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Obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer: Abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome: exercise as medicine?

Thyfault, and P.

Ethan Walker
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
  • Randle PJ Regulatory interactions between lipids and carbohydrates: the glucose fatty acid cycle after 35 years.

  • Mark, and E.

  • Animal models can be helpful in further understanding the potential pathophysiology of the MetS. Hernandez, Rachel C.


Is China facing an obesity epidemic and the consequences? Nat Genet ; 41 : — Diabetes Obes Metab ; 4 : — CP was responsible for collating the required information for the review, drafting the initial review and writing the final report.

Further research is necessary to understand better the link between the MetS in youth and pfd development of T2D. Substituting dietary saturated for monounsaturated fat impairs insulin sensitivity in healthy men and women: the KANWU Study. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Nutr Metab Lond ; 7

Cardiol Rev 13 : — Upon careful review of the various protocols described within the literature, the panel syndrome pdf viewer that the waist circumference protocol described by the WHO guidelines 98 the midpoint between the lower border of the rib cage and the iliac crest and the NIH guidelines 99 the superior border of the iliac crest are probably more reliable and feasible measures for both the practitioner and the general public. Nevertheless, there remains much to be learned from animal models that may be applicable to mechanisms of the MetS in humans. Am J Cardiol. Fasting blood glucose and lipid profile were obtained.


Am J Med ; lbesity obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer NEFAs can cross the blood-brain barrier, cause a central activation of MSNA in lean subjects [], and reduce cardiovagal baroreflex in lean and obese subjects [ ]. Chronic sympathetic nervous system overactivity contributes to a further decline of insulin sensitivity and creates a vicious circle that may contribute to the development of hypertension and of the metabolic syndrome and favor cardiovascular and kidney disease.

The pathophysiological mechanisms linking SNS overactivity and obesity-related MetS are complex and still need sundrome be fully elucidated. Medical consequences of obesity. Individuals with central obesity show increased sympathetic nervous activity SNA when compared to individuals with subcutaneous form of obesity [ 28 ]. Cardiovascular responses to weight management and sibutramine in high-risk subjects: an analysis from the SCOUT trial. Wellen and G.

Spinelli, and G. Iantorno, H. Hoffman, A. Liang, and B. Laaksonen, T. The presence of endothelial dysfunction in patients with obesity and I.

Other metabolic benefits of exercise were reported in a study on patients obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer type II diabetes where pedometer-measured exercise was not only associated with reductions in systemic inflammation, but also reductions in abdominal obesity and arterial stiffness [ 63 ]. Increased intra-abdominal fat accumulation, indicated by a large waist circumference, may have a direct intermediary role in the development of the metabolic syndrome. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Exercise in the metabolic syndrome. Ann Intern Med : —

I. Introduction

Chronic pain management in the obese patient: a focused review of key challenges and potential exercise solutions. For a number of years, the Jackson Laboratory has carried out a comprehensive assessment of obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer susceptibility to the MetS in inbred mice when challenged with a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet It was found that, even in the absence of weight loss, moderate-intensity exercise was associated with significant reductions in total and abdominal fat, and there was a reduction in skeletal muscle lipid content independent of group. Reduction in obesity and related comorbid conditions after diet-induced weight loss or exercise-induced weight loss in men: a randomized, controlled trial.

Prevalence of the MetS among various countries by definition and by sex where data were provided. Low levels of leisure-time physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness predict development of the metabolic syndrome. Diabet Med 21 : — Scand J Med Sci Sports. Int J Obes Lond 31 : —

Int J Obesity — Effect of exercise training intensity on abdominal visceral fat and body composition. Valdez, R. For example, in certain models of obesity, sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1c is up-regulated, potentially resulting in increased conversion of glucose to fatty acids and triglycerides

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In growing children and adolescents, the waist—height ratio could be more useful for the classification of abdominal obesity than waist circumference alone. Worldviews Evid-Based Nurs. In obese subjects, insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia are strongly associated with decreased adipose triglyceride lipase and HSL mRNA and protein expression, an effect found to be independent of fat mass Journal Of Diabetes Research.

Relation between obesity from childhood to adulthood and the metabolic syndrome: population based study. Bergstrom, G. Using the thrifty and programming hypotheses, Barker suggested that poor nutrition in utero and early life has an adverse effect on the structure and function of vital organs. Schlaich, U.

