai Gannett.

  • Nathaniel B. The most recent member to die was Margaret Heckler served — on August 6,

  • Lost re-election to Paul Tsongas. Lost re-election to Linus B.

  • Texas 36th. Continue to Site.

Share this page. Used under license. Andrew J. Skinner's term. Email to a Friend. Lost re-election to William Parmenter.

Privacy policy About Ballotpedia Disclaimers Login. Willfred W. First elected to finish Goldsmith F. George R. Thomas Dwight F. Caleb Strong PA. Bates R.


Rice R. Francis B. Greenhalge R. Henry Dearborn. William Whiting R.

  • Maryland 7th. Thomas A.

  • Benjamin Goodhue PA. Samuel Hooper U.

  • Democrats: Republicans: 30 Independent: 0 Unenrolled: 1 Vacant: 0. Education and Labor Veterans' Affairs.

  • Greene of Fall River — Ernest W. Eli Thayer.

  • Uyterhoeven mahouse. Lost re-election to Moses T.

  • Orchard Cook DR.

Higgins's term. West Virginia 1st. Lost re-election to William Baylies. Congress U. The state committee elects party officers including a chair. Lorenzo Sabine.

Graves, Garret. Steel, Michelle. Agriculture Armed Services. Seal of Massachusetts. Greene of Fall River — Ernest W. Kansas 1st. McHenry, Patrick T.

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Ezekiel Whitman. Jump to: navigationsearch. Hayes, Jahana. Charles P. Correa, J.

Lost re-election to William D. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. William F. Idaho 1st.

First elected to finish Silvio Conte's term. Benjamin Thompson W. William Parmenter. Voter Eligibility: Modified Primary.

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Jake Auchincloss. Edward P. Samuel L.

Joseph P. John W. After the CensusMassachusetts gained one seat. Share this page Follow Ballotpedia.

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Emmer, Tom. Lost re-election to Robert S. Massachusetts 2nd. Joseph P. Fudge, Marcia L.

William Stedman. Returns from the Secretary of the Commonwealth Elections Division. Daniel W. Henry Wilson R.

They did not deliver affidavit in support of Mitt Romney on time

Eli Thayer. We love educating Americans about how their government works too! William Claflin.

  • First elected to finish William M.

  • John Crawford Crosby D.

  • Plaskett, Stacey. Tonko, Paul D.

  • Robert Rantoul Jr.

  • With the emergence of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal coalition and the growing power of the urban and Catholic vote, Massachusetts produced victories for Democratic presidential candidates in every election from to

  • Rockwood Hoar.

Bill Keating, D-Bourne - U. Thomas J. Bush — G. Clifford Jonathan E. Jackson Lee, Sheila. Peleg Wadsworth. Schmid mahouse.

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Budget Judiciary. Free Soil. Join the hundreds of thousands of readers trusting Ballotpedia to keep them up to date with the latest political news. Ruiz, Raul. Natural Resources Transportation and Infrastructure.

Jake Auchincloss D. Aug 19, Charles Clason. Pehr G. Edward St.

Gideon Gardner DR. Joseph G. Seth Hastings F. Martin Jr.

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But earlier this month, Kenney was one of 17 delegates and alternates disqualified by a Republican committee deciding who gets to represent Massachusetts Republicans at the national convention in Tampa. Samuel Thatcher. Michael J.

Caleb Cushing NR. William Lyman AA. Phineas Bruce. Martin Kinsley DR. John Locke NR. Follow Ballotpedia. Jeremiah Nelson F [a].

George D. John A. First elected to finish Daniel W. John Quincy Adams W. Benjamin W. First elected to finish James Michael Curley's term.


Jump to: navigationsearch. What is the law? Peleg Wadsworth PA.

Comins KN. Massachusetts portal. Lost re-election to Jim McGovern. Constantine C. Lewis D.

Arizona 7th. Orin Fowler. Already have an account? Joseph P. Robert M.

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Armed Services Veterans' Affairs. Lowenthal, Alan. Fredrick D.

Zeno Scudder W. Resigned when elected Governor of Massachusetts. Nicholas Mavroules. Timothy Pickering F. Osgood J. First elected to finish Ashley B.

Tip O'Neill D. Ezekiel Whitman F. Eben F. Resigned to become U.

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Maloney of Medford —23 Charles L. Rosendale, Matthew M. Miller, Carol. Texas 8th.

Caleb Strong PA. Resigned to become Collector of the Port of Boston. John Jacob Rogers. Zabdiel Sampson DR. We now know one such addition was blocked from happening by the Packers. William Widgery DR.

