Review: ‘Gorgeous Consort’ by EL Todd – quick read that needed more development


Format: ebook, paperback

Format read: ebook

Series: book 2 of 5 of Beautiful Entourage series

Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content

Genre: New Adult

Goodreads page:

In the second book of the series we follow Harper and Troy as they try and overcome their trust issues and insecurities and finally come to terms with the fact that maybe they are just perfect for each other.

Harper lives in the shadow of her younger sister who is taller, prettier, and has the personal success that she doesn’t have. When she meets Troy she finally starts to believe that she is worth something but he comes with his own baggage that she is not sure she can take on.

Troy was destroyed when his ex girlfriend cheated on him and can seem to get the fact that not every girl is like that, especially Harper. He tries to protect his heart but by doing that he hurts Harper who is the first person who has made him feel happy in the last 3 years.

I do like the fact that Todd had Harper and Troy become friends before just jumping into the relationship and I like how their insecurities kept popping up because both of them never really came to terms with them and learned how to deal with them.

Like the first book the pace was a little too fast and it took from the overall story, but it is an enjoyable read none the less. There are a few grammatical errors but not enough to bother you when reading. Some you may not even notice.

I would have liked to have seen more development for Troy and Harper and Harper’s story is a lot like Aspen’s where they both have parents who overlook their accomplishments.

Rating C+

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