Cover for “Always Us” by Allie Everhart released

always us

Late last night, the cover for the final book in the Jade series, Always Us, was released through the author, Allie Everhart’s, Facebook page.

On the cover, you see Garrett hugging Jade from behind before kissing her cheek. It’s a very touching and beautiful cover and with the title, you really start to get the sense of a finale coming.

The release date and the official synopsis are still to be determined, but it should come out sometime this year. But we do know, that the truth about the Organization is going to come out an the fate of Jade and Garrett will be decided.

What do you think of the cover?

Allie Everhart releases a scene from “Forever You”


A few days ago, Allie Everhart, author of the Jade series, released another scene from her upcoming book Forever You through her Facebook page.

In this scene, Jade and Garrett are back in Connecticut in time for the Fourth of July weekend and are talking about it. You can read it below.

We drive into the small town that’s a few miles from campus and pass the coffee shop that Harper always went to. Next to it is the Thai place where Garret and I used to get takeout all the time. And across from that is the place where we used to go for pizza.

Garret points to the bright red train car sitting off to the right. “You want to go to the diner this weekend? Get a Boxcar Sundae?”

“Yeah, that would be fun. And maybe we could go to that Mexican place by your house. I want to see if that horrible mariachi singer is still there.”

“You still want him to sing at our wedding? We could fly him out there for it. We’ll fly out the whole band.”

I laugh just thinking about that guy singing. “No, that’s okay.”

“You sure? I still have the business card he gave me.”

“You do? Why did you keep it?”

“I thought you might want it someday. That was our first official date. I kept our bowling scoresheet, too, even though I’d rather not look at it again, given how bad you beat my ass.”

“I totally beat your ass.” I smile. “I can’t believe you kept that stuff. Did you keep other stuff from our dates?”

“Yeah, I got a whole box of stuff. Movie ticket stubs, pens from the hotels we stayed at, takeout menus from our favorite places. I can’t remember everything that’s in there.”

“Seriously? Why didn’t you tell me this?”

“I was waiting until it would mean something to you. Last fall you would’ve said it was just junk, but I knew after I softened you up you’d want it.” His cocky grin appears.

“You didn’t soften me up.”

“Oh really? Then I guess when we get home, I’ll just toss all that shit in the trash.”

“No!” I almost yell it, then feel my cheeks heat up. “I mean, you might as well keep it now that you went to all that work to save it.”

He shrugs. “It wasn’t work. I just tossed it in a box. But you’re right, we don’t need to keep it.”

“Okay, you’ve proved your point. You’ve softened me up. Are you happy now? I want everything in your stupid box.”

He laughs and so do I.

There have been quite a few scenes that have been released for the book, but none to revealing. Recently, she had announced that she will be doing at least one more book for the Jade series with the possibility of more. Stay tuned for more information.

Forever You can be added to your Goodreads shelf by going here and is expected to come out May 30th.

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Allie Everhart announces new book for Jade series


On her Facebook page yesterday, Author Allie Everhart has announced that she will be writing at least one more book for her Jade series. She gave a whole list of reasons why she is going to continue writing for this couple and it mainly has to do with what the fans want and the fact that she is not ready to let go.

“I want to show Jade and Garrett together in a new life and I’m not yet ready to skip ahead into the future,” she says on her post.

She goes on to say that the upcoming fifth book in the series, Forever You, does not end on a cliffhanger so fans can stop reading the series there if they want, but it might be worth reading further. She states that we will get more information on the side characters and the organization in the future book(s).

Forever You is set to come out May 30th and no other news has been announced about this new book.

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Allie Everhart announces “Forever You” release date

The official release date for the fourth book in the Jade series, Forever You, has been announced through author Allie Everhart’s Facebook page. She has announced that the book is set to come out on May 30th.

In Forever You, Jade and Garrett get engaged and prepare to get married, but complications in Garrett’s family threaten their happily ever after.

