‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×15 – The unit try and help an undercover mother find her missing daughter

svu 16_15_1

In the last episode, there is a gang of people who are bringing a video game to real life and the unit must race against time to find them before they kill again.

In this week’s show, titled “Undercover Mother”, a mother takes the law in her own hands as she goes undercover to try and find her daughter who was kidnapped.

The unit is trying to take down a prostitution ring but they quickly find out that there is more to the story then on the surface. They know the handler and the woman, Martha (Lily Taylor, Hemlock Grove) running the ring is doing her under cover work.

Barba is less then enthusiastic about Martha’s methods of trying to find her daughter and wants to arrest her. She fights so that she can stay in the game. Benson understanding that mother need she works her magic and is able to continue on with the case.

Meanwhile, the rest of the unit work the case by talking to the other girls that were brought to the ‘party’ and they get a lead to work.

svu 16_15_2

They don’t get the person moving the girls but the house that is responsible for bringing them in. First step on the road to justice.

The unit goes undercover to try and save Martha’s daughter and take down this ring. Benson tries to get Martha to calm down but she knows that if the situation was in reverse, she would do the same thing.

At the party, things get hairy, as a new pimp, Bishop, shows up and causes problems. And lo and behold ‘Bishop’ is really Declan Murphy (Donal Logue, Gotham) as he returns to the show working the ring. He tells them that Ariel is to far gone to be saved but little does he know that’s not going to stop Benson from finding her. She keeps her promises no matter what.

At the end of the show, Melinda comes in and drops the bomb on Benson’s life. She says that Johnny D (from the same case) is Noah’s father.

svu 16_15_3

With Benson now being a mother, she can understand what this woman went/is going through. She understands that need to want to find their child no matter what the risks are (including going to jail). Guest stat Lily Taylor was the glue for the show as you feel for her and want so desperately for her to find her daughter through the whole show.

We get a surprise guest star with Donal Logue as he returns as Detective Murphy. It looks like he was also working trying to take down the ring and just so happens to come across SVU as they work the case.

Carisi still has a lot of prove to the unit (especially Amaro and Fin) as they think that he shouldn’t be there.

In the next episode, a woman is accused of killing her much older husband by his kids.

What did you think of the show?