‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×9 recap – a billionaire uses an old way of trying to woo women


In the last episode, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party. In this episode, titled ‘Decline and Fall’, a billionaire store owner is accused of raping a young woman at one of his parties. Bob Gunton guests stars as Lawrence who is a multibillionaire philanthropist who thinks that he is above the law. It comes at a time a few days before someone of similar means was accused of doing the same thing. Difference is that this man gets arrested.

The show starts with a young man, Eric, who gets confidence to talk to a woman, named Sarah, from his grandfather, Lawrence. Everything seems to be ok until the next day when Sarah goes to SVU claiming that she was raped.

Turns out she is half right.


She had conscensual sex with Eric but that led to them discovering that the other man, Lawrence gave her drugs in order to have sex. Quaadludes to be exact. A very old drug that was used before rohypnol became the drug of choice. That alone has detectives knowing that Lawrence is the man since no young man would use that.

As the trial comes to a head, Lawrence tries to play that he is not in the right mind and that he can’t be held responsible for his actions. First person to pull that one huh? Barba knows that it’s bull until it starts to work. It needs some maneuvering and pulling out some skeletons before we are able to get Eric to see Lawrence for what he is. Turns out that the reason why Lawrence Jr (Eric’s father) and his mother got divorced is because Lawrence gave his mother some of that Quaadludes in order to get her to ‘open’ up.

In the next episode, which will be on February 8th, we are at a TV milestone as SVU hits it’s 400th episode. In this one we have a mother who is having an affair with her son’s best friend and it doesn’t look like it’s going to have a happy ending.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×8 recap – a child goes missing and a neglectful mother is the one to blame


In this episode, titled ‘Chasing Theo’, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party. In the last episode, we follow a young woman who gets raped by someone she thinks has been stalking her since college, but finds that it’s bigger than that when she discovers that the person she trusted may be the one that hurt her.

Every one of these shows has a ‘theme’ that they try to show on both sides of the fences (usually it involves Benson). In this one, it involves neglect and how you have to pay attention to your kids because accidents will happen if you don’t. Nadine (Rochelle Lefevre, Twilight) lives the high life and is one of those people that think ‘nothing bad can happen to me’ until it acutally does. And it does, three minutes into the episode as her son, Theo goes missing after she has a little party involving drugs, alcohol and probably sex.


The nanny, Gloria, doesn’t trust Nadine and her ‘friends’ and we all know that it could be anyone that was there but without her knowing who was actually there, it’s going to be hard for them to try and find suspects. Turns out that she is just playing everyone involved. She didn’t like Nadine’s lifestyle so she has her brother kidnap Theo and they go on the run.

The two mother hens of the squad, Benson and Rollins, have a hard time accepting the fact that Nadine would have a party when her son was sleeping in the next room. It’s hard for them to keep their emotions out when it comes to her.

On a personal note, there is tension between Tucker and Benson as he tries to get Benson to open up to the idea of retirement, especially considering she shot someone in the last episode. Benson, like always, avoids the conversation and pretends everything is ok. In end, Benson finally steps up and breaks things off with Tucker knowing that she needs to be focused on Noah.

In the next episode, a billionaire is accused (though he openly admits it) of drugging women and having sex with them while they are unconscious.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×7 recap – Benson and Carisi start thinking about the future


Since the last episode was about two months ago, let’s a do a recap of the first seven episodes (that’s right only 7 shows in 3 months). We have Benson adjusting to her role as boss after losing Dodds in the season finale of last season. Dodds Sr. is giving he a hard time because he blames her for his loss. Tucker and Benson are starting to simmer down because Benson is getting nervous about making a commitment. The last show specifically, the unit investigated a victim who accused an up and coming rapper of raping her. Instead of denying it and putting away the right man, he took the rap because he wanted to build street credibility.

In this episode, titled ‘Next Chapter’, we follow a young woman who gets raped by someone she thinks has been stalking her since college, but finds that it’s bigger than that when she gets held captive.

The show starts off with Benson trying to ward off thinking about her future with Tucker. While she wants to settle down and have a family, she is not quite ready to let go of the job. Will this affect their relationship? Tucker wants to cement the future but Benson is still stuck in the present. Benson is not the only one thinking about ‘the next chapter’. Carisi is starting to wonder if it’s time for him to move on. Now that he’s passed the BAR, he has another option to turn to.

