Book review: “Finding Us” by Allie Everhart – Garrett and Jade find that they have yet to get their happy ever after

finding us cover

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 6 of Jade series
Rating: 16+ for language, sensual content
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In the 6th book in the series, Garrett and Jade adjust to married life as they start college at a new school in California. They quickly see that their happy ever after is still an arm’s length away.

Of course over the summer, the couple felt on high and were stuck in that honeymoon phase of married life and quickly see that all good things will come to an end. The things that were complicated in their relationship before they got married are still there and don’t get any better after they get married. Like most couples, they argue about money, spending time with one another, and secrets that they both like to keep from one another.

Through and through, though, Garrett and Jade always find a way to get through whatever life throws their way. They have each other and they know that their love can endure anything. At least that’s what they think.

No matter where the series goes you are going to be rooting for Garrett and Jade through it all. Even though that they had gone through enough as it is, you had to know that it wasn’t going to be that easy for them.

Everhart does a good job at intertwining the mystery of the organization into the story. Unlike the other stories, the insertion of the organization into the story didn’t feel forced and it mixed well with what she is trying to do. Or least what I think that she is trying to do.

That pesky organization comes back into their lives and looks like they are not quite ready to let go of Garrett and the Kensington name. Of course, we don’t know what they want but I’m sure we will figure that out in the next book.

The ending is quite the cliffhanger and will leaving with too many questions and roads that the story can go. The story builds up to what is going to be a great next book as we try and figure out what the organization wants with Garrett and how deep does this organization goes.

The only bad thing about this series is that we don’t know how many books are going to be in. We know of at least one more, but depending on how that one comes out, there may be more. If Everhart can keep it interesting enough, then she might find success but she will run into the problem of finding a good way to end the series and not do what movies do and not know when to stop making sequels.


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Garrett is hiding a secret from Jade in new “Finding Us” teaser

jade 6 preview 2

If it’s not new releases of books, it’s new releases of quotes from books about to come out. The latest one comes from Allie Everhart and the newest installment of Finding Us. Everhart released another picture/quote through her Facebook page.

In this quote, it looks like we are in Garrett’s point of view and he’s talking about how he’s feeling guilty about keeping a secret from Jade. As we know, this story will indulge us more in this secret organization that Garrett’s father is a part of and the problems that it’s going to cause the newlyweds.

Finding Us is set to come out October 3rd.


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Read “Choosing You” by Allie Everhart from Garrett’s point of view


The latest book to come from Allie Everhart is another book for the Jade series except it’s a companion novel instead of an addition. In this book, titled Garrett, we re-read the first book in the Jade series, Choosing You, but from Garrett’s point of view.

Many authors (including Jamie McGuire and S.C. Stephens) have done this before and have had success doing it. Everhart will be looking to get the same kind of success to do this.

To help promote this book, Everhart released a small excerpt from the book and you can read it below.

“Have a good run?” I walk over to her.

“It was all right. I don’t usually run on a track.”

“You should’ve come with me. I ran a couple miles around campus.”

She shakes her head. “That’s not far enough. I usually run 8 or 9 miles.”

I sit down next to her, so close we’re almost touching. I want to see if she’ll move away. She doesn’t, but she looks at me like I’m crazy for sitting this close.

“Eight or 9 miles? You must be a serious runner. I’m a swimmer. I only run to improve my cardio for the pool. I do a couple miles at a normal pace and then I do sprints on the track.”

She points to it. “Go ahead. It’s all yours.”

“Why don’t you do them with me?” I say, challenging her. “Let’s race.”

If she agrees to my challenge, I might just love this girl. The girls I’ve dated in the past would never race me. None of them were athletic and they’d never even consider doing something that might mess up their hair and make-up.

But Jade’s not wearing make-up and her hair’s already a mess. A sexy mess; long brown waves pulled back into a ponytail, wet around her hairline, a few strands hanging loose around her face.

“I’m a distance runner, not a sprinter,” she says. “But a distance runner can beat a swimmer any day. This should be easy.” She stands up and starts stretching her legs.

She actually agreed to race me? But wait. Did she just insult me? Nobody insults me. This might be the first time this has ever happened.

“You think you can beat me, huh?” I do some stretches even though I’m already warmed up from my run. “So what’s with the insults? You don’t like swimmers?”

She shrugs. “Swimmers are okay. I just don’t think they have to work that hard. I mean, the water makes you basically weightless. It’s easy to go fast when you don’t have to drag your body weight around. You don’t get that benefit with running.”

Did she seriously just insult me again? And now she’s picking on swimming? My favorite sport? The thing I love most in the world? What the hell? I don’t even know what to say to that, so I ask her to clarify.

“Are you shitting me? Did you just say swimmers don’t work hard?”

“Yeah, why?” I see a slight smile cross her face. She’s trying to get to me. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Pushing my competitive edge to the limit. And it’s totally turning me on.

“Game on, Iowa girl. Get your ass in position.” 

I set myself up in lane one of the track.

She saunters over to lane two, yawning like I’m boring her. She stretches her arms behind her back. “Do you need a head start?”

