Book review – “Mended” by Sydney Landon – Lucia and Lia get the ending that they deserve

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 3 of 3 in the Lucian and Lia series
Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In the final book of the trilogy, we meet back up with Lucian as he tries to win the effects of Lia as they try and work through the demons of his past.

Comparing this book to the other two books, this one is a bit more laxed in the drama department. And I for one am happy about that. The first two books were so jammed pack with crazy events one after another, it’s a nice change of pace. We get to see the sweeter side of Lucian as he finally lets Lia in and is certainly going to vying for your hearts for your ‘book boyfriend’.

Lia really comes into her own in this story as she has to not only accept Lucian and his past but deal with the fact that her father wants back in her life. Plus her and Lucian find out whether or not they are going to have a baby. (Spoiler alert, but not really) she is pregnant. You probably were able to figure that out based on history of these kinds of books, but it is still a nice experience to watch and Lucian adjust to being parents.

Landon is able to set up the next two spin-off books for this series, one for Rose and one for Aiden. It was prominent enough so that when you read those you can pick up right where the book left off, but not so much that it stole focus from Lucia and Lia.

The ending was predictable, but not at the same time. You get the sense that something bad is going to happen at the hands of Cassie. I guess you can say ‘spoiler alert’ to that. But you probably already had guessed based on the emphasis that the book had on Cassie possibly having sleepovers out of the clinic. But that is probably the only part you will get. There is a whole other element to the ending that you will probably not guess. And it’s amazing.

The story has that nice bow-tie ending with no major cliffhangers or bad hangups to make you angry at the author. You can rest assure that Lia and Lucian get their happy ever after that they both desperately needed.

Rating: B

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Top 5 books coming out in May

book lists


#5 – Mended by Sydney Landon
Out: 5/28

This book was supposed to come out late in April, but got delayed until the end of May. This date is still considered ‘tentative’ but the author seems pretty confident that it will come out at the end of the month.

We will finally get to find out if Lia and Lucian will get their happy ever after that they’ve been working so hard towards.

beautiful sacrifice
#4 – Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire
Out: 5/31

In the third book of the series, we follow Taylor as he Falyn and he has to prove to this lost woman that he’s better then his reputation. Once again McGuire captures another male hotness job as Taylor is a fireman and you know that the pages are going to be burning up with Taylor and Falyn’s relationship.

nothing but shadows

#3- Nothing but Shadows by Cassandra Clare
Out: 5/19

In the 4th installment of The Shadowhunter Academy, Simon tries to figure out the truth behind James Herondale and Matthew Fairchild and how they became friends and parabatai. The story is really starting to form as Simon comes to grips with being a Shadowhunter.

nowhere but here

#2 – Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry
Out: 5/26

As we know, Katie McGarry has a beautiful way of capturing the struggles that someone goes through in life. We follow Emily as she meets the extreme bad boy Oz who is part of a motorcycle club. As Emily and Oz get closer, she finds herself emerged in a new world as Oz learns that there is more to the world then what he knows.

never never 2

#1- Never, Never pt 2 by Colleen Hoover
Out: 5/17

We get to the conclusion of the story that caused a lot of fans to go WTF after reading the first part. Charlie and Silas try and figure out how and why they lost their memories. Hopefully this part gives us more answers then questions and there isn’t a surprise part 3.

What book are you most excited to read this month?

Top 5 books coming out in April

april books


#5 – Diamonds by KA Linde
Out: 4/21

In the first book in the series by Linde (she just finished her On the Record series last year), we follow Bryna as she begins an illicit affair with someone who is 10 years older then her 17 year old self. This book is going to push the boundaries of the whole forbidden love thing that is going on. Linde showed in her first series that she can create dynamic and complex characters and doesn’t shy away from topics that someone else might want to talk about.

remedy cover
# 4- The Remedy by Suzanne Young
Out: 4/21

In the prequel to The Program series as we follow Quinn as she grows up and learns how to become the person that we see in The Program. This is before the epidemic starts so we get to see the beginning of the epidemic and how scared everyone probably was at the beginning.

until july

#3- Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Out: 4/13

In the first book in the spin-off series of her Until series, we follow Asher and November’s oldest daughter, July, as she meets her BOOM in Wes. Anyone who knows Asher is going to know that he’s not going to let this happen sitting down and doesn’t care that Wes is her BOOM. He wants her to be safe but little does he know that Wes is the perfect guy for July in the best ways.


