‘Chicago PD’ 4×9 and 4×10 recap – The unit try and find a way to save one of their own


In the last two episodes before the fall finale, Olinsky had the unpleasant joy of deciding where his loyalties lie as his friend is accused of raping a young girl. In the second episode, the unit try and find a person who is picking off the police. This week we have two episodes, in ‘Don’t Bury the Case’, the unit try and help clear Severide’s name after being involved in a hit and run. In ,

Severide finds himself in deep problems as he is at the base of a vehicular homicide when a young woman and her child are hurt with the child dying. The evidence piles up and doesn’t seem like he is going to get out of it. They have his car, the fact that he has no alibi, and that he there are witnesses that have him drunk before the accident.

Time to warn up that call to the lawyer (ie Chicago Law).


The plot thickens when Burgess and Atwater (The A-team back at it again) find a tracking device in his car. Burgess thinks that someone planted the GPS to try and frame him or something deeper. Problem will be to try and catch the guys who planted the tracker. When they get the man who sells the car, it’s time to get to the man responsible for trying to steal Seviride’s car.

The best part of the show is when Voight goes dirty cop and helps Mike get the money that is owed to him and the man that is responsible for the accident.

Meanwhile, Burgess is working her first case, too bad it’s against someone from the fire department. She is trying a little too hard and it causes Olinsky to want a new partner. He doesn’t want to train a new ‘rookie’ in his eyes. But Voight has faith in her and thinks that she will make it or break it on her own but she’s earned the right to try. Platt warns Burgess telling her that he suffers from ‘74’ basically where women were able to run patrol and he still has a hard time accepting it (at least according to Platt).


For the second show, it starts off with Lindsey meeting her father, Jimmy. It’s been 10 years since he got out. He got married and had a family and now he wants to make amends with Lindsey. Which is not something that she is going to be all for.

There is a new face on the squad as Kenny Rixton (Nick Wechsler, TV’s Revenge) as he takes Ruzek’s spot. WHAT RUZEK IS GONE!?? Does that mean he didn’t want to work close courters with Burgess or maybe a coincidence? Which ever way you want to look at it, it’s probably a temporary job for Rixton as I’m sure Ruzek will be back at some point. For Burgess, does that mean she has to work even harder as she now basically has to compete against him for the loyalty of the group.

The case is a big one for the case as the new victim, Grace, that was raped and shot dead is not the first one that has been found in the neighborhood. There was another one only a few weeks earlier. Things escalate when they learn that Grace may have been selling her body to help provide for her sisters. The leads bring us to Ricky Barnes who has a history of violence.


Burgess, still trying to make a name for herself, finds a lead with one of the woman at the scene of the crime and runs with it with Atwater. Come to find out that there are 10 other girls that were killed in the same way and no one’s made the connection. Until now.

Working the case not only do they find the person that is responsible for the murders, but they find that it’s not someone they expected. It happens to be Ricky’s father.

In the next episode, the unit finds that there might be some cops doing dirty tactics in order to get arrests.

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‘Chicago PD’ 3×9 recap – All of Chicago bond together to avenge some of their own

chicago pd 3_9_1

In the last episode, Voight makes a deal with the mob in hopes that he can clear a murder, but Lindsey is not sure it’s a good idea. Lindsey is starting to see that Voight’s word is not held to the same esteem as it was before despite the fact that he saved her from her mother. Her questioning him is not something that Voight is used to, but nevertheless does what he wants anyways. In this week’s episode, titled ‘I am God’, we get the third part of the 3-part Chicago Crossover. The first two parts had the police trying to find the person who stabbed one of their own on the fire department, while in the second part they get called in to find someone who is diagnosing cancer patients with too much chemo which causes them to die or make it look like suicide. The title is a big overshadowing to what we can expect on the show.

The victims, Annie, Jessica, Carrol, and Dana are the sole focus of the show. When they find out that Dr. Dean Ribault is the one that diagnosed them, it quickly turns personal for Voight. He was Voight’s wife’s doctor, right before she died. Coincidence? I think not. It’s not only personal for Voight but for Lindsey as well. They bond over Camille’s passing and how much she meant to both of them. It’s these moments that they have together that are truly beautiful. A beautiful kind of father-daughter relationship that is not on TV enough.

