Review: ‘Silent Waters’ by Brittainy Cherry – story about how silence can speak more than words


Format: e-book, paperback
Format read: e-book on Kindle Unlimited
Series: stand-alone
Rating: 15+ sensual content, language
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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All I could think about when I was reading throughout most of this story was the song of ‘Sound of Silence’. I think that the song speaks volumes to what the story tries to cover just how important it is to listen to not only what people are saying but what people are doing. Maggie experiences a horrific event that not only has scared her emotionally, but has stolen her voice. She struggles with trying to find her way back but only falls further and further down the rabbit hole.

Brooks is that typical 10 year old boy that doesn’t want to admit that he likes someone but he reluctantly lets Maggie in. When he does, he can’t let her go. He is riddled with guilt and it’s a part of why he feels connected to Maggie, but as time passes, he realize that it’s not guilt that keeps him there. It’s because she knows him better than anybody else and he can’t let that go.

As time passes, Brooks goes on with his life but he can’t let Maggie go. Maggie tries to live her life as best she can but can’t because she feels guilty for holding her family back.

I love the many many many references that Cherry makes about books in this book. I am an avid reader, like Maggie was in this book, and I loved the many things that she wrote about the love Maggie had with books. The many different universes that she traveled to with each book. It’s her love of books that brings Brooks to her and its her love of books that brings them together. Books are not only a way to escape the stresses of everyday life but also to show us how it can shape us if we let it.

The author’s note is what skyrocketed my love for this book. To know that the author went through something similar to this (the not talking part) speaks volumes (pun intended) for the story. You can feel the pain that comes with not talking and how much it can hurt those that are in their lives.

Rating: A

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