‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 2×5 recap – Annalise has yet another problem to solve

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In the last episode, Annalise gets a client that asks her to kill her and the mystery of who shot Annalise thickens. The four interns are once again knee deep in another problem but will Annalise get them out of trouble again. In this week’s episode, called ‘Meet Bonnie’, the interns may find themselves in trouble as it looks like someone else is going to try and backstab Annalise. Bonnie once again has a hard time getting Annalise to trust her again as she makes another mistake in her eyes and has another mess for Annalise to clean up.

We are three weeks away from the shooting as Asher is reeling of what Bonnie told him about killing Sam. We know that she is doing that so to get Asher from helping St. Clair. While she thought she was trying to help Annalise, Annalise was less then enthused and it’s another thing that she is going to have clean up from Bonnie.

Frank finds out that Wes is talking with Levi and she knows that Levi is going to bring her trouble. Frank has a new task and keeping them away from Levi. Which is basically code for ‘take him out’. He is going to need to work fast as his partner, Bruno, is being questioned by Levi and Wes about Rebecca. Frank gets Levi out of the way by getting him arrested for drug possession.

Annalise does something that she has a hard time doing and that’s telling the truth. She tells Nate about what his wife asked of her. But not every truth. She tells him that Bonnie killed Sam which is why she lied. So maybe this whole Bonnie taking the blame is not the worst thing in the world.

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The new tasks for the interns is that they have to get the twin’s aunt’s confession thrown out because since she’s dead, Annalise can’t cross question her. The tape they got that proves the aunt is lying gets thrown out because Michela and Connor had Oliver hack into the police data base. The world of lies and secrets gets deeper and more diverse as now every single person has a secret that they are keeping from someone else. The funny part is that no matter how many times they stab each other in the back, they still have each other’s backs.

Asher tries to get a better deal for him and his dad by saying he knows what happened with Sam but when he finds out that his father is making a deal behind his back, he rethinks things. Now that Asher has his own secret, the interns now know how he feels about all of them. With the secrets being kept. But it gets the other interns worried that they are going to get caught and go to jail. Instead of covering for her, he says he’s going to testify because he doesn’t want to keep secrets.

When the interns go to the warehouse to check out Frank’s storage locker they find nothing there but money. Which was Frank’s plan all along. He wanted them to find the case so that they would stop investigating Rebecca’s disappearance. It may help that the other interns tell him to stop too.

In present time, it looks like this time Asher is not going to be out of the loop of the big event of the season as he is in a car with Bonnie as they leave the crime of the scene where St. Clair died and Annalise was shot. Bonnie is covered in blood which means that she may be responsible for something that happened. Perhaps it’s St. Clair? We will find out since Asher is going to make a statement.

In the next episode, we learn about the three rules that they need to follow and they are that you trust no one.

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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 2×4 recap – Annalise tries to clear a teenager while Annalise is faced with a tough decision

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "Skanks Get Shanked" - When a teenager is found murdered in the woods, Annalise and her team is hired to represent an unlikely suspect named in the case. Meanwhile, Asher comes across a shocking confession, and Wes learns new information about Rebecca's disappearance, on "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY OCTOBER 15 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) HELEN EIGENBERG, SAMMI HANRATTY, MICHAEL ANDREW BAKER

In the last episode, we see Annalise take on a client that is part of a sex club. The case for the siblings takes an unexpected turn for the worst as a new motive surfaces that complicates the case. In this week’s episode, called ‘The Skank gets Shanked’, Annalise gets a client that asks her to kill her and the mystery of who shot Annalise thickens. The four interns are once again knee deep in another problem but will Annalise get them out of trouble again?

In the past time, Annalise gets a call from Nate’s wife. They have a heart to heart about what’s best for Nate. Before she has a request. She wants her help to kill her. Of course, Annalise is reluctant to help but struggles with it because she knows that she’s suffering. This is where the show signs because it has these moments of truth and reality of what people go through every day and raise question on what we would do if we were in that situation.

The case Annalise has this week hits a little close to home as it reminds the interns about the case with Rebecca last season. The young girl, Zoey, is peer pressured into murdering his best friend. Connor is able to relate to Zoey because she was picked on like he was and he believes that maybe she needs help like Annalise wants to get her. But Laurel knows that Zoey is a sociopath and proves it when she steals her phone and finds a video of her taunting her killing her best friend. Looks like she’s the Regina in the Mean Girls and not the Cady.

