‘Star Wars’ set to become highest grossing film domestically

star wars

It has finally happened. The latest Star Wars movie has now topped the box office for the highest grossing film in America (not including inflation). The movie surpassed the total on Tuesday when it took in around $8 million on Tuesday. After the totals come in on Wednesday, Star Wars should overtake Avatar’s $760.5 million that it took in domestically.

The movie still has a long way to go to become the highest grossing film of all time. Avatar’s international box office is far ahead of Star Wars and they have a big uphill climb to reach that level. Avatar made over $2 billion worldwide giving the total box office of $2.7 billion. Star Wars currently has $799 internationally giving it a total box office of $1.5 billion. It’s going to take a continued effort by the fans to have the movie continue to do well, but it’s unlikely that it will top the box office.

J.J. Abrams and James Cameron are no strangers to big box office films, both having done so before. Cameron’s Titanic currently holds the number two spot (with inflation added) at the box office at $2.1 billion. This makes Cameron essentially the king of the box office because both of his movies sit at the top two spots of the box office. J.J. Abrams’s big break came when he did the competition, Star Trek movies, which took in $527.6 million between the two movies.

While Star Wars is unlikely to top Avatar for the top grossing movie of all time, it should continue to do well and perhaps pass Jurassic World on the list. World currently sits at $1.6 billion worldwide. The high rating movie is looking to set the standard for the next two episodes and other spin-off movies that have been planned by Disney and Lucasfilms.

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