‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×8 recap – a child goes missing and a neglectful mother is the one to blame


In this episode, titled ‘Chasing Theo’, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party. In the last episode, we follow a young woman who gets raped by someone she thinks has been stalking her since college, but finds that it’s bigger than that when she discovers that the person she trusted may be the one that hurt her.

Every one of these shows has a ‘theme’ that they try to show on both sides of the fences (usually it involves Benson). In this one, it involves neglect and how you have to pay attention to your kids because accidents will happen if you don’t. Nadine (Rochelle Lefevre, Twilight) lives the high life and is one of those people that think ‘nothing bad can happen to me’ until it acutally does. And it does, three minutes into the episode as her son, Theo goes missing after she has a little party involving drugs, alcohol and probably sex.


The nanny, Gloria, doesn’t trust Nadine and her ‘friends’ and we all know that it could be anyone that was there but without her knowing who was actually there, it’s going to be hard for them to try and find suspects. Turns out that she is just playing everyone involved. She didn’t like Nadine’s lifestyle so she has her brother kidnap Theo and they go on the run.

The two mother hens of the squad, Benson and Rollins, have a hard time accepting the fact that Nadine would have a party when her son was sleeping in the next room. It’s hard for them to keep their emotions out when it comes to her.

On a personal note, there is tension between Tucker and Benson as he tries to get Benson to open up to the idea of retirement, especially considering she shot someone in the last episode. Benson, like always, avoids the conversation and pretends everything is ok. In end, Benson finally steps up and breaks things off with Tucker knowing that she needs to be focused on Noah.

In the next episode, a billionaire is accused (though he openly admits it) of drugging women and having sex with them while they are unconscious.

What did you think of the show?