Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell shine in ‘Bad Moms’

bad moms

It is finally a here. A movie that every mother out there can relate to on so many levels. The movie that is based on how hard it is to be a mom, follows all the rules and problems that mothers face in today’s world. The movie covers every kind of mom out there like the divorced mom, the stay-at-home mom, the single mom, the mom that is TOO involved in their kids’ lives, the mom that is not involved at all. Everything that you can imagine.

The movie was perfectly cast that I don’t think I could have thought of anyone better for each of the roles. Mila Kunis is perfect as the mom that tries to give her kids everything but fails miserably. She does something that we all wish we could do as a mother and just be the ‘fun’ parent. She tries to be their friend, but by doing so, she makes things worse. The movie shows that kids can’t have two ‘fun’ parents and that they need a parent that gives them structure and helps them be good people.

My favorite part is Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. They are the two friends to Mila’s character, Amy, and they offer commentary to everything that she does. Hahn plays the single mom, Carla, who just does not give a crap about anything. She does what she wants when she wants, and has no qualms about it. But with the help of Bell’s character, Kiki, and Amy she sees the importance in being there for her son.

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The villain of the movie, if you can say that, is Christina Applegate’s character, Gwendolyn. I mean, with a name like that you have to be the overbearing mother who tries to control every single detail in her life. And like true Mean Girls style, she has her two minions behind her supporting her and making Amy’s life a living nightmare.

The message behind the movie is simple and obvious. Love and be thankful to your mothers. Their job is thankless and they don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. If you are a mother, you can relate to everything that this movie talks about. Even if you’re NOT a mother you can still relate to the movie because you have either seen it happen or you have done it to your mother yourself. The story plays on the stereotypes of woman and mothers and knocks them down. Mothers are superheroes and they have no kryptonite.

Rating: A

Bad Moms is out now and stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jay Hernandez. You can buy tickets by going here.

What did you think of the movie?


‘Bad Moms’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ lead movies coming out in July

bad moms

This is usually the month where we get the top movies of the summer. Looking at the list of movies coming out, it’s possible that it might happen but unlikely. The most anticipated movies of the month coming out is the reboot of Ghostbusters and for all intense purposes the reboot of Jason Borne. Matt Damon returns to this role and looks to rejuvenate the series after it fell in the last movie. It’s unlikely that both of the movies will do that well compared to the original movies.

The movie to watch out for this month is going to be the comedy with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell in Bad Moms. The movie touches home to all the mothers out there who wish that they could just do what will make them popular with the kids instead of what is always expected of them. Star Trek Beyond should do well this month. It does well not only in the domestic box office, but also in the foreign. The last movie didn’t do as well as the first one but perhaps the third one can make up for what the second one lacked.


Other movies coming out this month are The Purge: Election Year and Mike and Dave Need Dates. The Purge should do well enough against the budget, especially since it’s gotten a strong fan base, but it’s unlikely it will do better than the last two. Mike and Dave is a flop waiting to happen. It’s all slap stick that it might be too much over the top for fans to like. That kind of comedy is not as popular as it once was and it may not do as well as they are hoping. There are a few family friendly movies coming out this month. The Secret Life of Pets looks interesting enough and might be the top kid-friendly movie coming out, but Ice Age: Collision Course has it’s strong fan base that might be enough to top them.

What movie are you most excited to see this month?