The new ‘Power Rangers’ poster has the rangers gearing up for war

power rangers

If you weren’t excited enough for this movie to come out, Lionsgate brought your excitement to a whole new level. The latest poster for Power Rangers has the five rangers just hanging out, but it gives us the first tagline for the movie: Together we are more. There is still no official synopsis for the movie, but this does give us an idea of what it could be.

There are some big names who are already attached to the movie. Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) is going to be the villain of the movie, Rita. If you have watched the show in the 90’s then you know that she was just one of the many villains that was on the show. Bryan Cranston also signed on and he is playing the leader of the rangers, Zordon. Zordon is that big head that was in the giant pillar that offered guidance to the rangers.

We got our first look at the Rangers costumes a few months ago when Entertainment Weekly released an image in one of their issues. The suits pay homage to the original suits that the Power Rangers wore in the 90’s but with a modern twist. They look more metallic but that could just be the lighting that was used in the picture.

power rangers suit

The movie is easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2017 but fans are holding off judgment until they see them in action. Considering it’s release date, we should see a teaser probably by summers end. Power Rangers is expected to come out March 24th so make sure you mark your calendars because you are not going to want to miss it.

What do you think of the poster?

Recap of movies in 2015


There some movies that surprised us both good and bad. Some of the movies that we had expected to make millions at the box office, underperformed, like Mockingjay part 2, Fantastic Four, and Pan. The good surprises came from The Martian, Straight Outta Compton, and Creed. Each movie had expectations that were made and had a lot of pressure to meet those expectations. The best movies that came out this year were the reboot Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Not a big surprise there.

Jurassic World may have surprised some people with its success, but when you add dinosaurs with Chris Pratt, it’s only expected to be successful. The best part is that they redeemed the T-Rex from the first movie (sorry spoiler alert for the five people who haven’t seen it) and were able to get the fans to root for the raptors (BLUE!). Star Wars: The Force Awakens was easily the most anticipated movie of the year and thankfully it lived up to expectations. The movie was able to relate to this generation fans while paying homage to the fans that have loved the series since the 70’s. It’s a timeless story that we will get to see unfold for years to come.

It was a good year for the female director. Both Elizabeth Banks and Sam Taylor-Johnson. Banks, who directed Pitch Perfect 2, and Taylor-Johnson, who directed Fifty Shades of Grey, proved that female directors can make a movie just as good (if not better) as a man can do. They are going to set the road for other female directors in the future. It was the year that women fought for equality in Hollywood which got a lot of attention after Sony’s emails leaked and Jennifer Lawrence wrote a letter in Lena Dunham’s newsletter about how she was underpaid compared to the other actors in the movie American Hustle.

Things are going to be competitive next year with a lot of big name movies set to come out, especially from the comic book universe. There are eight movies set to come out from DC Comics or Marvel. The biggest one is coming in the Spring where Batman V. Superman will face off against Captain America: Civil War at the box office. Captain America has been getting a lot of hype with all the cameos that are expected (plus the introduction of the new Spider-man) but Batman V. Superman is hoping to get the same attention as it tries to match points with Marvel.

Below is the top ten movies that came out in 2015. You can view the total box office for all the movies that came out in 2015 by going here.

10. Spy

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Jude Law
Box office: $110.8 million

One of those not-so-big surprise movies that did well at the box office. The surprise was see Jason Statham in comedic role. He shows that he can be more than just someone who can kill you with his bare hands. But now he can do it so that you want to want to laugh as he does it.

9. Cinderella

Starring: Lily James, Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett, Stellan Skarsgard

Box office: $201.1 million


Another surprise, but shouldn’t have been surprisingly, hit from Disney. Cinderella saved Disney in the 1950’s, and maybe once again in movies of this generation. They were able to prove that they can do more than just theme parks and animated movies, but live movies as well.

8. Mockingjay part 2

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland

Box office: $259.3 million (still in theaters)


One of the most anticipated movies of the year may have not reached the expectations at the box office, but it was certainly a satisfying ending for the fans. Yes there were things that things that we wish could have been different, but it still left the fans with the resolution that we wanted.

7. Furious 7

Starring: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez

Box office: $353 million


This was a bittersweet movie for the fans of the series. We got to say good-bye to Paul Walker while honoring him in his last movie. The movie made everyone cried during the credits (you are lying if you say you didn’t). But more than that, it reminded us that there is more to life than fast cars and money, but friendship and family. Which has been a theme for the movie since day one.