The top suspect in this show is Ray Wilson. She points her finger at him right from the get-go. He’s been stalking her since college and got arrested for assaulting a woman. He gets alibied and it makes the unit start back at point one.


With all this focus on Ray, they didn’t look at any other suspects. When they do start doing that, they find that there was possibly a stalker and that she has had some hostility with one of her co-workers because he had a crush on her but she wasn’t interested.

Ray’s name keeps popping up when his DNA is found at the crime scene. How can he be in two places at once? Maybe he can teleport? Or maybe he is being framed. It gets crazier when the one person that they thought was helping them, Tom Kohl, is now their number one suspect when they have video footage of his car near Ray’s restaurant.

Tom’s alibi gets blown to smitherines when his wife tells Benson that he wasn’t home that night that Quinn was attacked. It soon becomes a kidnapping when Tom and Quinn both go missing and it sounds like they are going to be going to do a little Misery when they get to the farm house. Benson and Carisi tag team taking Tom down and it almost leads to Carisi getting shot. Think this may push him into leaving the force. No one wants to have a gun pointed at their head with the probability that the person is going to pull the trigger.

With the show in it’s 18th season, it’s not really a surprise that Benson would start thinking about retiring. She herself has been in every season which would make her around 20+ years at being a cop. Most people would start thinking about retirement at that point, especially someone that works with SVU.

In the next episode, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×6 recap – A CEO is accused of attacking a transgender


In the last episode, Benson met with her old partner and was stuck with doing her job and doing right by him. His son had the world at his feet and threw it all away with one mistake (doesn’t this story sound familiar. Insert that swimmer that did something). We once again see the lengths that people will go to protect their loved ones but Benson doesn’t fold under the pressure.

This week we have a doozy. The show is titled, ‘Broken Rhymes’, it looks like Empire make an appearance on the show as a CEO of a record company and his protégée are accused of attacking a transgender. I find the irony of a show like this coming out today considering what happened last night. We will see what kind of messages that SVU brings up because you know that they are going to.

What I am taking out of this show is that we get to see Wyclef Jean as the guest star tonight. He plays the CEO Vincent Love and he is the number one suspect. Be prepared for the Empire jokes/comments.

I digress.

Let’s jump into the show.

Suspect #1 – The boyfriend. Logan. He is a lawyer and has a temper problem. There is a challenge with the fact that Eva is a transgender. But he quickly points the finger at someone else.

Suspect #2 – person at the end of the bar fight. Enter CEO music label and his protégée, Hype. Looks like she didn’t like something he said and let him know it. But the problem is that she slapped someone who has a lot of back up. Add to the fact that was seen near the place of assault around the time of the assault. Ain’t looking good for him.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT-- "Bad Rap" Episode 1807 -- Pictured: Will Swenson as Attorney Mitch Hampton -- (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

For the investigation, itself.

You know it’s not going to be an open shut case. What kind of show would that be if we found the bad guy in the first half hour? No we have to have some kind of twist involved in order to keep this show on for the hour.

There is a third guy. Cash. Apparently, Eva was possibly cheating on Logan with another guy. He thinks that he stopped Eva from getting a sex change. Fun part is that he is also part of Hype’s group. This is a very intricate triangle. Apparently, Eva is the one that writes Hype’s raps. It goes deeper than that. When they think they have Hype cornered, he drops a bomb. He’s been dating Eva. Looks like this gives Logan a motive.

We now cross off suspect 1 and 2. For 3, we have big arrows pointing to Cash. With some insert of Benson (thank God because that mom was looking for a big smack in the mouth) the little girl identified Cash as the one that attacked Eva. But justice finds him before SVU does as Hype takes matters into his own hands and shoots him dead.

Barba and Benson try to cut him a deal but Hype cares more about his name and his creditability rather than doing time in jail. They go to trial and that’s where Hype breaks down and loses it.