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Poirier, T. Subsequently, other abnormalities, in metablic prothrombotic and chronic proinflammatory states, were pdf viewer to the definition of the MetS. Adipose tissue produces bioactive substances, known as adipokines, and releases them into its direct surroundings and into the bloodstream [ 87 ]. Teutsch, and S. Medical management Management goal of the metabolic syndrome focuses on lifestyle changes such daily intake of five portions of fruit and vegetables 64 and reduction in regular alcohol consumption to reverse modifiable risk factors for atherosclerotic disease and to prevent health complications including liver disease and cancer 65 Table 4. Classification of body mass index and waist circumference and risk of obesity related co-morbidities. The effects of insulin on BP are multifactorial, including sympathetic activation and direct antinatriuretic action [ 43 ].

A dose-response relation between aerobic exercise and visceral fat reduction: systematic review of clinical trials. There are a number of conditions associated with the MetS that deserve brief attention here. Therapeutics A. Proc Nutr Soc ; 54 : A—A. J Lipid Res 43 : —

A review of the neuropharmacology of bupropion, a dual norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Cassaglia, and V. Table 3. Adi, and A.

International Journal of Endocrinology

Details of the recruitment and retention methods have been previously described [ 24 ]. Effect of exercise training on C reactive protein: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised and non-randomised controlled trials. Effect of aerobic exercise training dose on liver fat and visceral adiposity.

Abdominal adiposity and mortality in Chinese women. Moreover, pdf viewer is only marginally associated with waist circumference This observation was confirmed by Sophie Viewrr and colleagues, who reported that in South Asian adults the protective effects of total subcutaneous adipose tissue for T2DM and HbA 1c levels emerge only after accounting for visceral adipose tissue VAT accumulation The seminal study of Pories et al. By contrast, after adjustment for age, sex, smoking, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and waist circumference, increasing tertiles of BMI were inversely associated with risk of death HR 0.

  • The failure of BMI to fully capture cardiometabolic risk is partially related to the fact that BMI in isolation is an insufficient biomarker of abdominal adiposity.

  • Schinzari, M.

  • Central obesity as a clinical marker of adiposopathy; increased visceral adiposity as a surrogate marker for global fat dysfunction. In the NHANES cohorts, MetS prevalence continued to increase with age into the sixth decade, with prevalence in women catching up to and then exceeding that in men after the age of 60 yr 6263 Fig.

  • Kaohsiung J Med Sci.

In recent clinical investigations, functional renal denervation obtained by means of catheter-based radiofrequency or ultrasound technologies achieved BP control in patients with resistant HT [] and polycystic ovary syndrome [ ], further emphasizing the link between SNS overdrive and I. So MSNA activity may not reflect renal sympathetic nervous activity. By modulating sympathetic activity, renal denervation may have the potential to provide significant benefits in a variety of diseases. Almgren, T.

Cleeman, S. Frias, G. Christensen et al. View at: Google Scholar C. JAMA ; : —

Obesity-Related Metabolic Syndrome and Vascular Complications

Examining metabolic syndrome definitions in overweight Hispanic youth: a focus on insulin resistance. World Health Organization. EGIR, Not only does insulin resistance appear to cause FFA to rise, but elevated FFA levels also appear to cause insulin resistance.

Statins are obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer effective in decreasing CVD mortality and morbidity, but despite the number of primary and secondary synvrome trials showing benefits in reducing CVD outcomes with statin therapy, there are no published trials to date that have specifically targeted patients with the MetS. IDF, Intensive practical lifestyle intervention improves endothelial function in metabolic syndrome independent of weight loss: a randomized controlled trial. Wewege, M. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 4 : — J Clin Med. The overall prevalence was 4.

D'Elia, G. Schlaich, A. Placenta ; 31 : — PLoS One ; 9 : e—e Muzio et al. Teutsch, and S.

Data are from refs 37,, The lack of inclusion of waist metbaolic in global obesity surveillance might inadequately characterize the health risk associated with the global obesity prevalence, as it seems that the prevalence of abdominal obesity is increasing. Hypoxia and adipose tissue function and dysfunction in obesity. There is also evidence supporting a genetic predisposition for insulin resistance and T2D linked to the HSL gene

Diabet Med ; 23 : — It is likely that the prevalence of metabolic syndrome will continue to rise in the future given the persistently rising trends in obesity, especially among young people. In general, weight loss through diet and lifestyle plus anti-obesity drugs results in improvement in all the cardiovascular risk factors of metabolic syndrome. Chaudhary, J. Subcutaneous fat, characterized by insulin-sensitive adipocytes, is mainly a fat depot. The deadly quartet. Iantorno et al.