“Damn, you’re annoying.” I smile, but it’s true. This girl’s annoying, but in a good way. In a way that challenges me and keeps me guessing. “We do one lap around. Ready? Three, two, one. Go!”

She takes off down the track and damn, she’s fast. I’m doing an all-out sprint and have a much longer stride and I can’t even come close to catching up. By the time I make it around the track one time, she’s already halfway around it for the second time.

“Stop! We’re done!” I yell it at her and she stops and runs back. I’m bent over with my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath, sweat dripping off my face. “Okay, I admit it. You’re fast.”

“Fast? That was my normal pace.”

I’m assuming she’s kidding but she’s not that out of breath so maybe she’s serious.

I straighten up and wipe the sweat off my forehead. “Remind me never to do that again.” I walk over and get my water bottle. “You should sign up for cross country or track. You’re really fast.”

She meets me at the edge of the track. “Nah. I ran cross country in high school. Now I just run when I’m stressed.”

“What are you stressed about? School?”

“No. I didn’t mean that I only run when I’m stressed. I run for all kinds of reasons. Like today I ran because it’s nice outside and I’m bored.”

“You want some?” I offer her my water bottle because the girl’s been running for God knows how long in this scorching hot heat and has no water. She hesitates, like she doesn’t want to put her mouth where mine just was, but then snatches the bottle from me and takes a drink. “If you’re bored, let’s do something. I’ll show you around and we can grab lunch somewhere.”

“I can’t. I have stuff to do. I need to unpack and make my bed.”

Make her bed? That’s her excuse for why she can’t go out? How long could it take to make a bed?

As she takes another drink of water I check out her body again. Lean, with good muscle definition, but she still has feminine curves. Fucking hot. I try not to stare.

She hands me my water bottle and I take a drink, more than happy to put my mouth where hers just was. But no water comes out. Not even a drop. “You drank the whole thing! What did you do that for? I’m dying here.”

“You didn’t say how much I could have. You should really be clearer next time.”

I can’t figure this girl out. She seems to have no interest in impressing me, which is something I’m not used to. Last night I had two girls who didn’t even know my name offering me a threesome. And now I have Jade drinking all my water and not even caring that she’s standing here dripping sweat with no makeup on and messy hair. And she insulted me. Twice. 

“Fine. Give it here.” She holds her hand out. “I’ll go fill it up for you.”

“Forget it. I’m heading back now anyway. I can’t do any more sprints after that.” I walk away, then turn back. “Aren’t you coming?”

Two can play at this game. She thinks she can get rid of me with her insults? And beating me on the track? And drinking all my water? Not a chance. When I want something, I go after it. And I’ve decided I want Jade.

I like this girl. She’s tough. Competitive. Doesn’t give a shit what people think. And there’s something about her that gets to me in a way no other girl has. I don’t know what it is, but it’s nagging at my insides, tugging at my chest, getting in my head.

“You go ahead,” she says. “I’ll stay here and stretch.”

“We’re having lunch.” I say it like she has no choice in the matter. “Come on. Let’s go.”

I walk up the hill toward the dorm and when I look back, Jade’s following me. I turn back and smile. Score one for Garret.

There are currently five books out for the Jade series with at least two more books in the works. The 6th book, Finding Us, is set to come out October 6th and the 7th one has yet been announced. Most likely it should be out sometime early 2015.

Garrett has been out since Friday and the reviews are pouring in for the book. You can purchase the book for your Kindle or Nook and add Garrett to your Goodreads page.

To help celebrate the release, Allie Everhart is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card through Rafflecopter. The contest is going to end September 30th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Author Bio
Allie Everhart writes books about dating, love, and romance. She’s also a freelance health writer for magazines and websites. She loves to read as much as she loves to write. And when she’s not reading or writing, she’s outside running, which is when she gets her best book ideas.

You can follow Everhart on Twitter , ‘Like’ her on Facebook , or go to her Goodreads page for up to date information.


the jade series

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New teaser from “Finding Us” by Allie Everhart released

finding us cover

A new teaser was released from the upcoming book, Finding Us, through author Allie Everhart’s Facebook page. Everhart released a quote of Garrett and Jade getting ready for school as a way for her to celebrate the start of school again.

You can read the teaser below.

When we get home, Jade packs her backpack for class. She’s like a little kid. She takes it so seriously. She puts pens and pencils in the little slots in the front of the backpack, then packs extras in a zippered pouch. Then she opens another zippered pouch and tosses in a calculator and a protractor.

“Why are you bringing a protractor?”

“Because it’s a mathematical supply,” she says, as if that should make sense.

“Those are for geometry. You’re taking calculus.”

“I still should have one.”

“You’re not going to use a protractor, Jade. You’re not going to be measuring angles.”

“Maybe not, but I need the calculator.”

“What does that have to do with the protractor?”
She sighs and points to the pouch. “This is the mathematical supply pouch. I can’t just have a calculator in there and nothing else.”

“Why not?”

“Because then it wouldn’t be a supply pouch. It would just be a calculator pouch and that doesn’t make sense.”

I give up trying to understand her logic and watch her fill up another pouch, this time with miniature Kleenex packets, some lip balm, several headbands, hand lotion, some aspirin, cough drops, and after that I lose track of what she’s tossing in there.

