Review – ‘Kaleidoscope Hearts’ by Claire Contreras – beautiful story of two people getting a second chance at love

kaleidoscrope hearts

Format: e book, paperback, audible

Format read: audible

Series: book 1 in Heart series

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language, themes


In the first book of the series, we follow Estelle as she tries to move on from the loss of her fiance, Wyatt, and finds solace in the person that she could never get over. Her brother’s best friend, Oliver.

There is a little back and forth in this novel, as we get the history of the two characters through Oliver’s eyes and I actually enjoyed it. Usually, I don’t like it when we only get a few chapters from one person’s point of view and then most of it from another’s. But Contreras does a good job at explaining the way Oliver acts in the present based on what happened in his past.

Oliver does some pretty messed up things to Estelle in this story and I wondered at times why she would still be in love with him, but I love how she sticks up for herself. I love how, unlike many other stories where the guy really treats the girl bad, she just doesn’t give in to her feelings and makes him prove that he’s not the guy that broke her heart.

The writing style is so realistic that they sound like a group of your friends who are telling you a story. They have inside jokes and old stories that give the character substance. The history of the characters allow them to come to life and be a part of the story and they don’t just get overlooked as secondary parts of the story. The friends of the main character shape who they are and, in reality, usually help (or embarrass them) with a person they like.

If possible, I would get this book for audible. Christy Carlson Romano (yes the very same person who was Ren Stevens on Disney’s Even Stevens) was amazing as the voice of Estelle. The way that she was able to bring the emotions into the words that she spoke, whether it was laughter, sarcasm, or pain, you felt it right along with the story. It made the story feel more real for me and I wish that she would read all the books I listen to you.

This a great book that I recommend for anyone who likes a tragic love story about two people who are meant for each other and have to fight through life to have that.

Rating: A

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The Heart series

Kaleidoscope Hearts

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Torn Hearts

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Review – ‘Stepbrother Dearest’ by Penelope Ward – A solid start that leads to a slow finish

stepbrother dearest

Format: e book, paperback, audible

Format read: audible

Series: stand-alone

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language, themes


In the first book of the series, we meet Greta who is adjusting to life with her new step-father when she learns that her new step-brother is going to come spend the year with them. She wants to not like him, especially since he’s mean to her, but both of them can’t control the connection they have even through the years of time.

I wanted to like this story, I really did, but there was so many ups and downs that I just couldn’t really get into the book enough to say that I ‘loved’ it. First off, the way that Elect treated Greta was more than just mean. He was pretty much a bully and what’s worse is that Greta just kept going back to him making me think she’s a bit of a masochist.

I started to like when we start to see why Elec is the way that he is. He is a lot more complex than on the surface and shows the reader why he is swoon worthy. He has his moments that he can still be an a-hole, but overall you get a feeling of liking him before you go to the second part of the book.

The second part with filled with some much angst that you start to have anxiety attacks as you wait for them to get together. (This is not really a spoiler alert. You could figure this was the way of the book just by reading the blurb.) At times it gets frustrating, but not in a bad way, because of the situation that Elec and Greta find themselves in.

The ‘climax’ of the book was long and really dragged on. We basically got retold the whole story but from Elec’s point of view. I would have liked to have seen more of their time apart as Greta tries to move on and have Ward do what a lot of other authors are doing, release a full length novel from the man’s point of view separate from the main book.

I listened to this book on and it’s the only reason that it didn’t go below three stars. The woman who read the book was able to really capture that angst and longing that Greta has for Elec, but the story just didn’t interest me enough to move it past three stars.

Rating: C

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Review: ‘Uncivilized’ by Sawyer Bennett – a woman tries to civilize and uncivilized man


Format: paperback, audible

Format read: audible

Series: standalone

Genre: Romance


In this story we follow Mora as goes to Brazil to bring back a man, Zacharias, who got left behind after his parent died. He has grown up in that culture and is reluctant to come to America but after spending some time with Mora in the U.S. he sees that there is more to life then what he thought he knew.

Holy moly with the sex scenes in this story. They are literally too hot to handle especially in a public place. Having to listen to Kirsten (Mora) and Lee (Zac) voice the characters, it’s enough to have you blushing and wanting more. Even though it’s only them narrating the story, you can hear them connect and really bring the story to life.

Lee does an extraordinary job at voicing Zac. He was the perfect man for the job. He is able to capture that tough, I don’t give a crap attitude, sarcastic, I do what I want kind of personality that is Zac. He made me laugh out loud as I heard some of his thoughts and it made me believe that this is something someone in his position would think.

Kirsten does a good job at capturing all the many levels of Mora. Whether it’s her love for Zac, her passion for her job, or the patience she has for Zac’s adjustment to the new world.

For the story, there is A LOT of scenes, but it wasn’t too over the top where it was on every page. Bennett still was able to develop the characters and show them slowly but surely falling in love.

I would recommend getting this book for audible because I think that it adds an element of realism that you don’t get when you just read it. I know if I just read it I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much.

Rating: B+

Uncivilized is available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo.

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Listen to an audible clip from “Falling Away” by Jasinda Wilder

falling away

In the fourth book of The Falling series by Jasinda Wilder, we join Ben as he drives across the country to try and find himself and get over the fact that Kylie (the love of his life) chose someone else. What he doesn’t expect is not only to find out himself, but the fact that Kylie is not the love of his life. But someone else just might be.

In the clip below, we get the first chapter of the book as it shows Ben on his road trip before stopping somewhere that ends up changing his life forever.

This is the perfect kind of story that you can get on your iPhone and listen to it while you are driving, at the gym, or just hanging out.

You can buy the audible book on Audible or on Amazon.

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