‘Gotham’ 3×8 – Barnes struggles to remain control as Gordon returns to GCPD

GOTHAM: Michael Chiklis in the “Mad City: Red Queen” episode of GOTHAM airing “Mad City: Blood Rush” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Nov. 7 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

In the last episode, Jarvis continues his torture not only on Gordon but also on the rest of Gotham. He is able to grab some of his sister’s blood and uses it to try and kill the people that run Gotham. Unfortunately for him, he is foiled by the GCPD. But on the upside, he learns that some of Alice’s blood is in Barnes. He now has a new target to play with. Meanwhile, Gordon hallucinates about the mistakes and decisions of his past and it makes him want to go back to the GCPD. At the end of the GCPD, we see a familiar ring and wonder if this person is the one responsible for trying to take down the Waynes’.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Blood Rush’, Jarvis continues to try and work Barnes over to try and get him on his side, while Gordon adjusts to life back at GCPD. Now that Nygma’s new girlfriend finds out that he is a killer, he has to try and figure out a way to make sure she doesn’t just focus on that.

The blood of Alice begins to take over Barnes’s blood as he finds someone who is ‘cleaning’ up dead bodies and ends up taking out a man. With the knowledge of what he did looming over his head, he tries to stop it from the blood taking over, but learns that it will not be that easy. The blood feeds on anger and rage and being a cop he is filled with that.


With his own lead to follow, he gets the name of the person responsible for taking the faces off of people. Simon. Apparently, he likes to play Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw and use the faces to give people new identities. Not quite sure how that works considering that person existed before. But he won’t be able to do anything again because Barnes goes all Hulk (or Bane) on the guy and breaks him through a wall and down onto a car.

Mario finds out that Gordon is returning to the GCPD and he is not at all happy about it. It will be interesting to see how Lee handles seeing Gordon on a regular basis again. Will they fall back into their old feelings?

Nygma continues to break as Isabella continues to remind him of Kristen. He starts feeling guilty about what he did to her (who would have guessed it) and he wonders if he will do the same thing to her. While Nygma is supposed to be a bad guy I can’t help but root for him and Isabella they are so adorkable!

Penguin tries to break things off with both of them but when she learns that Penguin loves Nygma too, she decides to fight for him. Wonder who is going to win that battle. Not. Certainly, won’t be Penguin of Nygma finds out. Using his old methods, he takes out the obstacle (or at least that’s what it appears to be).

In the next episode, Gordon looks into Barnes and the fact that he killed Simon while Ivy reveals herself to Selina in hopes she can help her get out of trouble.

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‘Gotham’ 3×6 – The cat and mouse game between Jarvis and Gordon turns deadly


In the last episode, Gordon searches for Jarvis/Magic Man but it proves that he’s not the easiest man to take down. As that happens, Penguin continues to try and figure out how he can become the mayor and proves that he won’t stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Follow the White Rabbit’, Jarvis is out for blood and revenge as he tries to get back at Gordon for killing his sister. Meanwhile, Butch is outside the Penguin group and is willing to do anything that he can to get back at both him and Nygma for betraying him.

Right from the getgo, Jarvis begins his plan to try and get back at Gordon by kidnapping a newly married couple and a child. It’s going to be a cat and mouse game between him and Gordon as he tries to try and save the couple or the child before they are killed. Gordon has to make a choice between the two, and not so surprising that he chooses to save the kid. Which means the married couple plunged to their deaths.

In other, but related news, Gordon is struck with the difficulty of trying to keep his new woman, Valarie, away from Lee. She wants to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Alice and her blood. But that obsession gets her and Lee both in trouble. Though they get to have a little heart to heart about Alice and Gordon.


Gordon gets the answer that he is looking for and he has to ally himself with someone he doesn’t want to, Lee’s fiancé, as they both try and save Valarie and Lee. When it comes time for the ‘tea party’ Gordon has to choose between Valarie and Lee. Shocker right? In the end, he chooses to have ‘Lee’ show but we all know it’s because he knew he would shoot the opposite of who he chose.

Barnes is losing more and more control with the blood of Alice that runs through his blood. It makes you wonder how far he will fall and what will become of him when he gets there. Will he snap too far and fall down the rabbit hole.

The new mayor of Gotham, Penguin, is loving his new role and embracing it with all that he has. Nygma tries to help him stay on top but there is something budding between Penguin and Nygma or at least that’s what it seems like. What will happen if and when Penguin gets rejected. Nygma gets a blast from the past as he runs into a woman that looks just like Kristen and she is the basically the female version of him.

In the next episode, Jarvis continues his revenge plan on Gordon and brings him to a hallucination that involves Lee and Barbara.