CHICAGO P.D. -- "A Little Devil Complex" Episode 213 -- Pictured: (l-r) Laroyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater, Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson, Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Things get complicated when the unit talk with the people that Ribault actually helped. They seem more devastated that they were used as pawns to get money and not as a way to help them. Considering it touches on a sensitive subject such as cancer and chemo. Perhaps that’s why this show means so much more. It shows that there are some people evil enough out there to gain profit out of someone else’s misery.

With the help of Lindsey’s psychiatrist, Dr. Charles, they are able to get Rival to talk and help them build a case against him as they get him for homicide and not just fraud. They use his ego against him and give Voight the pleasure of arresting the man who perhaps killed his wife. But the more he talks, the more it looks like he was working for the police. With nothing else to lose, Voight takes the stand.

Roman is still reeling from what happened in the last episode with the shooting. He still stands by the fact that there was a gun, but until the gun is found, he’s going to be in the hot seat. Burgess takes it upon herself (with the help of Platt) to find the gun. With saving Roman’s job as the most important thing, they are able to convince his brother to reveal where the gun is ‘anonymously’ giving the grieving mother the money.

In the next episode, the police look for someone who is after one of their own and does creative ways in order to do it.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×20 – SVU and Chicago PD try and stop a serial killer from killing one of their own

svu 16_20_2

In the last episode, an epidemic of measles takes place and some mothers are accused of endangering children while the case hits close to come for Benson as Noah comes down with something.

In this week’s show, titled “Daydream Believer”, we get out second 3-show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD as they all bond together to try and catch a serial killer.

In the first part of the three part crossover event, the story starts in Chicago Fire. The CPD put out a fire that leads to the discovery that one of the victims is very similar to a case the Benson worked in 2004 with Stabler.

In the second part, the Chicago PD found a suspect in a man named Greg Yates, but things escalate quickly as he takes Nadia hostage and heads to New York.

Greg knows that his time is running out and he’s getting a little frantic and reckless. He gets caught trying to kill a woman by her roommate. His being reckless might help the police find him a whole lot faster. Hopefully Nadia is still alive.

When they do catch him, his story is not even a little believable but he won’t give up his trump card. Where Nadia is.

svu 16_20_3

One Team, One Goal
Chicago PD comes to New York to try and find Greg and Nadia. Both Lindsey and Voight are blaming themselves for what happened to Nadia.

Amaro/Lindsey question Greg’s girlfriend, Susie, while Halstead and Rollins question Greg to get Nadia’s location. But it’s team Amaro/Lindsey that get the point for this round.

At the location, they find different pieces of people and Nadia’s body. Chicago PD is going to be out for blood. Greg better hope he is behind bars because once Voight/Lindsey sees him, he’s gonna be dead.

svu 16_20_8

It’s tough for the police to remain working this case ‘by the book’ after finding Nadia’s death. Benson is able to close some cold cases, but now it’s up to Barba to make sure that Greg never sees the light of day again.

During the trial, Greg represents himself and he brings her past into the court room and tries to use her history to say that Nadia relapsed and died by someone else’s hands. Then he tries to throw Will under the bus.

But Barba has a trick up his sleeve. He lets Greg crucify himself when he cross examines Warner about how Nadia was attacked. Barba knew that he was getting off on it.

At the end of the show, Stella Maeve, the actress that played Nadia, sent out a Tweet saying good-bye the fans and thanking them.

What did you think of the show?

‘Chicago PD’ 2×20 – The Chicago PD try and find the suspect

chicago pd 2_20_3

In the last episode, one killer that got away from Olinsky comes back and he does anything he can to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Number of Rats”, On April 28th, there is a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Law and Order SVU as they all come together to try and catch a serial killer.

In the first part of the three part crossover event, the story starts in Chicago Fire. The CPD put out a fire that leads to the discovery that one of the victims is very similar to a case the Benson worked in 2004 with Stabler.

It didn’t take long before #Crossoverweek was trending on Twitter.