#2 – Mended by Sydney Landon
Out: 4/20

In the final book of the trilogy, Lucian and Lia have to come to terms with her pregnancy and how they are going to handle it. Lucian and Lia have come a long way since the first book and we will finally get to see what happens to them and to answer the biggest question of all: Does Lucian have the strength to be the man that Lia needs or will he succumb to his weakness and lose her?

whitechapel fiend

#1- The Whitechapel Fiend by Cassandra Clare
Out: 4/21

In the third part of the novella series, Simon continues his training at the Shadow Hunter Academy and the stakes are higher then they’ve been before. Simon learns the truth behind the Jack the Ripper murders and he starts to see the results of his decision to join the Academy.

What book are you most excited to read this month?

Top 10 books coming out in 2015


#10. Mended by Sydney Landon
Out: 4/20

This is the final book in a trilogy that you should be reading, especially if you are a fan of the Crossfire series. We will get to see if Lucia and Lia are able to overcome the demons and the ghosts from their past and be able to find happiness in each other. Thankfully the fans won’t have to wait to long to get to the end of the story and you know it’s goign to be a bumpy ride there.

the infinate sea cover

#9. Fifth Wave book 3 by Rick Yancey
Out: Aug. 2015

It is the conclusion to a trilogy that is slowly but surely grabbing a lot of fan’s attention. The fact that it’s going to be made into a movie is only going to get more people’s attention. We will get to see what happens with the invasion and whether or not Cassie is able to make it out alive.


#8. Thoughtless #4 by S.C. Stephens
Out: Nov. 2015

This was a pleasant surprise for the Thoughtless fans. Not only do we get another book in the series, but we get to read about Griffin and presumably Anna. There isn’t much details about this book but whatever it is about, it’s going to be the book to get.

fall with me

#7. Fall with Me by J. Lynn
Out: 3/31

We first meet Roxy and Reese in the last book and it was hard to not notice the connection that they had even through someone else’s eyes. This book looks like it will have the thrilling aspect that the last book had and that is only going to be more enticing as we read about Roxy and Reese.

the young elites

#6. The Rose Society by Marie Lu
Out: 10/6

This new series by Marie Lu is quickly shaping up to be the series that you should be reading. The first one was a riveting tale and left us wanting more. The story should expand in the second book in the series as more secrets and twists are revealed. Lu has proven that she is able to grab you and not let go until the final chapter of the story.


#5. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
Out: Sept. 2015

Ever since Clare announced that she is going to be writing a sequel trilogy for after The Mortal Instruments, fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the first book. Unfortunately it’s not until towards the end of the year, but that gives you plenty of time to re-read the series if you want to.


#4. Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens
Out: 2/24

This was a pleasant surprise that Stephens have offered hew fans of the series. Kellan is one of the most popular book ‘boyfriends’ and to get to read his side of how he fell in love with Kiera is perfect. We get to understand his side of the story and get to fall in love with him all over again. Not a bad way to spend your weekend.

never never

#3. Never, Never by Colleen Hoover
Out: 1/11

Colleen Hoover is very clever and creative at creating different kinds of characters that we haven’t read about before. She is able to incorporate music into almost all her stories and make it like a 3rd main character in it. This story will probably fall along the same lines as the last few of her stories. It looks like it’s going to be filled with angst and longing and a twist that we will be trying to figure out through the whole story.

the darkest minds

#2. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
Out: Fall 2015

This story is perhaps the most intriguing story that is going to come out next year. Bracken is beginning a new series after The Darkest Minds trilogy ended last year and it’s going to deal with time traveling. This is not something that is done often and it’s going to be interesting to see how she is able to get it straight without confusing the reader. Either way, it’s going to be one of the top books that you will need to look out for this year because it’s going to be wild ride with twists and turns that you won’t want to miss out on.

crossfire series

#1. One With You by Sylvia Day
Out: 2015

This is meant to be the final book in the Crossfire series and it should be a doozy. Gideon and Eva have been challenged in ways that they haven’t been before and their relationship is constantly put to the test. Will they ever get to a place that they can have their happy ever after or are their broken selves too much to overcome?