“Jade, why are you bringing all that shit to class?”

“You have to have this stuff in case something happens.”

“Like what? A hair emergency? Dry lips? You suddenly develop a cold in the middle of a 50-minute class?”

“Yes, those are all possibilities,” she says very seriously. “What’s in your backpack?”

I motion to it. “Take a look.”

She picks it up and sets it on the kitchen table. Inside I have my laptop and the one book I need for tomorrow.

“You haven’t packed it yet.”

“It’s packed and ready to go.” I yawn and stretch out on the couch.

“There’s nothing in here. Where are your notebooks and pens?”

“I don’t use that stuff. I take notes on the laptop.”

“What if your battery dies?”

“I’ll charge it. Hey, could you throw the cord in there? That’s what I forgot to pack.”

Jade appears in front of me, holding my backpack. “Garret, I can’t let you go to class like this. You need supplies. You want some Kleenex?”

I laugh as I imagine myself sitting in class, pulling out one of those tiny packets. Yeah. Not gonna happen. “No, Jade. I’m not bringing those.”

“What if you have to blow your nose?”

“I’ll go to the bathroom and do it.”

“You can’t just get up in the middle of class.”

“Sure I can. I did it all the time last year.”

“At least let me put some pens in here. I have extras.”

“I know you do, but I don’t need one.”

Jade has a ton of pens. She pretends it’s a collection but it’s really just a bunch of freebie pens she picks up at various locations. Frank and Ryan bought her some better ones last year and she guards them with her life. I don’t dare use them because I always lose pens and she’d kill me if I lost one. For Christmas I’ve decided I’m going to buy her an assortment of nice pens so she’ll toss out those freebie ones that never work.

”I’m going to put a pen in here, just so you’ll have it.”

“Okay, Jade. If it makes you feel better, go ahead.”

I watch as she returns to the table with my backpack and starts searching through her pen box for just the right one. This is more entertaining than watching TV.

“Were you always this way?” I ask her.

“What way?”

“Do you always pack like this for class?”

“Usually, but I didn’t last semester and it was a complete disaster. I went to the first day of class totally unprepared and it was all your fault.”

“What did I do?”

“You kept luring me to your room for sex and because of that, I didn’t get myself organized for class.”

“I don’t think that was my fault.”

She finally picks a pen and sticks it in one of the pen slots in my backpack. “It was totally your fault.”

“How so?”

She sighs and looks over at me. “Like you don’t know this already? You’re really hot. And you smell good. It’s completely distracting. I’m lucky I got anything done last year.” She unzips one of the pouches on the front of my backpack. “You still need more supplies, Garret. You want some cough drops?”

She’s so serious about it, I have to laugh. “I don’t want any cough drops.”

“At least we see each other between classes. I can loan you stuff if you need it. Hey, you’re taking accounting. That’s a math class, which means you’ll need a calculator. And you don’t have one. Ha! I told you you weren’t packed.”

“I’ll use my phone. It has a calculator app and so does my laptop.”

She comes over and slumps down beside me. “Okay, I think I’m done.”

“You didn’t pack your laptop or your books. The two most important things.”

“Damn!” She bolts up. “I knew I forgot something.”

I’m laughing again. I should’ve got this on video.

Finding Us is the 6th book in the Jade series and is set to come out October 3rd. You can add the book to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

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First teaser from “Finding Us” released


The first quote from the upcoming book Finding Us by Allie Everhart was released through her Facebook page.

The quote comes from Garrett as he talks about Jade and how he plans on spending the rest of his life trying to be worthy of Jade. It doesn’t offer much to what we can expect in the book, but it’s a nice quote to read from Garrett.

Finding Us is the sixth book in the Jade series and is set to come out October 3rd. You can add Finding Us to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

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“Finding Us” cover has been released

finding us cover

This morning, Allie Everhart has revealed the cover for the 6th book in the Jade series, Finding Us through her Facebook page.

The cover certainly shows a more mature side to Jade and Garrett and it could be foreshadowing as they will have to deal with more mature problems because they are now married. The book is set to start a year after they’ve been married but their marriage gets challenged when Jade finds out that Garrett hasn’t been honest with her about something big and it’s going to test how strong their relationship is.

Finding Us is set to come out later this year and you can add the book to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

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First look at “Finding Us” by Allie Everhart

jade 6 preview 1

The first quote from the sixth book, Finding Us, in the Jade series by Allie Everhart was released yesterday. As we know, this story is going to be told from both Jade and Garrett’s point of view and will give us an insight at how this couple can work as a married couple rather then just a dating couple, because that is a big difference.

It looks like in this book, things will get complicated as Jade learns that Garrett has been hiding stuff from her and it creates a wedge in their relationship. Fans of the series know that this has been a common occurrence for Garrett as he thinks that he’s protecting Jade but really ends up hurting her in the end.

Last week, Everhart had announced through her Facebook page that the official cover for the book has been made and will be released on July 18th, so stay tuned for that.

There is no release date set for Finding Us but will likely come out by the end of the year. You can add Finding Us to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

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