So the show has been off for three weeks comes back for a week and is now going to be off the air until January. This fall lineup is just stupid. There better be no repeats when the show returns.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×3 recap – the unit try and take down a conman


In the last episode, the unit releasing a man who was convicted a crime that he didn’t commit. But when another rape occurs that is similar, he becomes the number one suspect. The show quickly unravels as they have the argue the situation of what happens when people go into jail and how when they leave they have a hard time adjusting back into civilization. It was because he had a hard time with the fact that he was assaulted over and over again.

The show, titled ‘Imposter’, a man is accused of rape after lying to a woman about to get her in his bed. On the surface it’s one of those, pretty much everyone does that when they want to get with the other person, but this person takes it to a whole new level. When you see their relationship at the beginning, you see that she verbally consents but the issues lie with what happened in between.

Laura has a lot of skeletons in her closet and it looks like they are all going to come out. The number one suspect is also the outcry witness. It gets more interesting when we find out that the man who is pressuring her to have her son Justin to go to Hudson. And then dun…dun…dunnnn he’s really not the admission director at Hudson.

Insert the lying part of the game.

The man is using the name to try and make his way into the bed with parents who are trying to get their kids into Hudson. Fin brings up a lot of a good point and that everyone lies to have sex. But the difference is, is that this man was using the power of someone else to have sex with these women.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Imposter" Episode 1803 -- (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC)

They are able to find the man, whose name is Tom, and get this, he works in security. As if Hudson didn’t have enough stuff going on there. They catch Tom trying to get his next victim. Of course, he doesn’t feel guilty about what he is doing. In fact, he goes so far to write a book about his conquests. Barba likes this case as to help jumpstart a bill to pass a lie about people who pretend to be someone with power in order to get sex.

During the trial, things get into the gray area really fast. Barba knows that it’s going to be a long road for them because it’s going to be hard to convince the jury that this is a crime, by law’s standards. And it gets worse when the judge trying the case basically threatens Barba to dismiss the case. Obviously he doesn’t know Barba because Barba doesn’t give in to the threats and doesn’t like to be told what to do.

There is another wrinkle in the plan when the defense has a witness said that the victim knew that his name was Tom. Turns out that the man that took the videos and it looks like he was only going to testify for Tom in order to avoid going to jail. With the fact that the judge was going to take the case from the jury and overturn the verdict.

You would think that it was enough for this show that the man got away with what he did, but there is a pretzel of a twist at the end as Laura’s son commits suicide because of the shame and embarrassment that his mother caused her. And perhaps because of the pressure she put on him. Combo of both.

In personal news, Carisi may or may not be leaving SVU soon. He goes on an interview for the DA office in Brooklyn. Is he going to switch sides and go from the Law to the Order? Benson has problems of her own with Noah because he’s having problems with his speech.

In the next episode, a superstar athlete harbors a dark secret that will threaten everything that she is.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×2 recap – The unit get an innocent man off only to find himself in the middle of another investigation


We entered into the 18th season last week of one of the longest running shows in TV history. Law and Order SVU didn’t disappoint as we dive right into the issues that have been plaguing America since the last season ended. It was only going to be a matter of time before they started addressing the issues considering that is what they are famous for doing. The opening show involved terrorists, rape, and a child who must grow up now without both of his parents. All the SVU themes in one show.

The show, titled ‘Making a Rapist’, shows the unit releasing a man (Sean Roberts, Henry Thomas) who was convicted a crime that he didn’t commit. But when another rape occurs that is similar, he becomes the number one suspect. Joe Biden guest stars as himself as he congratulates the unit on their hard work. He’s only in that one scene, but it’s still surreal to see him on a TV show.

We open up with SVU feeling very proud of themselves for getting Sean out of jail and how he’s forgiven his accuser, Melanie (Kelli Williams). The good feeling doesn’t last long considering that night Melanie’s daughter, Ashley (Alexis Collins) is attacked and killed and Melanie thinks Sean is the one that did it. Is history going to repeat itself or did he really do the crime?

It’s not looking good for Sean right away as his alibi is basically nonexistent but he’s not the only suspect. Her fiancée Zach is also on the top of the list. But the holes in Sean’s alibi is too hard to ignore. Problem with Sean is that he’s been wrongly accused once and you know that SVU won’t want to do it again.