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‘Gotham’ 3×4 – Gordon looks for Jarvis as Penguin eyes the mayor title


In the last episode, a new foe, seemingly the Mad Hatter but he calls himself the Magic Man, as he arrives in Gotham and begins his reign of terror in Gotham. He has an obsession with his sister named Alice, who is seemingly missing in his life. Meanwhile, Lee returns which will create problems for Gordon and Bruce tries to figure out what’s going on with his clone. Penguin makes a big move to gain control of not only Gotham but also his competition, James. Magic Man makes his move and shows his darkness but Alice foils his plan. This clone Bruce makes a move with Selina and we will get to see what it is that he wants.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Anything for You, Gordon searches for Jarvis/Magic Man but it proves that he’s not the easiest man to take down. As that happens, Penguin continues to try and figure out how he can become the mayor and proves that he won’t stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

Jarvis is making a new plan to find and capture Alice again. He is using an old amusement park as his trap. He enlists the help of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (yes this only confirms that this man is the Mad Hatter) to help break out Alice from the GCPD.

Gordon uses Alice to try and find him before he is able to cause more harm. Thompkins uses her own tactics to try and understand Alice and get information on Jervis. This is going to prove harder considering the fact that Jarvis can control him even when he’s not near him. He goes to an unlikely old face to get help. Barbara is all too willing to help him out. GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie in the“Mad City: New Day Rising” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 10 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX.

Finally, Gordon and Thompkins have that heart to heart that they’ve needed to have. Gordon admits that it hurt that she moved on before Lee finally tells him what an ass he was to her. Maybe we can get somewhere from here.

With Jarvis finally having control of Alice, he starts draining her blood so that he can use her powers to make more monsters for him. Of course Gordon the party crasher the he is interrupts them and is able to finally break the spell. But it comes at a cost as Alice gets killed.

It’s election day for Penguin. He is focused on winning the title while Butch and Nygma butt heads. Looks like something is going on with Butch and he doesn’t like the fact that Nygma doesn’t trust him. Gonna be a battle of heads between them as they try and fight it out with only one of them coming out on top. Nygma tries to get Penguin to call Butch off from paying off the voters but Penguin doesn’t want to risk it. It all doesn’t matter as Nygma takes it upon himself and shows Penguin that the people of Gotham really love him. But now that has Nygma has Penguin’s number two and Butch at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Bruce goes looking for Rolls (his clone) and figures out that he is with Selina. With her, they do some of her work, such as robbing a betting hall. Rolls takes out the men who try and hurt Selina and she begins to suspect that maybe she likes this ‘new’ Bruce. That is until she figures out who he is. She instead embraces him because he feels the same way about life as she does. Something happens between them and Rolls leaves Gotham with some kind of plan of his own.

In the next episode, Butch tries to get his revenge on Nygma and Penguin while Penguin adjusts to life as the new mayor of Gotham.

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‘Gotham’ 3×3 – Lee returns to Gotham as a new foe is introduced


In the last episode, Bruce makes a deal with the group that he was fighting to bring down while Gordon finds Fish to try and get that $1 million. Instead, she gets away with Hugo Strange which means she will

This week’s episode, titled ‘Look into my Eyes’, a new foe, seemingly the Mad Hatter but he calls himself the Magic Man, as he arrives in Gotham and begins his reign of terror in Gotham. He has an obsession with his sister named Alice, who is seemingly missing in his life. Meanwhile, Lee returns which will create problems for Gordon and Bruce tries to figure out what’s going on with his clone.

Barbara is fascinated with Jervis (Benedict Samuel, Secret City) and the fact that he can control people that he hypnotizes. This is not good news as we know anyone that she is fascinated with is going to create problems in Gotham. Though, he can do well enough on his own as he convinces one of the viewers of his show to kill his wife and himself so that he can get the house. He asks Gordon to help him find Alice.

Gordon being the amazing bounty hunter that he is, he finds Alice. It’s obvious that there is something going on with her and her poison blood. She is afraid of her brother, while we want to say why? We can figure out. Her brother is cuckoo.


The morning after is very awkward for Gordon as it’s obvious that Valarie is brushing him off. Gordon wants to see what else can happen but he doesn’t know what to make of her wanting to leave. It gets more crazy when he sees that Lee has returned and she has great news. She is returning with her new fiancée, who is a doctor at Gotham General. It gets even more awkward when he meets him in the hospital and they talk about Lee.

Bruce gets acquainted with his new clone. He seems like a tragic character but could he just be fooling them. He doesn’t feel pain and it’s obvious some bad stuff has happened to him. Question is, what? He starts learning Bruce’s mannerisms and cuts his hair to be more clone-like. It’s very much like Heathers. As the show ends it looks like Bruce is not the target. It’s Selina.

In other news, Penguin uses his new found popularity in Gotham as he tries to get them to vote for him as he runs against James for Mayor. James thinks that he has the upper hand but let’s be honest, Penguin can not be beat. He uses his new found power to release Nygma from the asylum. Meanwhile, Lee may find herself in trouble as her fiancée, Mario, is the son of Falcone.

In the next episode, Gordon tries to find and take out Jervis but it proves difficult as he is deep inside his brain.

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‘Gotham’ 3×1 – Gordon returns back to Gotham to find that it’s gone crazy


The last season, which focused on the villains and the rise of them, introduced a laundry list of new villains that are now running wild in Gotham. There was a lot of things that happened in the last season that is surely going to create problems for Gordon and the GCPD this year. The season is being called ‘Mad City’. That is going to foreboding as the monsters that escaped the bus are like the evil versions of X-men. And the fact that Fish Mooney is controlling them doesn’t help either. We know that she is going to want revenge on Butch and Penguin so they have to make sure that they are going to look over their shoulders at every turn. What I am most interested in seeing is if the man who we all believe to be the Joker, Jerome, returns. He is one of the best parts of last season and I would love to see him return back to the show.

