Book Review – “Sweet Evil” by Wendy Higgins – a good start for a potentially good series

sweet evil

Format: ebook, paperback

Series: book of 1 of 3 of Sweet trilogy

Rating: 14+ for language, sensual content

Genre: Young Adult

Goodreads page:

In this new series, we follow 16 year old Anna who meets Kaiden (the drummer of a local band) and finds that he holds the answers to the questions that she’s had since she was born. She dives into the world of demons, angels, and Nephilim and quickly sees that she is caught in the crossfire as she is tugged to be good and bad.

Like with many new stories, it is a bit slow to start at the beginning, but it picks up in the middle and doesn’t slow down until the end. The plot is very interesting and Higgins does a great job at explaining the world of Demons and how Dukes work with the seven deadly sins. I like the analogies with religion and God and how it entwines with the story.

I had some problems with Anna’s character. She is a little too trusting for my taste. The second that she meets Kaiden she’s not only attracted to him, but trusts him completely. Considering that he’s working for the demons, you would think she would have been more skeptical. And when she meets her father in prison instead of being angry for not having in her life for 16 years, she just loves him immediately and trusts him blindly.

Also, I didn’t like the fact that once Anna learned about her past, Jay and Veronica basically become nonexistent. They are in a few scenes throughout the rest of the book, but it felt forced. You would think that they would hang out more or that Jay and Veronica would be questioning why Anna is changing so drastically so suddenly.

And of course what would a book about an imminent war be without a little bit of romance. Kaiden (who is the son of Lust ironically enough) falls for Anna and it’s hard for him to admit it because of who is father is. It’s that classic forbidden romance that you can’t help but root for because as much as you don’t want to like Kaiden, you can’t help but love him.

This is a great start to a new series that will have you wondering what is going to happen from moment to moment. It’s got a few bumps that need to get ironed out, but if Higgins can do this in the next two books, this could be the makings of a beautiful series.

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