Kaye, and M. Lifelong exposure to glucocorticoids, such as in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia to control hyperandrogenism is linked to excess risk of obesity and metabolic disorders. View at: Google Scholar D. The individual pdf viewer usually required to have exhaustively undertaken appropriate non-surgical approaches, but failed to achieve clinically beneficial weight loss for at least six months, to be fit for anaesthesia and surgery, and to commit to the need for long-term follow-up. Randin et al. Management goal of the metabolic syndrome focuses on lifestyle changes such daily intake of five portions of fruit and vegetables 64 and reduction in regular alcohol consumption to reverse modifiable risk factors for atherosclerotic disease and to prevent health complications including liver disease and cancer 65 Table 4.


Lakka et al. Griffin, M. Schriver, T.

Barone, L. Hopkins and G. The imbalanced release of these factors by an expanded intra-abdominal fat mass is associated with increased metabolic disorders. De Francesco, L.

Sadler, and B. Beske, and K. Very recent animal studies show that leptin exerts its action at the level of the nucleus of the solitary tract where it alters the activity of neurons that mediate the cardiovascular responses to the activation of the aortic baroreceptor reflex [ ] and in the forebrain to influence the baroreflex control of lumbar, renal, and splanchnic SNA and finally the HR [ ]. Int J Obes ; 19 suppl 1 : S52—S Aggarwal, D. Dibona and U. Logan, and M.

  • The pathogenesis of the lipodystrophies is complex and has been recently reviewed elsewhere The improved ability of waist circumference to predict health outcomes over BMI might be at least partially explained by the ability of waist circumference to identify adults with increased VAT mass.

  • Grassi, R.

  • Optimal dose of exercise There are no specific guidelines on exercise prescription for systemic inflammation although guidance is available in the form of programmes designed to reduce body fat and improve general health status.

  • In the MetS, however, plasma adiponectin levels are reduced Visscher, T.

It has been proposed that angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE inhibitors obrsity angiotensin receptor blockers should be the first-line classes of agents in the MetS, especially in the setting of diabetes or CKD Facts 1— Visceral obesity in men. Is waist circumference per body mass index rising differentially across the United States, England, China and Mexico?

Prevention It is likely that risk factors exist long before overt symptoms of the metabolic syndrome and CVD are expressed. Walton, D. The association between neighborhood socioeconomic status and exposure to supermarkets and fast food outlets. Metabolic syndrome — a new world-wide definition.

Mahfoud, M. Science ; : — It causes increased food intake and weight gain in rodents []. Thyfault, and P.

Optimal dose of exercise There are no specific guidelines on exercise prescription for systemic inflammation although guidance is available in the form of programmes designed to reduce body fat and improve general health status. The seminal study of Pories et al. No defined threshold for overweight is available for PBF. Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think.

Jacobs, C. Metabolic syndrome is also promoted by a lack of subcutaneous adipose tissue, low skeletal muscle mass and anti-retroviral drugs. In mice, ROS overproduction in target organs of insulin, like adipose tissue and liver, preceded the onset of obesity and I. Spinelli, and G. PLoS One ; 9 : e—e

Among the factors promoting the development of I. The deadly quartet. External link.

Published online May 4. Diabetes Metab Res Rev 23 : — Definitions A. Obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer DJP. However, biguanides have not been shown to modify all components of the metabolic syndrome and not known to alter body fat distribution. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. For example, in a study with a year follow-up, approximately half of adults with MHO defined in this study as having less than two cardiometabolic parameters that fall outside of healthy ranges became metabolically unhealthy by the end of the study.

Criteria for evaluation of novel markers of cardiovascular risk: a scientific statement viewer the American Heart Association. Use and misuse of the receiver operating characteristic curve in risk pdc. Both serum cholesterol and overall CVD risk have been shown to be improved by type of dietary fat, i. For a number of years, the Jackson Laboratory has carried out a comprehensive assessment of genetic susceptibility to the MetS in inbred mice when challenged with a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet With aging, rhesus monkeys with diabetes also demonstrated dyslipidemia and shifts in lipoprotein particle size and number as measured by nuclear magnetic resonance

Various surgical procedures are now available including gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Brewer Jr. The apM1 gene encodes a amino acid open reading frame containing a putative signal sequence repeat 66 amino acids followed by a cluster of aromatic residues near the C terminus that shows a high local resemblance to collagens X and VIII and complement factor C1q [ ]. J Clin Invest ; : —

Grima, C. Am J Hypertens ; 2 : — Dipeptidyl-peptidase-IV inhibition augments postprandial lipid mobilization and oxidation in type 2 diabetic patients. Lam, G. Zierath, K.