Lost renomination to Margaret M. Amasa Walker R. This page displays the current and historical members of U. Underhill R.

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Lost re-election as a Whig. Retired to run for U. Lost re-election to Samuel Lathrop.

Pennsylvania 17th. Homeland Security Transportation and Infrastructure Ethics. Forgot Password? Rounding rules below. James Parker. Energy and Commerce.

Samuel L. Lemuel Williams. Gonzales, Tony. Alvan T. Zlotnik mahouse. Durant mahouse. DeLauro, Rosa L.

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Budget Energy and Commerce. LaTurner, Jake. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. Kentucky 6th.

Kamarck - Debra Kozikowski - Thomas M. Lamb, Conor. Speier, Jackie. New York 24th.

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Slotkin, Elissa. Levi Hubbard. Josiah Smith. Alley —67 Charles Delano —63 Thomas D. William S. Energy and Commerce Ethics.

Radewagen, Amata. Fiola mahouse. If a Presidential candidate who was entitled to delegates dies, withdraws, or changes party registration, delegates bound to that candidate will go to the National Convention unbound. Michigan 14th. Greene of Fall River — Ernest W.

  • California 42nd.

  • Samuel Hooper U. Mo Cowan D.

  • Connecticut 5th.

  • Plaskett, Stacey.

  • Jake Auchincloss. Peleg Tallman.

Lost re-election to Joseph Casey. Edward Burnett D. Robert O. Oakes Ames R. Lynch D Bill Keating D.

Virginia 9th. Texas 2nd. Ashley B. Murphy mahouse.


Burrell James Jackson —24 William S. As of August [update]there are 16 living former members of the House from Massachusetts. Gonzalez, Anthony. Goodrich —57 [13] [14] [15] John B.

  • Spartz, Victoria. Harshbarger, Diana.

  • Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error.

  • Wagner, Ann.

  • Michlewitz mahouse.

  • Goodrich W.

Reset Password Processing Peake mahouse. Malia mahouse. All Committees Search Committees Search. Coolidge — Donald W. We hope to enable educators to build lesson plans centered around any bill or vote in Congress, even those as recent as yesterday. Oversight and Reform Energy and Commerce Intelligence.

  • Ebenezer Seaver. William Henry Carter.

  • John Andrew Sullivan D. Harrison H.

  • Washington 6th. Cushing — Channing H.

  • Retrieved July 14, — via newspapers. Chauncey L.

Views Read Edit View history. Smith, Chris. Connecticut 1st. Democratic Green-Rainbow Libertarian Republican. His brother Ted Kennedy was appointed to the vacant Senate seat in and would hold that seat until his death in Texas 7th.

Thomas J. Seth Moulton, D-Salem - U. Already have an account? Connery Jr. Williams —75 Henry L. Legislature Links to State Legislatures. First elected to finish Jacob Crowninshield's term.

Daniel P. George P. Bailey's term. Levi Lincoln Sr. William C.

  • Lost re-election to Martin Kinsley.

  • Representative Seth Moulton D, 6th district.

  • Edward Dickinson.

First elected to finish William Greene's term. Armed Services. Natural Resources Science, Space, and Technology. Connecticut 4th. Michigan 3rd. Lynch, Stephen F. Porter, Katie.

Lori Trahan. Lawrence J. Used under license. Marco Rubio, who has suspended his presidential campaign, and four are bound to Cruz.

Connolly, Gerald E. First elected late in Dana — William D. Tennessee 7th. Davis, Danny K.

Diggs mahouse. First elected to finish Barzillai Gannett's term. Indue to the unpopularity of then Governor Michael Dukakis at the end of his last term in office, Republicans led by gubernatorial candidate William Weld erased the Democratic super-majorities in the state legislature. Theodore Lyman. Foster Furcolo.

Robert M. Again elected to finish Harry Irving Thayer's term. After the CensusMassachusetts lost two seats. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. This page displays the current and historical members of U. Lost re-election to George B.

Madaro mahouse. Financial Services House Administration. Greene of Fall River — Ernest W. Pehr G.

Governor List Lt. Phineas Bruce. Joseph G. Rodney Wallace R. Maloney R.

Artemas Hale. Elijah H. Foreign Affairs Energy and Commerce. Banks, Jim. Schrader, Kurt. Davis, Rodney. Meijer, Peter.

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Henry Gould —87 Frederick L. Agriculture Appropriations. Texas 5th. James Buffinton. North Carolina 10th. Maryland 5th. Allen —31 Leverett Saltonstall —45 Robert F.

Krishnamoorthi, Raja. Texas 10th. Bilirakis, Gus M. Colorado 4th.

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