This show brings up the issue that defense lawyers have to go through and that’s what to do when they know that their client is guilt. This is why many of them don’t ask if they are guilty or not. It brings up the morality of the person and it would make it harder to defend them if they know that, in this case, a cold blooded killer.

Connor quickly sees that Annalise is not one to be double crossed as he is the one that ruins her case with Zoey. We find out that Frank didn’t take Connor’s car and destroy but in case Annalise is the one that took the car as an insurance policy. She needed something to protect herself in case one of them decided not to go along with the story. Once again Annalise is three moves ahead of everyone else.

htgawm 2_5_2

Asher tries to deal with the ghosts of his past and does anything that he can to keep the rest of the interns from finding out. Connor is starting to question why they are there and what the point is. And Wes is working with Levi to find out who killed Rebecca with the help of Nate. Could this eventually lead to what happened with Annalise? That may end up lasting long as Wes finds out that Levi is still seeing Michela.

A lot of truths come out this show. Bonnie confronts Asher and she tells him that she killed Sam after she finds out that Asher is selling information. Annalise sees that Wes and Nate are working together on something. Just another intern looking to backstab her. Got to love those politics.

Michela gets a special project. Her job is to make sure that the twins don’t mess up during their trial and to see if they really are having sex. She doesn’t think that they are but Annalise doesn’t want her opinion but wants the truth. She takes a crack at the other twin and is able to get something to help the case.

It looks like Annalise is going to get some help before she dies in the mansion, but will it be enough to save her? We still have a few suspects for who shot Annalise and the DA. It’s down to Wes and Connor or maybe the whole group as they seem very chummy by the end of the show. It ends with Michela meeting with Caleb in a room. Is he in on it too?

In the next episode, the interns may find themselves in trouble as it looks like someone else is going to try and backstab Annalise.

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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 2×3 recap – Annalise gets complications in both of her cases

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The season so far has taken on a roller coaster ride and we are only two shows in. We find out that Annalise may be bisexual as she had a romantic relationship with one of her classmates from Harvard. Could she have been manipulating Eve’s feelings for her so that she could get Nate free? Wouldn’t put it past her considering how she’s been playing Nate like a yo-yo. Now we see that everyone around Annalise is a murderer except for her (that we know of) and Asher. Four of her prodigies are responsible for killing Sam, Frank killed Lila for Sam (we don’t know why yet), and Bonnie killed Rebecca. Bonnie is becoming the source of Annalise’s frustrations and we will see how far she will go before she snaps. Perhaps she is the one that shot Annalise and not Connor like we are forced to believe right now.

In the last episode, Annalise tries to clear the twin’s name but a hiccup presents itself, elsewhere, we see that the interns were there when Annalise got shot. In tonight’s show, called ‘It’s Called the Octopus’, we see Annalise take on a client that is part of a sex club. The case for the siblings takes an unexpected turn for the worst as a new motive surfaces that complicates the case.

Annalise continues to try and clear the twin’s name and see that she is still reeling from what happened. Things don’t get easier as news breaks that the siblings are sleeping with one another. Annalise is probably wishing she didn’t fight so hard for the case now. There is going to be a full circle with them since it looks like it’s their house that she gets shot in.

This week’s topic for the class discussion is sex. It has to do with her new case. Her new client, Tanya (Michelle Hurd, Witches of East End) is a prostitute who accidentally killed one of her clients that had a heart attack during their time together. The whole world of BDSM is going to be on trial and what is too much. They try and bring in someone to help but of course who wants to put their sex life out in the public.

htgawm 2_3_2

This case complicates itself, which is exactly what Annalise needs, as she finds out that Tanya switched to have the victim in her room and that she killed him because she loved him. Confusing right? She said she wanted to have his wife leave him when his wife found out about his extracurricular activities. So Annalise does something a little unorthodox. She tries to get client off by proving that it wasn’t manslaughter but murder. By saying that it was the wife is the one that killed him.

Laurel and Frank try to build a relationship then more than just sex. Frank tries to glaze over all the bad things that he’s done and how he’s helped Annalise. Asher helps the DA out for the last time as we find out that she’s been threatening Asher with some secret about a lake and a girl named Tiffany. Wes recognizes Levi as Rebecca’s foster brother and he learns that Levi is looking for Rebecca. They team up together to try and find out the truth. At the end of the show, Nate picks up the interns as if he was expecting them. Does that mean he is in on it?

In the next episode, Annalise gets a client that asks her to kill her why the mystery of who shot Annalise thickens.

