Cover for “Forever With You” by Jennifer Armentrout has been released

forever with you

The cover for the fifth book in the With You series, Forever With You, by Jennifer Armentrout was officially released on her Facebook page.

The cover is released a little ahead of schedule considering the fourth book, Fall With Me, hasn’t been released yet. We have to the person who leaked the cover to thank for that.

The official synopsis hasn’t been released yet but like the other books in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone but will likely involve a two people we’ve met already.

You can pre-order Forever With Me on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.

What do you think of the cover?

Top 5 books to read this month

becoming us

#5 – Becoming Us by Allie Everhart
Out: 12/12

In the final book in the Jade series, Garrett is going to be searching for Jade (who got kidnapped at the end of the last book) while trying to figure out what the organization wants from him. This is going to have a lot of drama and a bit of a thrilling mix as Garrett will stop at nothing to get Jade back. Should be interesting to see how things unfold in this final book and see if Garrett and Jade can get their happy ever after.


#4 –  Fractured by Sydney Landon
Out: 12/20

The first book left fans wanting more and that’s the way to kick off a new series. Lia and Lucian will have to try and move on from what happened in the first book. Lucian fell in love despite trying everything in his power to not do that but it might be to much for Lia. It should be another roller coaster ride as the first one was and another one that you can’t put down.

forever with me

#3 – Forever with Me by Kristen Proby
Out: 12/2
In this book, we follow Domenic the love child of the patriarch of the family as he embarks on his love affair. He was introduced about half way through the series and quickly became a fan favorite as he had all that romantic qualities that we love to read in a leading male.

Wicked AmazonGRSW

#2- Wicked by Jennifer Armentrout
Out: 12/9
In the first book in this new series by Armentrout, we get a mix of thrilling, romance, and supernatural as the lead characters try and understand the magic of New Orleans. Ivy and Ren are going to be our two leads in this story as they try and figure out the murders that is going on in the city. No doubt that that characters are going to be fun to watch as Armentrout is amazing at creating dynamic and fun characters and make a story that readers just can’t put down.

breaking the rules

#1- Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry
Out: 12/9
This book is falling between the first and second book. We get to see that road trip that Noah and Echo talked about in the second book. This is going to be a great addition to the series as we finally see the part of their relationship that puts the nail in solidifying their relationship. Expect a lot of antics and fun times for these two and the moment that will make you fall more in love with them.