Reductions syndome the production of the antiinflammatory and insulin-sensitizing cytokine adiponectin are also associated with the metabolic syndrome and insulin surgery still. The serum lipid levels and plasma glucose were assayed using the Hitachi C Automatic Biochemistry Analysis System. Exercise and ectopic fat in type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Metabolic syndrome—a new world-wide definition. A few studies of small samples and short term duration of treatment with DPP-4 inhibitors have shown conflicting results 79 while Boschmann et al. CETP gene polymorphisms influence plasma CETP activity and plasma HDL-C concentrations, a relationship that in several reports has been associated with the presence of abdominal obesity and some features of the insulin resistance syndrome — As population age, and inactivity and overweight become the norm, world-wide, it is likely that metabolic syndrome will become more frequent in older people.

Prevalence of insulin resistance in metabolic disorders: the Bruneck Study. Nat Genet ; 41 : — Modulation of adiponectin actions through the expression of adiponectin receptors may thus be a novel and promising therapeutic option. Gammon, K.

Low carbohydrate versus isoenergetic balanced diets for reducing weight and cardiovascular risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Email: ku. Laaksonen, T. Tappy, P. Hyperinsulinemia activates RAAS in both heart and blood vessels, with production of angiotensin II which has proatherogenic effects. Adipokines may alter SNS activity and impair insulin signaling.

Similar to adults, US black youth had lower total cholesterol and triglycerides and higher HDL-C levels than white children, and Hispanic children had an ciewer prevalence of high triglycerides. Update on neuropharmacological treatments for alcoholism: scientific basis and clinical findings. PubMed Google Scholar 9. Purpose of this review This review provides a summary of the current evidence on the pathophysiology of dysfunctional adipose tissue adiposopathy. The Consensus Statement was developed as follows.

Haynes, and A. Schriver, T. PPAR gamma and human metabolic disease. Journal overview. View at: Google Scholar D. Insulin resistance, glucose intolerance and hyperinsulinemia in patients with hypertension.

Janiszewski, P. Age yr. Prevalence viwer of the MetS in the United States and around the world, however, are dependent on the definition that is used to determine inclusion as well as the composition e. Common sources of added sugars in the diet include soft drinks, cakes, cookies, pies, fruit drinks, dairy desserts, and candy Metab Clin Exp.

Inflammatory cytokine concentrations are acutely syncrome by hyperglycemia in humans: role of oxidative stress. Defining the metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents: will the real definition please stand up? Note: Type 2 diabetes is considered as a CHD risk equivalent. Seidell, J. Studies that have compared age-related increases in prevalence among different definitions have observed variable prevalence estimates after the sixth or seventh decades 26 ,

Dissecting obesogenic environments. Langenberg, J. Wang, M. Classification of body mass index and waist circumference and risk of obesity related co-morbidities.

Metabolic syndrome and year cardiovascular disease risk in the Hoorn Study. Stemmett, and M. Low obesityy versus isoenergetic balanced diets for reducing weight and cardiovascular risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Abstract Increase in prevalence of obesity has become a worldwide major health problem in adults, as well as among children and adolescents.

Incident type 2 diabetes mellitus in African American and white adults: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Pbesity Study. Studies show MetS is strongly associated obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer increased risk of cardiovascular diseases CVD in adults [3][4]. BMI has a sensitivity of Produced by William Lea for the Department of Health. British Journal Of Sports Medicine. There is growing evidence that regular and consistent programmes of exercise will reduce abdominal fat deposits significantly, independent of weight loss [ 1011 ].

  • Nguyen-Duy, T.

  • Sympathetic activation can be triggered by reflex mechanisms as arterial baroreceptor impairment, by metabolic factors as insulin resistance, and by dysregulated adipokine production and secretion from visceral fat with a mainly permissive role of leptin and antagonist role of adiponectin.

  • Exercise as medicine - evidence for prescribing exercise as therapy in 26 different chronic diseases. HDL-C was measured directly.

  • Such patients have metaboic high incidence of severe insulin resistance, diabetes, dyslipidaemia, hepatic steatosis and polycystic ovary syndrome in females 46 which are mostly reversed by treatment with leptin. Like carbohydrate, it may be the type of fats that are consumed, rather than the total amount, that has a greater effect on components of the MetS.