You can add Forever You to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

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Excerpt from “Forever You” by Allie Everhart released

Late last night, Allie Everhart has released an excerpt for her upcoming book Forever You through her Facebook page.

You can read the excerpt by going here.

The excerpt gives us a small look at Garrett and Jade spending the summer with Harper in California. You can still the easiness they have between the two of them.

As the book gets closer to it’s release date, no doubt that Everhart will continue to release excerpts from the book to get us excited for it.

Forever You is the 5th book in the series and it follows Garrett and Jade as they get engaged and plan out their wedding, in hopes for their happy ever after.

Everhart has released the cover for the book not to long ago and then soon after announced through her Facebook page that she had finished the book. Forever You is now in editing process which means we should see publication by end of May beginning of June.

Forever You can be added to your Goodreads page by going here.

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Cover for “Forever You” by Allie Everhart revealed

Photo: Cover Reveal for Forever You (Jade #5)!!<br /><br /> I don't have a release date yet, but it will be sometime in late May or early June.


Early this morning, Author Allie Everhart has revealed the cover for her new book Forever You through her Facebook page. Forever You is the 5th and perhaps final book in the Jade series which will follow Jade and Garrett as they get engaged and get married.

We last left the couple coming together after Garrett is almost taken away to become the next president set up by this secret organization. While we don’t much about the organization, we still got to read these two falling in love and doing anything they can to be with one another. Perhaps we will learn more about this organization but judging by what the book is about, probably not.

There is no official release date for Forever You yet, but Everhart has stated it should come out late May or early June. You can add Forever You to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

What do you think of the cover?

First excerpt released from “Forever You” by Allie Everhart

The first look at the upcoming book from Allie Everhart, Forever You, has been released through her Facebook page.

In the excerpt, Garrett and Jade have arrived back home from their summer in California and are engaged. They are passing Moorehurst heading to Garrett’s house and Jade is nervous. You can read the full excerpt below.

We fly out Friday morning for the cross-country flight. With the layover it takes all day and we get into Connecticut at 6. Garret rented a car so his dad wouldn’t have to pick us up.

“I’m getting nervous,” I say, as we’re driving to his house.

“What are you nervous about? Katherine?”

“Just everything. Being back here. Being close to Moorhurst. Going back to your house. So many bad things have happened here.”

He reaches over and takes my hand. “And lots of good things happened, too. Think of those things instead of the bad things.”

I nod in agreement, but I still feel nervous being back. My heart’s beating faster than normal, my stomach’s in knots, and I can’t stop tapping my foot on the floor of the car.

I did not at all expect to feel this way. Before I got here I was looking forward to seeing everything again. Maybe it IS Katherine making me feel this way. Or it could be the fact that last time I was in this area I thought I’d lost Garret for good. I thought I’d never see him again. Yeah, that’s probably why I feel so sick right now.

“Hey.” Garret brings my hand up to his mouth and kisses it. “I’m right here.”

He keeps hold of my hand, rubbing the top of it with his thumb. He’s trying to calm my nerves because he knows what I’m thinking. We just passed Moorhurst and my mind is replaying the memory of saying goodbye to him in the woods.

“We just passed campus,” I say, stating the obvious.

“I know.” He smiles. “I went to school there, remember?”

“Were you thinking what I was thinking?”

“About what a great time we had there? Yeah. That’s exactly what I was thinking. The movie nights. Chasing you around the track. Kissing you for the first time. Endless amounts of sex in my room. I can’t believe we used to have sex on a twin bed. I can’t imagine doing that now.”

He’s completely avoiding our goodbye in the woods, acting like it never happened. And maybe I should, too. It’s over and I don’t need to relive it. I need to forget it and focus on where we ended up. Together. Engaged. Soon to be married.

While the book is still being written, it’s possible this scene could change slightly.

Forever You is available to be added to your Goodreads page and is set to come out later this year.

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