What book are you most excited to read this year?


Book review: “Fractured” by Sydney Landon – Lucian faces his toughest test while Lia fights for her life

Format: ebook
Series: book 2 of 3 The Lucian & Lia trilogy
Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content, dark themes
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In the second book in the series, Lucian and Lia deal with the aftermath of what happened at the end of the last book. The closer that they get the more Lia sees that Lucian has secrets and if they stand a chance for a future they need to confront their pasts.

The book is just as exciting and enticing as the first one was. Lucian knows that he needs to be the man that Lia deserves but he struggles to do that. We dive deeper into Lucian’s past as we start to see what happened that night with Cassie.

Lia has been to Hell and back and needs Lucian now more then ever, but she sees that they can never have a future if he won’t talk about his past. Lia has to learn to try and recover from what happened to her and we see just how strong her will is.

Landon captures right from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the very end. It’s a rollercoaster ride that you never want to get off of. Thankfully the cliffhanger is not as huge as the last one but it does make you excited and anxious for the next book.

In this book, we meet Lia’s father, Lee, and we start to learn the truth about what happened with him and her mother. It is a bit weird jumping into his mind for a chapter and while it was interesting to get his insight. I think it would be better to have been better without. Leave us wondering why he came back into Lia’s life.

If you are not reading this series, you really should be. It’s perfect for fans of the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day or anyone loving romance novels.

Rating: B

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Mended (4/20/2015)

Book of the Week – “Fractured” by Sydney Landon


The first book left fans wanting more and that’s the way to kick off a new series. Lia and Lucian will have to try and move on from what happened in the first book. Lucian fell in love despite trying everything in his power to not do that but it might be to much for Lia. It should be another roller coaster ride as the first one was and another one that you can’t put down.

Will you be buying Fractured?

Top 5 books to read this month

becoming us

#5 – Becoming Us by Allie Everhart
Out: 12/12

In the final book in the Jade series, Garrett is going to be searching for Jade (who got kidnapped at the end of the last book) while trying to figure out what the organization wants from him. This is going to have a lot of drama and a bit of a thrilling mix as Garrett will stop at nothing to get Jade back. Should be interesting to see how things unfold in this final book and see if Garrett and Jade can get their happy ever after.


#4 –  Fractured by Sydney Landon
Out: 12/20

The first book left fans wanting more and that’s the way to kick off a new series. Lia and Lucian will have to try and move on from what happened in the first book. Lucian fell in love despite trying everything in his power to not do that but it might be to much for Lia. It should be another roller coaster ride as the first one was and another one that you can’t put down.

forever with me

#3 – Forever with Me by Kristen Proby
Out: 12/2
In this book, we follow Domenic the love child of the patriarch of the family as he embarks on his love affair. He was introduced about half way through the series and quickly became a fan favorite as he had all that romantic qualities that we love to read in a leading male.

Wicked AmazonGRSW

#2- Wicked by Jennifer Armentrout
Out: 12/9
In the first book in this new series by Armentrout, we get a mix of thrilling, romance, and supernatural as the lead characters try and understand the magic of New Orleans. Ivy and Ren are going to be our two leads in this story as they try and figure out the murders that is going on in the city. No doubt that that characters are going to be fun to watch as Armentrout is amazing at creating dynamic and fun characters and make a story that readers just can’t put down.

breaking the rules

#1- Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry
Out: 12/9
This book is falling between the first and second book. We get to see that road trip that Noah and Echo talked about in the second book. This is going to be a great addition to the series as we finally see the part of their relationship that puts the nail in solidifying their relationship. Expect a lot of antics and fun times for these two and the moment that will make you fall more in love with them.