Review: Denver fights for ever lasting love in ‘One Last Wish’ by Aurora Rose Reynolds

one last wish

Format: e-book, paperback
Format read: e-book
Series: book 3 of Shooting Stars series
Rating: Language, sexual content
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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In the final book for the Shooting Stars series, we follow Zach’s daughter Shelby as she finds her way back to Denver, but he sees that it’s not an easy road as she is still holding on to her husband who recently died.

I am a sucker for a book that has young children. Denver helped raise Shelby’s daughter and if you weren’t swooning before you see them together you certainly will after. There are times when I got a little annoyed with how pushy he is but then I remind myself, Reynold’s loves her alpha males.

The story is short and to the point, but that is something that is expected from Reynold’s books. I still like that I can read them in 1-2 settings because it’s a nice break from the longer books that I have been reading. It’s a sweet story about never giving up on what you want and how sweet it is to be with the person that you are meant for.

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Author Bio
Aurora Rose
Reynolds is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling
author whose wildly popular series include Until, Until Him, Until Her,
Underground Kings and Shooting Stars.
Her writing
career started in an attempt to get the outrageously alpha men who resided in
her head to leave her alone and has blossomed into an opportunity to share her
stories with readers all over the world.
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