Review: ‘Tuesday’ by EL Todd – Hawke and Frankie try to rekindle their magic


Format: e-book, paperback

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Series: book 2 of Timeless series

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language

Genre: Romance

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The first book could be considered the hot to this book’s cold. Because that’s basically what it is. It’s been two years since the first book and Frankie and Hawke are trying to get over their break up. But their life is no longer going to be apart as fate brings them together again. Their best friends, Marie and Axel are getting married and now they are forced to spend time with one another.

This is not the first book where a couple breaks up and finds their way back together. But this is one of the few books that has a realistic reunion. The way that things ended with Hawke and Frankie was heartbreakingly awful and I would have been mad and a little disappointed if they got back together within the first few chapters of the book. There are two parts of how I feel when I read books like this. One part is that I want them to get together quickly but that’s just not the reality of the situation. The best love stories are ones that you can relate to and see yourself in.

This book really has three stories in one. If you read the synopsis of the other books (like I guiltily did) then you know that not only does this include the main couple Hawke and Frankie but introduces us to the other couples in the books. We get our first look at the end result of Marie and Axel and then we see the third boy that is going to be in the series.

Back to the main story, in the first book the source of the problem was Hawke’s relationship with his mom and father. It is pretty nonexistent in this book but as the story progresses, you see droplets of that turmoil coming back into Hawke’s life. He really is trying to be the main that Frankie wants/deserves but we all know that it’s going to be a cold and hard day for them when his parents’ problems come back into his life.

Rating: B+

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About the Author:

Bestselling author, E. L. Todd, was raised in sunny California where she still lives today, claiming it’s the best place in the country. Easily hypothermic and hateful of the cold, she prefers to be warm all year round. She attended California State University, Stanislaus and received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, but still pursued her dream to be a writer. She’s written several novels and many series’, and her imagination can’t seem to stop. She tries to find the good in people and she exploits that in her writing, proving that people can make mistakes and rise above their past. Her hobbies include sunbathing, swimming, eating at Surf Taco in San Diego, reading, and learning everything she can about hippopotamuses’, her favorite creature. Her greatest dream is to make people forget about the harshness of reality and dive into a good story with lovable people. When fans tell her they love her work, it gives her the greatest sense of accomplishment.

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