Review – ‘Charge’ by EL Todd – Volt and Taylor try and do the whole friends thing


Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book

Series: book 1 of Electric series

Rating: 16+ sensual content, language

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Goodreads page:

Welcome to a world where people think that they can have friendships with one another with no feelings to get involved. Each one thinks that they can be different and that nothing is going to happen to one another. Problem with that is that usually both people in the relationship both are attracted to one another. This one is no different.

Volt is a player by circumstance. He had his ripped out of his chest and stepped on so it’s given him the idea that love doesn’t really exist. Considering his ex (who he was about to propose to) hooked up with her ex behind his back, its no surprise. When he meets Taylor he htinks that she is going to be another one of his conquests, that is until she shuts him down.

So what does he do? He becomes friends with her. Nothing bad is gonna happen right?


Of course feelings get involved and it becomes more and more complicated as they each fall for one another. The problem is that they both don’t trust themselves in a relationship with the other. Can they overcome their insecurities and find love with one another? Well that is the question of the hour isn’t it?

The world seems to be entwined with the Timeless series as it references Frankie’s store The Muffin Girl. Will we see these characters later on in the book? That would be a fun surprise. I would love to see them and how they are connected to this new series.

For me, I couldn’t get into this series. I wonder if it’s because it reminded me a little too much of the Timeless series. The pace moved way too fast for my liking and I wished that she would have spent more time developing the relationship and embracing the tension. I am hoping that it gets better in the next book.

CHARGE: book 1


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