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“How to Get Away With Murder” 1×6 – Annalise makes a bold move to try and protect Sam

murder 1_6_1


In the last episode, Annalise teaches the importance of the jury while the truth about Sam’s relationship with  a person photo on Lila’s phone.

In this week’s episode titled “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole”, a man sentenced to death by Asher’s father years ago is Annalise’s new client. Looks like this show will be told from Asher’s point of view of the night.

Present time.

Asher is getting ready for the bonfire when he realizes that the trophy is missing.

Five weeks in the past.

Annalise is teaching about Habeaus Corpus (aka to produce the body) and she remembers her conversation with Wes about her husband being on the phone. But she has to end the class early as she gets an emergency call from a client named, David Allen, who got convicted of murder even though he was innocent. It’s an important case because it’s the one that made her be a defense lawyer.

But as the saying goes in The Lincoln Lawyer, ‘an innocent client is the most dangerous one to have’.

The stakes are high on this one for the Keating 5 because if they fail, Allen dies. And that’s not it, Asher’s father is the judge that put him in jail.

Annalise tries to reason with Wes and tries to get him to come back. He wants to protect Rebecca and he threatens Annalise that he will go to the police if she doesn’t (Annalise is certainly not the one that is used to being blackmailed).

Obviously he’s still pissed about the phone situation. Can’t say I blame him considering the fact that she’s lied to him about why she didn’t submit the phone for evidence.

Annalise puts Frank on the case while she tries to focus on Allen’s case.

Annalise breaks her team up to try and find out a whole in the case and it looks like Judge Millstone (aka Asher’s father) is going to be the target of the appeal.

Desperate to make a name for himself with Annalise, Asher investigates his father’s home for clues. And it leads to Asher talking with his father about the case and it leads to a fight between the two of them.

Annalise’s prime witness died from an OD over a year ago and the case just got real. Frustrated with the way that things are going, she breaks down in her office. She gives Frank a secret task that only he should know about. Bet it has to do with the witness that OD.

Asher goes to Annalise with a deal (which seems to be the working trend in the show) and in exchange to the information that he gives her but he gets the trophy and his father gets spared.

Annalise now sends her group on the focus on Senator Trucco (a man who was desperate for Allen to go to jail for the crime) to try and figure out why he wanted the girl dead. Allen tells Annalise that Trucco was trying to kick out people in his establishment (especially those of color). I smell a motive.

murder 1_6_3

In court, Annalise is able to prove that Trucco is involved in the case and he is now coming to the stand to testify against Annalise. Good luck. She basically attacks Trucco on stand.

We learn that Frank deleted information on her cell phone about her husband and then plant the cell phone so that the finger is pointed back at Griffin. Annalise tells Wes that he got what he wanted and that Rebecca can come home.

Wes meets with Rebecca and she is not ok with the fact that Annalise is planting evidence to put the attention back on Wes. For someone whose life is on the line, she seems very concerned about Griffin.

Sam talks with Annalise about what she’s doing. How she’s cover for him. Too bad it looks like it won’t work as Nate gets images of Frank planting the phone.

Back in present time, Asher is still pissed about the trophy and complaining to….Bonnie. I know shocker right? But Bonnie gets a call from Annalise freaking out about something happening to Sam. Could she be acting or is she not in on it at all?

Meanwhile, Bonnie has a heart to heart to Laurel about Frank. She tells him to back off because she knows that Laurel is just playing him.

In next week’s show, Annalise starts to work Rebecca’s case and wonders if she was really innocent as in just two more weeks until we find out who killed Sam.

What did you think of the show?

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“How to Get Away With Murder” 1×3 – Annalise works a new case while the group continue to try and hide Sam’s body

htgawm 1_3_2

In the last episode, Annalise defends a millionaire who is accused of killing his wife.

In this week’s episode titled “Smile, or go to Jail”, Annalise is forced to defend Griffin and she is torn because she believes that Sam is the one that killed Lila.

Past time.

Michaela is in bed with her fiancé (Aiden) and they are talking about their future. They get a look at what married life can be like when Michaela leaves him to go to work.

Turns out that Aiden and Connor have a history both s friends and as something more. Michaela is less then happy about that. Can understand why she would be upset about it? Considering Connor is a rival and he slept with her fiancé at one point.

The president of the school asks Annalise to defend Griffin so that they can get him off and keep the image of the school nice. She is reluctant, obviously, because she thinks that her husband did it. And like the saying in The Lincoln Lawyer, ‘an innocent client is the most dangerous kind’. Annalise asks Nate for help. And fortunate for her he doesn’t hold a grudge.

