Review – “The Giver” – dystopian film that makes you think about the importance of your life


Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Alexnder Skarsgard, Odeya Rush, Taylor Swift, Emma Tremblay
Director: Phillip Noyce
Rated: PG-13
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This movie is based on the story by Lois Lowry and it follows Jonas (Brenton Thwaites, Maleficent) who is chosen by an elderly man to learn that the world used to be filled with pain and pleasure before their world without war, pain, or suffering.

For fans of the book, you will notice that there was some changes. The biggest one being that they aged Jonas to 16 years old. There is a few reasons for this and probably did this because it helped move the story and presented a better one to watch.


The theme of the story is portrayed in a strong way. They focused on the importance of love and how love and faith give the people strength to do anything. Yes, there may be pain and war, but with that suffering there comes true happiness.

The movie was able to capture the importance of the story and adapted the film in an interesting way. The movie flowed really well and the change of adding a love interesting certainly made the story more interesting. It gave the audience something to root for as we hope that Jonas is able to return back to Fiona (Odeya Rush).

Brenton Thwaites and Jeff Bridges were certainly the best part of this movie. They worked great together on the screen and showed the importance of pain and the heartache in the world. Thwaites was able to capture that element of a curious boy who is challenging the system and wanting to know why the world works the way that it does.


Director Phillip Noyce choice of including real images to help promote the idea of happiness and suffering. It really helps pain the picture for Jonas about how the world is like today (or before his time). The idea that he works best is working the black and white into color. We don’t get to see the color until Jonas does and the imagery of introducing color into the movie is like introducing Jonas into the memories of the old world.

While the movie doesn’t have all that much action that some of the other other dystopian films do, it does do the book justice. The book doesn’t have all that much action to help give the movie that exciting element, but it’s certainly a movie that makes you think. It’s certainly not as powerful as The Hunger Games, but the story is certainly more interesting then Divergent.

Rating: C+

What do you think of the movie?

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Top 5 movies to see this August

#5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Starring: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner
Out: August 1st

In this reboot, we meet back up with the turtles as they once again try and take down Shredder. It looks like they are going for CGI looking turtles (that look a little freaky) but with Michael Bay as producer you know you will be in for an entertaining ride. The only question is will they capture what made them so popular in the 90’s and again in 2010’s or will they flop just like so many other reboots that were done?

#4 – Let’s Be Cops
Starring: Damon Wayans Jr., Jake Johnson, Nina Dobrev
Out: August 13th

Big comedic movie that will be the movie that you are going to want to watch with your friends this month. While the premise is a little ridiculous (two average joe’s just dressing up as cops and everyone believing that they are) it’s all apart of the comedy of the movie. Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson have great chemistry (for proof watch The New Girl) and you know that this movie will leave you crying in your seat from laughing so hard.

#3 – If I Stay
Starring: Chloe Grace Moretz, Mireille Enos, Liana Liberato
Out: August 22nd

This is a relatively short book from author by Gayle Forman but it took the world by storm, especially for e-book sales. The book has a strong message about life and death and living in the moment. Expect to shed some tears in this movie and be prepared for the ending that will surely rip your heart out (assuming of course they keep true to the book).

#2 – The Giver
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep
Out: August 15th

In the book by Lois Lowry from 1993 that was set in the future. It’s a complicated and complext kind of book that was meant for children, but ended up having people of all ages reading it. They have changed some things already about it (aging Jonas up and aging Rosemary down) but it should still make for an interesting movie especially because Meryl Streep is in it. Let’s face it. She doesn’t do bad movies.

Out: August 15th
#1 – Guardians of the Galaxy
Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista
Out: August 1st

Perhaps not just the top movie to see this month but perhaps the summer. It’s been a slow time at the box office and this movie will look to change that. It should have some big numbers as fans of the Marvel universe will surely give this movie a chance, especially considering there is nothing else coming out. Expect this movie to have all the classic elements of comedy, action, and drama and be a movie that should find it’s fan base rather easy.

First look at “The Giver” movie as the first trailer is released

The first trailer for the upcoming movie The Giver was released today. In this trailer, we get a first look at Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, and new comer Brenton Thwaites.

You can watch the trailer below.

This movie is being adapted by the book with the same title by Lois Lowry and is a favorite amongst the Young Adult fiction fans. Fans have already been getting excited by the adaptation based on the strong cast that they have put together. The trailer shows so far that it might do the book some justice, though, as we all know, it probably won’t be as good as the book.

The Giver is about a young man named Jonas (Thwaites) and how he’s chosen to learn about a world full of pain, suffering, and loss in a world where none of that exists.

The Giver stars Thwaites, Streep, Skarsgard, and Holmes and is set to come out August 15th.

What did you think of the trailer?