‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×2 recap – The unit get an innocent man off only to find himself in the middle of another investigation


We entered into the 18th season last week of one of the longest running shows in TV history. Law and Order SVU didn’t disappoint as we dive right into the issues that have been plaguing America since the last season ended. It was only going to be a matter of time before they started addressing the issues considering that is what they are famous for doing. The opening show involved terrorists, rape, and a child who must grow up now without both of his parents. All the SVU themes in one show.

The show, titled ‘Making a Rapist’, shows the unit releasing a man (Sean Roberts, Henry Thomas) who was convicted a crime that he didn’t commit. But when another rape occurs that is similar, he becomes the number one suspect. Joe Biden guest stars as himself as he congratulates the unit on their hard work. He’s only in that one scene, but it’s still surreal to see him on a TV show.

We open up with SVU feeling very proud of themselves for getting Sean out of jail and how he’s forgiven his accuser, Melanie (Kelli Williams). The good feeling doesn’t last long considering that night Melanie’s daughter, Ashley (Alexis Collins) is attacked and killed and Melanie thinks Sean is the one that did it. Is history going to repeat itself or did he really do the crime?

It’s not looking good for Sean right away as his alibi is basically nonexistent but he’s not the only suspect. Her fiancée Zach is also on the top of the list. But the holes in Sean’s alibi is too hard to ignore. Problem with Sean is that he’s been wrongly accused once and you know that SVU won’t want to do it again.


With some help of social media, gotta love it as it helps SVU with so many of their cases, they are able to find a new suspect in Charlie (Cody Kostro) the ‘creeper’ that lives across the street. Think the cast of Friends on the Ugly Naked Guy across the street, except way darker. He was obsessed with her and with the bloody knife, he is essentially the guy. The only problem is that he doesn’t have her engagement ring. Add that to the fact that his girlfriend alibis him, we are now back at square one.

With Charlie’s ID on Sean they search his apartment to find the missing engagement ring. He looks as if he doesn’t know how it got there. Since they all ‘claim’ not to know how things get to places, it’s not looking good for Sean. Did he kill Ashley or did someone set him up to take the fall for another crime he didn’t commit? The defense attacks Fin thinking that he is trying to frame Sean.

During the trial, everything is going good until Charlie takes the stand. He makes it seem like Rollins coached him into identifying Sean. Melanie starts to second guess herself and is now going to throw a monkey wrench in Barba’s case. Barba knows that she is second guessing herself because she was wrong about Sean the first time. When she finally admits the truth, it forces Sean to admit that he did kill Ashley.

In the next episode, a man is accused of rape after lying to a woman about to get her in his bed.

What did you think of the show?