This season we have a lot of new faces as Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) joins the cast as a season regular as reporter Valarie Vale. She is going to be a thorn in the GCPD’s side as she is demanding the truth about what happened at Indian Hill. The show cast a new Poison Ivy (aka Ivy Pepper). Maggie Geha takes over the role as they tried to get an older version of the character.


In the season opener, titled ‘Better to Reign in Hell’, titled ‘Better to Reign in Hell’, Gordon works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunger, seeking answers about the Indian Hill escapees and why their powers appear to be killing them.

The show starts off with a heartbreaker as Gordon discovers that Lee has moved on without him and is in a new relationship. He decides to let her go, at least for now, and returns back to Gotham. Though reluctant. He doesn’t want to return back to the force, and continues to hear it from Bullock. Gordon likes living outside the law and being a vigilante. I mean who wouldn’t like that kind of freedom.

Penguin begins the search for Mooney but it won’t be easy finding her. He enlists the help of the GCPD and Barbara and Tabitha to try and find her. He’s offering $1 million in exchange for her. Not chump change for the low lives of Gotham. What it will come down to will be where the loyalty lies. Penguin has other problems as well as Butch is making problems with him as he is trying to win Tabitha over.

What would one person do with $1 million? That’s a large question. One that Gordon wants. But I mean, who wouldn’t?


Bruce makes a stupid, and bold move as he tries to draw out the person responsible for Indian Hill. By doing that, he creates an enemy behind the real person that controls Waynes’ Enterprise. Selina is angry with Bruce for leaving her (of course she takes it personally) and while you know that she won’t admit it, she is going to help him if he needs her.

Selina has her own problems as she is neck deep in with Fish and her X-men of crazies. Like anyone who doesn’t have any other options, she goes with the one that can protect her the best. She thinks that Fish but her conscious continues to battle with her. Will she go against Mooney in the future or will she stay loyal to her? She’s got a choice on her hands especially considering Mooney tried to have her killed.

I for one am intrigued with this season so far. It looks like it’s going to be picking up right where the last season left off. There is a lot of twists and turns going on with this show as we hopefully start to get answers for all the stuff that is going on in Gotham. We get no answers in this first episode, except where Lee is. But we do get a whole mess of new questions. For starters, where is Strange? Will Fish make it out alive? Who is the person controlling Wayne Enterprise? Let’s strap in and get ready for what is going to be a crazy ride in season 3.

In the next episode, Penguin is stopping at nothing, even creating a war, to try and take down Fish Mooney. Meanwhile, she continues to search for Strange in hopes that he can cure her.

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‘Gotham’ 2×22 – The monsters take over Gotham in season 2 finale

gotham 2_22

In this week’s episode, ‘Transference’, Strange unleashes the monsters he created on Gotham while Gordon tries to escape. Gordon, Lucius Fox, and Bruce try to escape the Asylum before Strange blows it up. They are moving their little show on the road. Fish tries to use this time to try and escape as well. She uses the new powers that she has to try and take control of the remaining works and is able to finally get free.

Strange is talking to a madame with a mask. It looks like she is pulling his strings. We will get to see what strings she is pulling and why she is pulling them most likely in the next season. Overall, it’s not that big of a finale. At least not on the same level that we got from the first season, but it did raise a lot of questions for us to look forward to for the third season. We will try and figure out who the woman is that pulled Strange’s strings and what she wants with the asylum patients. Also, we will try and figure out what will happen now that the monsters are out and Gordon is off to find Lee.

For the full recap, you can go here.

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‘Gotham’ 2×21 – Strange continues his experiments while Bruce tries to save Selina


In this week’s episode, “Legions of Horribles”, Gordon looks for Azriel while Bruce tries to find a now missing Selina.

Gordon has a lot on his plate this week as he tries to find Azriel and stop Strange from changing Gotham into a freak show. With Bruce at his side and knowing that Selina might be next he might have to focus on Strange more so than Azriel. Alfred is not happy with Bruce and the fact he got Selina in trouble but he lets him go off on a mission with Gordon and Lucius to try and save her. This is probably the mission that sets Bruce off into hero-mode.

There is a twist with Strange’s plan as Fish remembers who she is, unlike Galavant. Question remains what will be the side effects of her revival. It gets complicated when Bruce shows up with Lucius and they try to find and save Selina but Strange thinks it’s about his experiments. When she is back out she is obviously going to be looking for blood, starting with her right hand man that killed her and Penguin.

Peabody is starting to question Strange and his experiments. She has done it in the past, but she is getting more insistent with her objections. What kind of problems will this create with Strange? It doesn’t stop him as he continues to work his experiments to try and get the same results as he did with Fish. He hopes that Gordon can help him do that.

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In the next episode, the villains continue to wreck their wrath on Gotham while the rest try to survive.

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