Annalise thinks that Sam doesn’t want her to take the case and as it turns out he turned down a great opportunity to take a job at Yale or Duke.


Nate follows Sam’s alibi and finds that there are a lot of holes in it. Turns out that Sam’s car left the lot that he was staying at a place near Yale. It’s the same night that Leyla was murdered. Could he be the one that murdered her?

Surprisingly, Nate lies to Annalise about Sam’s alibi. Is he covering up something or trying to protect Annalise?

Griffin meets with Annalise and tries to tell her about his side of the story. He says that he was caught cheating on Leyla and that Rebecca set him up to get caught. He thinks that Rebecca killed Leyla. Seems a bit of a stretch since Rebecca doesn’t really have a motive to kill Leyla. At least yet.

While working on the case, Wes gets a call from the phone he found in Rebecca’s bathroom. Turns out it is the victim Leyla’s phone. This is not looking good for Rebecca.

Wes has grown an unusually strong attachment to Rebecca and is breaking all kinds of laws to try and help her. He wants to talk to her about the phone but she won’t tell him. Must be something juicy.

Annalise is less then pleased to see that Wes got caught sneaking in to see Rebecca.

Annalise is working another case on the side. She is defending a soccer mom named Elena (Ana Ortiz, TV Devious Maids) who is in trouble with the FBI as they think that she is a terrorist in hiding. Goes to show you that appearances aren’t everything.

This is not good news for Annalise as they have her fingerprint on the bomb which mean that it’s hard for her to prove her innocence. But of course, Annalise thinks that she has a way of winning it.

Let the schooling begin.

She is teaching them about how they are able to use the brainwashing defense.

htgawm 1_3_3

Annalise takes Elena to see the leader of her group (Gabriel) because she needs him to admit he was the ringleader and brainwashed them. It appears that there is something going on between Elena and Gabriel but this could be a good thing because Gabriel offered to cover for her.

In a surprising turn of events, the prosecution calls Gabriel to the stand. This can’t be good news if he’s being called by the prosecution and not the defense. Yep. Confirmed. He’s trying to pin it on Elena. Annalise isn’t going to take this laying down. She is going to go after Gabriel.

Once Gabriel takes the case, Elena goes on the run. It looks like it was all a set up so that Gabriel can get early release and they can reunite and run off together.

It looks like Wes’s speech got to Annalise as she defends Rebecca over Griffin. Sam doesn’t seem to happy about it.

Present day.

Connor is freaking out because Michaela is stone cold during the time they are covering up the murder. We see why she’s freaking out. She lost it while they were getting rid of the body.

In next week’s show, Annalise begins to work on Rebecca’s case and it’s an uphill climb as she starts deep in the hole.

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“How to Get Away With Murder” 1×2 – Annalise defends a millionaire, while Wes is covering up the murder for someone else

htgawm 1_2_1

In the series opener, Shonda Rhimes shows why she is the master of nighttime drama. She hits another winner with this show as a law professor/defense attorney teaches her class all about law class which a group of students take a little too literal.

In this week’s episode titled “It’s All her Fault”, Annalise defends a millionaire who is accused of killing his wife.

Once again, Annalise talks about her next case with her class and this one involves a millionaire by the name of Mark St. Vincent (Steven Weber, Murder in the First). The class quickly sees that this is going to be quite difficult as Mark is a little off his rocker. Case in point when him and Annalise show what the prosecution thinks happened.

The politics seem to start (that didn’t take long) within the ‘special chosen’ group. They all don’t understand why Wes was chosen because Annalise seems to give him special assignments. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that he caught her cheating on her husband.

htgawm 1_2_2

Wes is showing why he’s working with Annalise by helping her take down the witness that found the murder wife. Not to be out done, the rest of the group try to help discredit the other witnesses. He also figure out the whole case which impresses Annalise.

Annalise shows the group about what it’s like to question a witness by testing it out on Mark’s daughter Elise. They want to prepare her for what the prosecution are going to ask. As we all know, you can’t always trust what’s going to happen on the witness stand. And we quickly see that as we see how Mark’s first wife (Elise’s mother died) by way of a hunting knife. This doesn’t look good for the defense.

Annalise is feeling the pressure to win the case as they need to prove that Mark’s first wife and second wife’s murders are not connected. Laurel is able to find an important fact (Mark’s a hunter) and help prove that she’s there because she deserves to be not because Frank is interested in her. Annalise uses this tactic in her questioning of Mark. This murder is messy so they are saying that he would have killed her clean.

