Review: ‘Lady Midnight’ by Cassandra Clare – Emma and Julian have to fight against a new threat

lady midnight

Format: e-book, paperback, hard cover
Format read: e-book
Series: book 1 of The Dark Artifices series
Rating: 14+ sensual content, graphic scenes
Genre: Young Adult
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Before we get started with this, just want to give fair warning. There are minor spoilers for the series but if you have read all the books, then it won’t be. The things I hint at are fairly obvious (especially if you read The Shadowhunter Academy and City of Heavenly Fire). With that said, let’s dive in.
The world of Shadowhunters is not yet over and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be over for a long time. In the first book of the spin-off series, The Dark Artifices, we follow the story of two characters that we met at the end of the sixth Mortal Instruments book, Julian and Emma. At the time they were 12 years old, but you could already see a budding story forming between the two of them.

Flash foward seven years. The pair are now 19 years old and in charge of running the Institute. Julian has more responsibility then a young man should have had and the pressure weighs heavily on him. He counts on Emma, his parabatai, to help alleviate some of the pressure, but as a new threat introduces itself, he finds that being around Emma only makes it worse.

The Shadowhunters growing up basically reciting, The Law is tough, but it is the Law. The hardest rule that he has had to follow is not falling in love with his parabatai. Being a Shadowhunter fan, I knew this rule since the beginning of the series but I could never fully understand why. Why does it matter if you romantically love them? Wouldn’t that make you better, stronger? This book finally dives into the problems that stem from falling in love with your parabatai as it looks like it’s the center of the new threat.

Julian Blackthorn is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the series. I relate to him on a lot of levels (in regards to having to grow up before being ready and being the one that has to be strong for everyone, despite). Julian is a romantic at heart but struggles with his feelings for Emma while trying to do right by his family. Emma causes him to be reckless and I love to see those moments that he throws caution to the wind and acts like a teenager. Young love gives hope and them together brings a lot of hope (along with heartbreak) with it.

Of course it wouldn’t be an epic story without an epic love story. And this one between Emma and Julian? Yeah WAY more epic than Jace and Clary. Don’t get me wrong, they had a lot of obstacles and what not, but this whole thing with Emma and Julian, there are literally no words to describe how beautiful their love is. It’s what young love is supposed to give you, hope that the world is not as messed up as you know it to be. And that scene on the beach? The best scene between the two of them. When you read it, you will know why.
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Now it wouldn’t be a Shadowhunter series without something catastrophic about to happen. In this book, it involves a string of murders that are linked to Emma’s parents’ death. Of course, she is going to want to find out the truth and she quickly sees that it’s bigger than she imagined it. The plot is going to twist, people are going to get betrayed, lines will be crossed. The question will remain who will be there at the end and what side they are going to be on.

The ending? Oh my God. There are no words to describe the ending. And I’m not even talking about the climax. Oh no. I am talking about those three chapters after the ending. The part where all my hopes and dreams go right down the tubes and in a way that I just can’t swallow. I know that it’s going to be tough to come back from the ending and I just hope that when the whole series is done, that it turns out the way that I want it to.
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I love how in depth that this whole Shadowhunter story has become. There has been a lot of successful series that have come from the original Mortal Instruments. I thought when we got to City of Heavenly Fire we finally got to a place where we could be like ‘ok I’m good now’. But no, this book begins a whole new can of worms and I can’t wait to see where Clare takes us.

Clare’s world is often compared to the kind of world that JK Rowling created with Harry Potter. Unlike that world, she didn’t get the same kind of success with the movies, but she is finding success with the show Shadowhunters on ABC Freeform. For me, the stories are different but they are the same. They both involve so many different levels and while it is a story of fantasy and fiction, it is plausible enough to be true. For me, this is the perfect find of fantasy I like to read because when I want to escape, I want to escape into a world that CAN happen, not into a world that is nonexistent.

Rating: A

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Book of the Week – ‘Lady Midnight’ by Cassandra Clare

lady midnight

In the first book of a new spin-off from The Mortal Instruments, we move 5 years from where that series ended. This time we jump into the Blackthorn family and Julian and Emma. They have agreed to be parabatai even though Julian has had a crush on Emma their whole lives. They now go through training to be a Shadowhunter. When Julian’s brother, Mark, comes back from the faeries he has no memory of them and they have to decide if whether or not they can trust him.

This is one of the most anticipated books of the year (at least for me) ever since Clare announced that she was doing another spin-off series. I have gone back and forth with wanting to wait until the whole series is out before reading, but I don’t know if I have the willpower. The series are so in depth and the world is so consuming, that it’s hard to wait. This series is quickly becoming a world like Harry Potter where you want to jump into it and live there forever.

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Book review: “City of Heavenly Fire” by Cassandra Clare – epic conclusion that will leave the fans satisfied


Format: ebook, paperback, hardcover
Series: book 6 of 6 of The Mortal Instruments series
Rating: 14+ for language, sensual content, dark themes
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page:

In the final book in The Mortal Instruments series, the shadow hunters must come together to try and take down their greatest enemy yet, Sebastian, before he destroys everything that they hold dear.