6. Trainwreck

Starring: Amy Schumer, Brie Larson, Bill Hader

Box office: $110 million


Amy Schumer was one of the many ‘it’ girls of this year. She not only did well with her comedy tour, but her show on Comedy Central as well, winning her first Golden Globe this year. The movie was a hit as well with the fans as it was a nice change of pace to see the roles reversed in this romantic comedy as she is able to relate to not only females, but males as well as both sides struggle with finding love.

5. Inside Out

Starring: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader

Box office: $356 million


Yet another Pixar classic. This movie once again reminds us why Pixar is the master at creating animated movies. They know how to reach deep down inside of you, grab your heart, and rip right out in such a way that has you thanking them for doing it. The movie touched on depression in children, which is relevant to the kids in today’s world.

4. Pitch Perfect 2

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow

Box office: $184.4 million


This was a surprise his, for me at least. I was weary with the sequel as many people are with movies that they love (look at the sequel for Mean Girls). Sometimes trying to capture lightening in a bottle twice can leave you burned. This time it worked out for the girls and it may have a lot to do with Elizabeth Banks as the director. She kept the focus on the girls and the music. The movie had a lot of heart and of course those pesky quotes that we like to integrate to everyday life.

3. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson

Box office: $459 million


The Avengers changed the way that superhero movies are made and it did it again in this movie. The stakes were higher, but the movie was able to reach all the stakes with no problem. While the movie may not have done as well as the first one (with all the records that one broke) it did well with the fans, and that’s really where it counts.

2. Jurassic World

Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio

Box office: $652.2 million


Initially, fans of the original Jurassic Park were nervous about the reboot. With good reason. Have you seen the history of reboots? This movie was able to prove that yes, sometimes reboots are a great idea. Especially when that reboot has Chris Pratt. He was this year’s ‘it’ boy for movies and proved that with his role in this movie. It did so well that is was able to get a sequel in the works so prepare for more Chris Pratt and dinosaurs.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Starring: Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Harrison Ford

Box office: $391 million (still in theaters)

Everyone in the world and their mother went to see this movie. At least once. Some more than others. People camped out weeks in advance so that they could get the best seat in the theater, all wanting to be one of the first ones to see the movie. And they were not disappointed. The movie sits as one of the highest ratings of the series and looks like it sparked a new generation of fans for the series.

What was your favorite movie from this year


Movie review – “Pitch Perfect 2” – a fun ride that you will want to see over and over again


Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Stenfield, Skylar Astin, Elizabeth Banks, Brittany Snow, Adam DeVine, Alexis Knapp, John Michael Higgins, Ester Dean, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, and Flula Borg
Director: Elizabeth Banks
Rated: PG-13
Movie Page:

In the sequel to the surprise hit, the Bellas get ready for the World Championship of the Acapellas after being kicked out because of a little wardrobe malfunction during a performance.

Good sequels are hard to come by because they all tend to just do what the first one did and try to up it. Most of the time it’s not successful, but there are times when a sequel is made that is as good as the first one.

This is one of those times.

Let’s go down the check list. Comedy. Check. Music. Check. One liners that you will integrate into your own life. Check. A love story. Check check check (there are three of them in this movie). Touching moments that make you evaluate your own life. Check. A good time that you are going to want to see more then once. Check.

believe it

This movie is laugh out loud funny and you are definitely going to want to see it more then once because there is no doubt that you missed something because you were laughing. Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) is still stealing scenes, and the back and forth with Elizabeth Banks (Gail) and John Michael Higgins (John) is always funny, but it’s a whole cast effort. They all have their moments and the cast working together makes some comedy magic.

The movie focuses more on the Bellas and the main singers in the group, Becca (Anna Kendrick), Chloe (Brittany Snow), Fat Amy, and Emily (Hailee Stenfield). Becca, Chloe, and Fat Amy try to adjust to what life is going to be like after college while Emily tries to live up the expectations that she has. We’ve all had that moment where we have to move on from something that we are comfortable with and we don’t know if we will sink or swim.

And the rumors are true. There are a boat load of cameos in this movie. The best cameo would have to be the Green Bay Packers (no spoiler alert, they are in the trailer). The riff off scene is one of the funniest scenes in the movie and you may not look at Clay Matthews the same way again if you are a football fan.


Elizabeth Banks shines in her directorial (full film) debut. If you are a fan of hers, you are going to love this movie. You can feel her presence in the movie, even in the scenes that she is not in. She tells a great story on the screen that you really connect with the movie.

For the music side of, the movie turns more towards the ‘musical’ side. In the first movie, the music portions were generally in as part of the performances, but this movie expands on that notion and becomes a full blown music (which is a-ok with me).

The “Cups” of this movie is titled “Flashlight” and was written by Jesse J. The song fits perfectly with the theme of the movie and is certainly going to find its way up the charts like Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” did. Which by the way, they were able to work this song into the movie. The rendition in the movie is touching and may even bring a tear to your eye.