Family Ties
Will seems really interested in the case and on the surface it seems like nothing, considering he is a doctor, but when Benson finds out that he was questioned in one of the previous victim’s case, it raises a major red flag. Guess he just became a person of interest.

Halstead figures out that they are ambushing Will and puts an end to the questioning. He’s gonna certainly have trust issues with Benson when it comes to the future of this investigation.

chicago pd 2_20_4

Team Effort
Benson catches the Chicago PD up on what she knows about the four previous victims. But the stakes get much higher when the victim, Victoria, dies.

Lindsey/Halstead go through the house to try and get clues for the rapist. And they hit a jackpot as Lindsey finds green nail polish.

Fin and Amaro join Benson in Chicago as they work the case from there. Carisi and Rollins stay in New York to work the case there.

Mouse is able to get them access to a car that they think that suspect is using. Roman and Burgess find him and bring him in, despite not really have a reason. Which is why they make up one.

Amaro and Lindsey interrogate the man, Greg Yates, trying to get him to slip up. It’s quick to see that this man is hearing cuckoo birds in his head. Will comes up and confirms the suspicions.

Lindsey gets sucked into the game as he meets with her to ‘talk’ but it’s all a ruse to distract her of the fact that there is another body. Could it be Nadia who he was eyeballing at the station? She certainly fit his type.

chicago pd 2_20_5

In spite that the case is keeping them all busy, Nadia plans a birthday party for Lindsey, despite the fact that she wants one. But really, who wants one after the age of 21?

It doesn’t last long Greg kidnaps her as she is coming back with Lindsey’s cake.

What did you think of the show?


‘Chicago PD’ 2×19 – Chicago PD learns from past mistakes to catch a serial killer

chicago pd 2_19_8

In the last episode, a truck full of heroine is found and Voight’s name is written all over it. Now he has to clean up his tracks before he goes down for the crime.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Three Gs”, one killer that got away from Oslinsky comes back and he does anything he can to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

No Good Deed
On the surface it was an ordinary call for Oslinsky and Lindsey but they come into a disaster as they find 12 victims chained to the walls. Apparently the victims were killed because they were illegal immigrants that their families were trying to pay to come over. It’s linked to a man named Dennis Lee.

chicago pd 2_19_4

The One that Got Away
When there is a bad guy that gets away from a cop, especially a good cop like Oslinsky, they don’t forget about it. Lee is the only one that got away from Oslinsky and he is determined to not let that happen again. But they find it won’t be that easy as they find that Lee is working with the Triads.

Voight makes a deal with the Triads. He will let this deal slide if he gives them Lee. Pays off as they are able to get them a location. Before a shootout ensues, fighting to see who gets the right to kill Lee.

All the mistakes that Oslinsky made the first time around, he is fixing this time around. It starts with arresting the girl that helped him last time, Anna.

chicago pd 2_19_3

Staying Strong
It is tough to let failed investigations go, especially when they come back to haunt you. Especially for someone like Oslinsky. He holds everything close to the vest. Voight sees this and tries to put an end to it. He knows that he needs Oslinsky focused and not wallowing in the mistakes that he made in the first case.

Roman finds himself in trouble for punishing a fellow officer for causing a problem for him during an investigation. And it leads to him being suspended despite the fact that we all would have done what he did. Burgess proves that she’s a good partner by backing him up.

Nadia continues to move on up to get her badge. She passes her written exam with flying colors but the psych exam might be a different story.

On April 28th, there is a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Law and Order SVU as they all come together to try and catch a serial killer.

What did you think of the show?

‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×19 – SVU goes viral

svu 16_19_1

In the last episode, a young college student accuses a hockey team of raping her but as the case unfolds they find that maybe it’s all a ploy.

In this week’s show, titled “Granting Immunity”, an epidemic of measles takes place and some mothers are accused of endangering children while the case hits close to come for Benson as Noah comes down with something.

Rainbow Party
The whole show is centered around this event called ‘rainbow party’ where the kids that went to the party and did drugs and have sex with one another and then post it on social media because that’s what you do when you go to a party. Post selfies all over the internet. SVU tries to stop them from go viral, but like the measles, it goes viral.

svu 16_19_2

An Epidemic
When it’s learned that one of the kids has a viral disease things explode (metaphorically) and the boy’s biological mother, Trudy (Missi Pyle, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is less then enthusiastic to help the SVU keep the infection away from other people. Especially since it gets to be that Noah might be infected.