With some help of social media, gotta love it as it helps SVU with so many of their cases, they are able to find a new suspect in Charlie (Cody Kostro) the ‘creeper’ that lives across the street. Think the cast of Friends on the Ugly Naked Guy across the street, except way darker. He was obsessed with her and with the bloody knife, he is essentially the guy. The only problem is that he doesn’t have her engagement ring. Add that to the fact that his girlfriend alibis him, we are now back at square one.

With Charlie’s ID on Sean they search his apartment to find the missing engagement ring. He looks as if he doesn’t know how it got there. Since they all ‘claim’ not to know how things get to places, it’s not looking good for Sean. Did he kill Ashley or did someone set him up to take the fall for another crime he didn’t commit? The defense attacks Fin thinking that he is trying to frame Sean.

During the trial, everything is going good until Charlie takes the stand. He makes it seem like Rollins coached him into identifying Sean. Melanie starts to second guess herself and is now going to throw a monkey wrench in Barba’s case. Barba knows that she is second guessing herself because she was wrong about Sean the first time. When she finally admits the truth, it forces Sean to admit that he did kill Ashley.

In the next episode, a man is accused of rape after lying to a woman about to get her in his bed.

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×1 recap – The Unit try and take down a big attack


It wouldn’t be a SVU finale if something jaw dropping didn’t happen. Two years ago, we said good-bye to Nick Amaro as he departed the show in order to go to California with his baby mama and his son. Last season, we met a new sergeant, had mixed feelings for him before falling in love with him, only to have him die in the season finale. While it probably won’t be a big issue for the squad, it’s inevitably going to affect them in some way. Especially with Dodds senior. We only got one crossover show with the Chicago PD and there is no word on whether or not we get another one this season. Odds are we will, and I certainly hope that they do. They are usually my favorite episodes of the season for both shows.

This season opens up with a doozy. The show titled, ‘Terrorized’, jumps right into the action. Benson is just hanging out at the park like any other day, until BAM. She is faced with a gun, literally in her face. The little devil that’s holding the gun has bigger secrets the more they investigate.

It starts like any other case. Kid has a gun. Kid’s parents are MIA. But each time Carisi and Rollins talk to someone, it leads them to think that there is a lot more to the story than what appears. When they investigate the boy’s father’s apartment, they find enough guns and explosives to start World War III. Carisi takes over this case and I love seeing him take charge. He is that little buck that believes that he can do anything and is not yet tainted by SVU.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Terrorized" Episode 1801 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mariska Hargitay as Lieutenant Olivia Benson, Peter Gallagher as Chief William Dodds -- (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC)

With it being the season opener, we are gifted a big show with a big shocking moment. This moment comes about half way through the show when there is a shootout at a park that leads to at least four dead including the shooter. But the interesting thing that happens is that the ‘girlfriend’ that he was with is saying that she was forced to go by her fiancé and her brother.

Don’t they all say that???

Since she screamed rape, that means that SVU, mainly Benson, goes knee deep into her allegations. While doing that, she finds out Luca’s brother has been attacking her for years. Of course this is bad news for Benson as Dodds is using this to continue his assault on her. It’s obvious that he’s still grieving his son’s death and maybe he should have taken some time off work because yelling at Benson and blaming her for everything is not going to solve anything.


This show makes me think of the Orlando shooting and I would be shocked if SVU doesn’t do something similar this season for this show. While what happened is sensitive and probably should be left alone, SVU has proven in the past that it’s not afraid to grab stories that are ripped from the headlines and test the boundaries. Another aspect I am sure they will cover is all the shootings involving race and cop shootings. There are so many of them that it would be weird if they didn’t.

Dodds senior is still grieving over the loss of his son and does nothing to hide it. His hair is noticeably grayer and I am curious if that was a conscious thing (to show how stressed he is) or if it’s a coincidence. Either way, he is extra short with Benson and it’s definitely going to come to blows at some point this season. He blames her for his son’s death and while he knows deep down that it’s not her fault, it’s just easier to blame her.

In the next episode, Vice President Joe Biden guest stars as the unit let a falsely accused rapist go only to investigate him for another rape.

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