Katie McGarry announces special “Breaking the Limits” ebook

breaking the limits series

Fans of the Breaking the Limits are getting their wishes granted. We are going or get a full length ebook novel for a pair of the characters in the Breaking the Limits world.

The book is called Chasing Impossible and it’s going to be “impossible” to try and pass this opportunity up when you find out who the couple is.

It’s none other then Logan from Dare You To and Abby from Crash into You. These characters were fan favorites and fans begged for their story and McGarry is giving it to us for FREE!

That’s right FREE!

But what’s the catch right?

There isn’t one. All you have to do is submit your transaction number from the pre-order of Nowhere but Here (because you already did this) order to this link and you will receive your copy of the book on July 1st.

And as if that wasn’t enough, anyone who submits for the book will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 Visa gift card.

And if you were deciding to do it or not, let the synopsis make the decision for you.

Tough and independent, 17-year-old Abby lets very few people into her inner circle. It’s common knowledge in her Kentucky town that she deals drugs, but not even her closest friends know why. But when a deal goes south and Abby’s suddenly in danger, she finds herself reluctantly forced to lean on daredevil Logan—a boy whose restless spirit matches her own.

Logan has his own reasons for wanting to keep Abby at arms’ length. But he never expected to find in her the one person who might help him face the demons he’s tried so hard to run from.

Together, Abby and Logan will have to make a decision: let their current circumstances weigh them down forever…or fight for the future they both thought was impossible.

What do you think of this announcement?

Book review – “Crash into You” by Katie McGarry – two people from two different worlds find love and strength in unlikely places


Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 3 of Pushing the Limits series
Rating: 16+ for language, sensual content
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17233800-crash-into-you

In the third book in the series we follow Beth and Noah’s best friend Isaiah as he tries to get over Beth, stay out of trouble, and stay away from his foster parents. This proves more difficult when he meets Rachel, a naïve girl from the better part of town who has her own family issues to deal with. Isaiah can’t understand the need to protect her and Rachel can’t help but feel the strength with Isaiah she doesn’t feel with her family. Can their love be enough to complete the parts of them that are missing?

We have met and learned a few things about Isaiah from the last two books. In this book, we dive deeper into his psyche and what makes him tick. He’s had a very rough upbringing as his mother was sent to jail for armed robbery. He has moved from foster home to foster home, convinced that no one wants him, including Beth. He fell in love with her but she chose Ryan over him. We really get to see Isaiah grow up in this book and become a solid man. He changes his life for the better, wanting to be that person that he thinks that Rachel should be with.

Rachel has a whole mess of problems and her family shows that appearances can be deceiving. Her family counts on her to be her older sister’s, Colleen, replacement since Colleen died of cancer before she was born. This is a high burden to carry her whole life that it has slowly broken her down. Her four older brothers feel the need to always want to protect her making her think that she is weak. It’s not until she meets Isaiah that she finally believes that she’s stronger then everyone thinks.

Rachel and Isaiah really complete each other. Isaiah gives Rachel the freedom to be strong and make mistakes, but not so much where she could get hurt. Rachel gives Isaiah the thing that he needs the most. Somewhere he belongs. She wants him for everything that he is and makes him see the good inside himself. They give each other what they need and allow each other to grow.

This book offered a different look at the life that Noah, Beth, and Isaiah grew up in. It shows that not everything is peachy in the world and that there really is bad people out there. We get to see drag racing and other types of car races that add that element of suspense and thrill to it. It’s cars that bring Isaiah and Rachel together and it’s that love that changed them.

This story is a great addition to the series as we get to watch all these broken characters pick up those pieces and rebuild themselves. McGarry really knows how to create these characters that we can relate to in some way. We have all felt that feeling of not belonging or of being thought of weak. It’s hard not to fall in love with each story as each story has it’s dynamic that makes it work. This book is certainly no different then the last two in that aspect.

In the next story, we follow Rachel’s brother West as he finds love in a kickboxing partner. I would expect to see some Rachel an Isaiah in this next book, so you fans will enjoy to see that.

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