SVU has touched on this kind of thing before, whether or not to vaccinate their child. The added element of Noah being infected changes things, especially for Benson.

SVU and Barba go after Trudy for reckless endangerment because it’s his fault that nine other kids got infected. What makes things worse is that she’s been referring a lot of other parents to go to this doctor that falsify records.

During the trial, Trudy tries to push her agenda about the downfalls about getting vaccinations. Her agenda is found with merit as she is found not guilty for reckless endangerment but is guilty on the lesser charge.

svu 16_19_4

Family Matters
Amaro gets some bad news as he finds out that his son, Gil, is moving to San Diego because of the dangers that they live in. Wouldn’t be surprised if Amaro tries to set them up.

Benson puts her mommy hat on as Noah finds himself in the hospital again for the third time in the short two years of his life. Things goes south quickly as his body has a hard time accepting the antibodies. This case challenges Benson as a mother and cop as she tries to keep the two things separate.

In the next episode,  we get out second 3-show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD as they all bond together to try and catch a serial killer.

What did you think of the show?



‘Chicago PD’ 2×13 Recap – The unit try and take down an arsonist who killed one of their own


chicago pd 2_13_3

In the last episode, the unit search for an 8 year-old who is the only survivor in a gruesome murder.

In this week’s episode, titled “A Little Devil Complex”, it will be a Chicago Fire/Chicago PD crossover as the unit helps try and find the person responsible for killing one of their own.

This is the second part of the crossover. In the first part that happened on Chicago Fire yesterday, Severide and Dawson look into the death of Shay and the arsonist that is responsible for killing her. And they honored her death with a memorial that the Chicago PD also joined in on. In tonight’s show, they will go further into Shay’s death as the try and find the arsonist.

Dawson and Gabby go and pick up Adrian Gish at work (who in the Chicago Fire episode told Severide that he did it). Which makes him the target for show as they try and catch him in the act, because apparently that’s the only way they can get him.

chicago pd 2_13_2

Ruzek and Oslinsky go and talk with Adrian’s boss, but its Halstead/Lindsey are the ones that find the best lead. Apparently Adrian is a stolen identity and it looks like the fake Adrian is probably the one responsible for it.

Adrian’s lawyer comes in and says that he changed his name (his birth name was Ross). But Voight is on to him and is trying to outsmart him. He sends Burgess/Roman on him. But turns out that Adrian is smarter then they are as he is able to blow up Roman’s and Burgess’s cop car.

Gabby/Megan/Chief Boden try and help the PD try and find Adrian and get him to slip up. Turns out that Ross McGowan is also a fake name. McGowan was a fire fighter that died 20 years earlier. Who the heck is this guy?

Tensions start to run high between Gabby and Dawson as they argue over the case. He trusts the system and she wants justice for Shay. Both have valid points but which one is right?

The unit has to work fast to try and find out the real identity to this arsonist. Adrian keeps bragging about his fires to Ruzek and Oslinksy but not enough to admit to any of the fires that happened. Including taunting them with the cashier who was in one of his fires.

chicago pd 2_13_1

Voight is on to something and they find a lead into Adrian. They figure out that his real name is Trent Lamont and that he started doing these fires because his whole family died in a fire when he was 7. Because you know that’s what you do when that happens.

In his house, they find that Gabby might be the new target. Sure enough, she finds herself stuck on an elevator with Adrian looking to set the place on fire. Good thing Gabby got him to talk. It gave Dawson time to get there and take him out.

Platt’s in an incredibly good mood and it’s not until the end that we find out that she was playing nice because there was someone watching her. Burgess tries to help her.

Meanwhile, Halstead and Lindsey talk about their relationship and whether or not they should tell Voight.

At t he end of the show, Lindsey meets with her mom and she tells her about someone she thinks that is doing some shady stuff with her rental company.

In the next episode, there is an armed robbery that Lindsey’s mother may be a part of.

What did you think of the show?