This movie proves that good sequels can be made. Like the first movie, this movie has re-watch capability and is certainly got the potential for you to be quoting it in your everyday life. Make sure you take your friends to see this movie. You won’t regret it.

Rating: A

What did you think of Pitch Perfect 2?


First “Pitch Perfect 2” trailer is released


While most sequels generally are greeted initially with excitement and then with anxiety as fans know that the sequel is hardly as good as the first one, this sequel just might be the exception to the rule

The trailer opens up The Bellas singing “Cups” (obviously) and then we get to what the movie is about. Looks like The Bellas and The Treblemakers are going to be joining a world-wide a capella competition and find that they may be in way over their heads.

The movie is going to have pretty much the same cast as the first movie along with some new faces that include Hailee Steinfeld and Katy Sagal. Which is goods news because we all know that Pitch Perfect without Fat Amy is like a burrito without meat.

Pitch Perfect 2 stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld and will feature the directorial debut of Elizabeth Banks. It is set to come out May 15, 2015.

What did you think of the trailer?

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“The Lego Movie” review – an ‘awesome’ ride made from your favorite toy

Starring: Chris Pratt (Delivery Man), Elizabeth Banks (Catching Fire), Will Ferrell (Anchorman 2), Liam Neeson (Non-Stop), Will Arnett (The Nut Job), Morgan Freeman (Last Vegas)

The movie follows Emmett (Pratt), an average guy who works in the city and like everyone else, he likes to follow instructions. That is until one day at work, he sees a girl and literally falls for her, unknowingly becoming ‘The Special’. The one that will take down President Business (Will Ferrell) from cementing the perfect world.

He falls into a place where he is out of his element and that girl, Wild Style (Banks), takes him away from President Business and brings him to a place where all the builders are protected from President Business. Emmett must learn to gain the confidence it takes to take down President Business and save the world from a strict building world.

This movie is a very nostalgic ride for those of you who used to play with Legos as a kid, or even still play with them now. There are so many references to the Legos, that it’s quite possible that they are able to make references to every Lego group made. If not, then at least all the main ones.

And what good movie doesn’t have a catchy song to go long with it. This movie is no different. The song “Everything is Awesome” is so catchy, that you will find yourself singing it throughout the movie and even after the movie ends.

And of course what would any action film be without a romance story to carry you through. Emmett tries so desperately to prove that he is ‘the special’ guy for Wild Style. She of course, already has a boyfriend. Dark and brooding, Batman (Arnett), but that doesn’t stop Emmett from working to make Wild Style see him.

The movie is a fun ride that people of all ages can appreciate. We have all at some point played with or at least known enough about to appreciate the jokes and the references made in the movie. The best part is the jokes that are not even related to Legos. For example the one including the Green Latern and Super-man (you will know what I’m talking about when you see the movie).

This is a great movie for you to bring your kids too. You will enjoy it along with them and even find yourself singing along to the catchy song with your kids. It has a great moral about how anyone and everyone is special and that you shouldn’t lose that imagination you have/had because it’s what makes the world so great.

Rating: A

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New trailer release review

This week we get a few new trailer releases that can get us excited for the upcoming year in movies. We get a couple of good comedies coming out and a scary movie that will surely make you jump in your seat.

A Haunted House 2 Trailer #2
Starring: Marlon Waynes, Jaime Pressly, Gabriel Iglesias
Out: March 28th

The first one was a surprise hit so naturally there would be a sequel. This movie is more about slapstick humor that pokes fun at everything, rather then just scary movies despite the movie is centered around getting out a demon. The trailer looks funny and the addition of Iglesias in the movie will certainly help it. Both of those lead actors have their own fans that will certainly go to the movies to see them.

The Quiet Ones Trailer #1
Starring: Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Olivia Cooke
Out: April 25th

What is becoming a trend is having scary movies not only come out in Fall but during the whole year. In this one, a group of students go to a house and perform an experiment on a poltergeist. It looks scary and like it will have a lot of parts that will make you jump. But like with every scary movie, it all comes down to the ending and the twist that it has.

Walk of Shame Trailer #1
Starring: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs
Out: April 25th

This is something that a lot of have either experience or know about. Elizabeth Banks stars as a woman who after a one night show learns that she has a chance to get her dream job as a news anchor, but she loses her car, purse, and cell phone, when her car gets towed. Now, she tries to trek across town in time for the interview. It’s great to see Banks leading a movie, especially a comedic one. She is a very funny actress and think that she is perfect for this part. It looks like a good movie to see with your friends when you got nothing else to do.