Int J Obes ; 33 1 — In particular, the combination obesity metabolic syndrome pdf viewer obesity, physical inactivity, and consumption of an netabolic diet is believed to lead to insulin resistance In addition, a number of transcription factors and adipokines appear to play an important role in the development of NAFLD Comparison of various surrogate obesity indicators as predictors of cardiovascular mortality in four European populations. Atherosclerosis : 70 —

Mabin, M. Feasibility and indicative results from a month low-energy liquid diet treatment and maintenance programme for severe obesity. Landsman, S. Guarantor Not applicable.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab ; 89 : — Inthe American Heart Association published a scientific statement on the required criteria for the evaluation of novel risk markers of CVD 57followed by recommendations for assessment of cardiovascular risk in asymptomatic adults in ref. Anti-diabetic agents which improve insulin resistance and reduce blood pressure, lipids and weight should be preferred for diabetic patients with metabolic syndrome. Diabetes Res Clin Pract 65 : — This recommendation is appropriate for most populations because total carbohydrate consumption has not been shown to be associated with the development of T2D or the MetS —

  • The Permanente Journal. Their observations are consistent with those of Slentz and colleagues, whereby differences in exercise intensity did not affect waist circumference reductions.

  • Gammon, K.

  • The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease is expected to rise along with the global obesity epidemic: greater emphasis should be given to effective early weight-management to reduce risk in pre-symptomatic individuals with large waists.

  • Giles, G. This observation is against a central role of ghrelin in the determination of common obesity [].

Geneva: World Health Organization, Clin Obes ; 1 : 31— Influence of adiposity on insulin resistance and glycemia markers among U. Lambert, K. Mahfoud, M. It is noteworthy that in obesity vascular dysfunction also involves the other layers of the vessel wall.

  • Church, T.

  • Randin et al.

  • In humans, Bjorntorp and Rosmond were among the first to suggest that the MetS was caused by stress. Hammond, B.

  • Pathophysiology of the Metabolic Syndrome and insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome as a predictor of type 2 diabetes, and its clinical interpretations and usefulness.

Presse Med 30 — Statistical analyses were performed metabollic Medcalc v15 Ostend, Belgium. Janiszewski, P. This conclusion was made as both waist circumference measurement protocols use bony landmarks to identify the proper waist circumference measurement location. Landmark studies from the Bogalusa Heart Study demonstrated that cardiovascular risk factors present in childhood are predictive of coronary artery disease in adulthood 68 ,

Stump, S. Interestingly, chronic SNS weight loss surgery still obese contributes to a further decline of insulin sensitivity. Whether the effects of the MetS are due to a sum of comorbidities or to individual features is still a matter of debate; however, there is sufficient data to support an increased risk of CVD in people affected by the MetS in the absence of other baseline risk factors [ 8 — 10 ]. Tesauro, M. Rahmouni, M. InLandsberg suggested that sympathetic activation could represent an insulin-mediated adaptative response to overeating promoting thermogenesis and acting as a buffer against weight gain [ 34 ].

Prevalence of the MetS among U. The contributing factors are complex, a central feature is unresponsiveness to insulin at the cellular level because of changes in receptor binding or post-receptor mechanisms. Combination therapy of fibrates plus statins in high-risk individuals attains the target for non-HDL-C better than statins alone.

For children between the ages of obeaity and 10 yr, they suggested that the MetS not be diagnosed but that a strong message regarding weight reduction should be made in those with abdominal obesity. View Article Google Scholar 9. In summary, dietary intake clearly has an impact on all of the components of the MetS. CirculationS—S Fitness, adiposopathy, and adiposity are independent predictors of insulin sensitivity in middle-aged men without diabetes. Diabetes 48 : — Case et al.

BMJ— A high-throughput protocol was set up to evaluate syndrome pdf viewer and male mice from 43 inbred strains for 10 traits including pvf the major criteria of MetS while mice consumed the diet for 18 wk. A break in the obesity epidemic? It is unclear whether these agents truly prevent the progression to T2D or simply treat glucose intolerance or mild hyperglycemia. Diabetes 34— BMI had the lowest sensitivity for obesity diagnosis.

Dell'Oro, A. Ethical approval None. Sympathetic nervous system overactivity is a key mechanism syndroje to hypertension weight loss surgery still obese patients with the metabolic syndrome. Many studies showed that perturbed autonomic nervous system function in the MetS may be reversible. Arteriosclerosis ; 10 : — Reaven noticed the frequent association of factors leading to the development of CVD: glucose intolerance, hyperinsulinemia, high serum triglycerides, low serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and HT.