In the end, Annalise proves why she’s one of the best and wins the case. But bad news on the home front, Annalise thinks that Sam killed Lila. She goes to Nate for help but he says that it might be in her head. But is it? She would know if a man is guilty better then anyone else?

htgawm 1_2_3

For the other murder on campus, Wes sees the victim’s (Lila) boyfriend, Griffin, and remembers him meeting with his neighbor (Rebecca) and talking about the victim. Annalise and Sam get into a fight in front of the group about Annalise thinking that Sam slept with her (which isn’t the first time). Explains why Annalise was cheating on him. Or perhaps she did it to get a trump card for a case. Rebecca/Griffin are arrested for the murder and Wes tries to clear her name and he finds a cell phone.

Like with the first episode, we go back and forth between ‘present’ time and two months before. In this episode, we see Wes talking to someone talking about ‘taking care of it’ and how he’s bending all the decisions to make sure that it happens. It’s becoming more and more suspicious that Annalise killed her husband, Sam.

But the show once again surprises us as it turns out that Wes is not covering for Annalise but rather it’s for Rebecca. Apparently they are hooking up. But judging by her face it looks like he’s more into it then her.

In other news, Nate breaks things off with Annalise for what she did and for blackmailing him on the stand.

In next week’s show, Annalise is forced to defend Griffin and she is torn because she believes that Sam is the one that killed Lila.

What did you think of the show?

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“How to Get Away With Murder” 1×1 – Rhimes and Davis give us another show to become addicted to


In this new show by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) comes a new show about a class in Ursinus College taught by Professor Annalise (Viola Davis, Get on Up) who teaches a class that she calls ‘How to get Away with Murder’. This class is especially interesting to a group of kids who use what they learn in class to cover up a murder. It looks like the show is only going to have 13 episodes (as stated on wikipedia) which means we will get a lot of breaks, but of course this could change if the show gets the ratings.

It’s a curious new idea for a show and it’s interesting to see how this one goes. Is it going to have a new murder each season or one that covers the entire show? That we can go over at another time. It looks like we have a few main characters that will go with Ms. Davis and they are the ones that are involved in the murder that we first see at the beginning of the show.

We first get to see four kids, Wes (Alfred Enoch, The Harry Potter series),  Michaela (Aja Naomi King, Black Box), Connor (Jack Falahee, Twisted), and Laurel (Karla Souza)

The show starts off with us meeting Wes as he finds that he’s vastly unprepared as the class. Annalise is definitely a professor that is well respected amongst the students and she may be a hard teacher but she is fair. She offers a reward for the first assignment (which is one of her cases) and she offers an immunity statue for the winner of the assignment. And the statue is none other then the murder weapon.

We still don’t need know who was murdered or why, but it looks like it took place at Annalise’s office.

A group of students are selected to help her in the trial and Michaela wins the first round as she is able to help Annalise discredit the first witness.


Wes continues to try and make a name for himself, but fails. But he may have found something that could be of use to him as he found Annalise cheating on her husband Tom (Tom Verica, Zodiac). What happens next is not what you would expect. She confides in Wes that she is having problems in her marriage. Guess not everything is not what it appears to be.

But Connor wins the 2nd round as he is able to get an email that was not in discovery and was able to discredit the witness. Not to be outdone, Laurel tries to figure out what’s going on and thinks she may have found a new angle as she finds the victim’s wife consoling with the accused killer. Perhaps this brings in a new motive. She thinks that they were working together to kill the husband.

The show continues to surprise as the man that Annalise was having an affair with turns out to be a detective who is now on the stand. Looks like someone is being thrown under the bus.


Wes moves in to an apartment that has some stories to tell. There is claw marks on the wall and teeth mark on the bedpost. Intriguing to how these things got there? Could the missing girl in the show be the one that used to live there and what happened to her?

Looks like Connor wins the coveted immunity trophy. And a surprise to everyone she chooses Wes to join her firm and help be a defense lawyer.

By the end of the show, they find the body of the missing girl. Money is on Wes’s roommate and the victim’s boyfriend as the killers. They seem the most upset that her body was found. They looked scared.

The show is not done with the twists as we find out who the victim is that got killed by the students. It’s…wait for it…Annalise’s husband Tom. The plot thickens. Why did they kill him? Did they even kill him? Was it Annalise who killed him for her own reasons?

The show proves just why Shonda Rhimes is a genius when it comes to making TV shows. There are so many twists and turns that if you blinked you would miss it. Make sure to DVR this show because you don’t not want to miss a second of it this season.

What did you think of the show?

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