Fans of the series, know that Cassandra Clare is not one to leave a stone unturned. In this conclusion, which stands 700+ pages, she is able to capture multiple points of views, making sure that the fans know everything that is going on. Writing the final book in a long series, or for any series for that matter, is very hard because you have the hard task of trying to satisfy every fan. This is virtually impossible so it’s best to do what deserves to be done and Clare did this for the story.

While she teased with the teaser cover that there would be a lot of deaths, you can rest assure, that while there is a lot of deaths, it’s not the number that you probably have in your head. And the ones who did lose their lives, they did it in honor and Clare was respectable in the manner in which they died.

What I enjoyed most about this story was how she was able to link her other book series into this one (The Bane Chronicles and The Infernal Devices) while also setting up her new series (The Dark Artifices) without it taking away from The Mortal Instruments series. If you haven’t read these series, it’s ok. You don’t need to to understand what’s going on. It’s just adds to your reading experience because when they make references to those stories, you know what they are talking about.

The Mortal Instruments series as a whole is a very complex series that has a lot of twists and turns, but is centered around Clary and Jace. So naturally, fans want to see these two grow as people and they certainly have changed a lot throughout the series. Their relationship matures and becomes it’s own in this story, but in regards to character development, one could argue that Alec and Magnus’s relationship had the most development. Magnus is a very old warlock set in his ways, but all that changes when he meets shy, timid Alec. Alec always felt he wasn’t good enough, always in the shadow of Jace but he really becomes his own when Magnus gives him the courage to be who he is.

The other main relationship Simon and Isabelle had their problems but in the end, Simon was able to break through Isabelle’s tough exterior. She never watned to fall in love because she thought it made her weak, but he made her see just how strong she was because of their love. It’s a beautiful relationship and perhaps the one that you are rooting for since book three.

This book will leave the fans of the series satisfied and complete with the series. While of course you want more, you can rest assure that we will probably see them again in the Dark Artifices so while their story may be over, we will get to see them again. It’s like saying good-bye to your friends from school knowing that it’s only a matter of time before we meet again.

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The Mortal Instruments series:

Book #1 – City of Bones
Book #2- City of Ashes
Book #3- City of Glass
Book #4- City of Fallen Angels
Book #5- City of Lost Souls
Book #6- City of Heavenly Fire

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Cassandra Clare announces book schedule

With the release of the final book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Heavenly Fire, set to come out next month, fans have been wondering what will be next for this author. Through her blog and Twitter page

As we know, she has already announced two new book series that she is working on, The Last Hours (the sequel to Infernal Devices) and Magisterium (she is co-writing this series with Holly Black about life outside the Shadow Hunter world.

The schedule, which can be seen below, starts after City of Heavenly Fire and brings us through 2020 with the schedule. By the looks of it, we can expect at least one new book from her a year. Also in the schedule, is the new Shadow Hunter series she is writing called The Wicked Powers. As of now, she has stated this will be the last Shadow Hunter series, but we know that she has changed her mind in the past.

Clare book schedule
Magisterium #1: The Iron Trial – September 9th 2014

The Dark Artifices #1: Lady Midnight – March 2015

Magisterium #2- 2015

The Dark Artifices #2: Prince of Shadows – 2016

The Last Hours #1 – Chain of Thorns late 2016/early 2017

Magisterium #3 – 2016

The Last Hours #2 – Chain of Gold 2018

Magisterium #4 – 2017

The Dark Artificies #3: The Queen of Air and Darkness – 2017

Magisterium #5 – 2018

The Last Hours #3: Chain of Iron – 2020

There is no schedule yet for The Wicked Powers as it has just been announced and considering the full load she has now, it’s understandable. Clare has stated that this series will follow the Blackthorn family (which is a family from The Dark Artifices) and take place three years after TDA ends.

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A new Shadowhunter trilogy to be released

Today, Cassandra Clare has announced through her Twitter page that she is working on a new trilogy for her Shadowhunter fans. This is good news for fans that have liked The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices as both series are either finished or will be finishing soon.

Clare Tweeted about the announcement of Walker Books buying the new series which was already rumored to be true on Goodreads.

The new trilogy, called The Last Hours, will follow Will’s and Tessa’s children, James and Lucie and a few others in 1903 as the fight against the demons in an Edwardian time. Clare explains that the inspirations for the new series comes from Charles Dickenson’s The Great Expectations.

Some other key points to pull from the posting is that there is going to be three books: Chain of Thorns, Chain of Gold, and Chain of Iron. She has no schedule set for the books, but considering that she has this much information set, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has at least a rough draft for Chain of Thorns done.

You can read the full excerpt, you can go here.

Clare has a busy schedule ahead of her. Including this new series, she will be releasing nine books in the next few years, which include the final book in The Mortal Instruments, City of Heavenly Fire, and introductions into three new series: Magisterium, The Last Hours, and The Dark ArtificesThe Iron Trial, the first book in the Magisterium series, is set to come out September 14th, while Chain of Thorns (first book in The Last Hours) and Lady Midnight (first book in The Dark Artifices) have a 2015 publication date.

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