Book review – “Always Us” by Allie Everhart – disappointing ending to a disappointing series

always us

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 8 of 8 of the Jade series
Rating: 16+ for language, sensual content
Genre: New Adult
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In the final book of the Jade series, Garrett tries to save Jade before time runs out and she gets killed and Jade tries to figure out what she wants for her future with Garrett.

Like the last three books, this book started off strong, had a weak middle, and a decent ending. For me, the epilogue saved this book from being a total dislike.

The premise of the entire story is intriguing enough that it’s disappointing that Everhart didn’t use it to her potential. She had the tension there with the Organization wanting to kill Jade but then when it gets interesting, it just resolves itself just like that and the threat is gone. You’re like ‘Really, that’s all there is’.

There were a lot of awkward moments between Jade and Garrett that just felt forced. It was confusing because it was like Everhart was conflicted with trying to make a Romance novel or a New Adult novel but couldn’t make up her mind. She would be explicit in some scenes and glaze over in others.

One bright spot of the book is Harper and Sean’s story. I found myself reading it just to see how their story ends up, wishing that I was reading about their story instead. Maybe sometime down the road she will give us insight to how they found their way back together.

The best part was the epilogue as we get to see the couple’s life unfold over the next decade or so. We get to see a glimpse of how Jade has changed her mind about having kids and how they were able to make their marriage work, despite the odds of it lasting.

The series had potential at the beginning and I wanted to like it, but the last four books just left me disappointed. I wish the series would have ended after book #4. I would have liked it a whole lot more.

Rating: C-


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Cover for “Always Us” by Allie Everhart released

always us

Late last night, the cover for the final book in the Jade series, Always Us, was released through the author, Allie Everhart’s, Facebook page.

On the cover, you see Garrett hugging Jade from behind before kissing her cheek. It’s a very touching and beautiful cover and with the title, you really start to get the sense of a finale coming.

The release date and the official synopsis are still to be determined, but it should come out sometime this year. But we do know, that the truth about the Organization is going to come out an the fate of Jade and Garrett will be decided.

What do you think of the cover?