‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×8 recap – a child goes missing and a neglectful mother is the one to blame


In this episode, titled ‘Chasing Theo’, a child is abducted when his mother has friends over for a drug induced party. In the last episode, we follow a young woman who gets raped by someone she thinks has been stalking her since college, but finds that it’s bigger than that when she discovers that the person she trusted may be the one that hurt her.

Every one of these shows has a ‘theme’ that they try to show on both sides of the fences (usually it involves Benson). In this one, it involves neglect and how you have to pay attention to your kids because accidents will happen if you don’t. Nadine (Rochelle Lefevre, Twilight) lives the high life and is one of those people that think ‘nothing bad can happen to me’ until it acutally does. And it does, three minutes into the episode as her son, Theo goes missing after she has a little party involving drugs, alcohol and probably sex.


The nanny, Gloria, doesn’t trust Nadine and her ‘friends’ and we all know that it could be anyone that was there but without her knowing who was actually there, it’s going to be hard for them to try and find suspects. Turns out that she is just playing everyone involved. She didn’t like Nadine’s lifestyle so she has her brother kidnap Theo and they go on the run.

The two mother hens of the squad, Benson and Rollins, have a hard time accepting the fact that Nadine would have a party when her son was sleeping in the next room. It’s hard for them to keep their emotions out when it comes to her.

On a personal note, there is tension between Tucker and Benson as he tries to get Benson to open up to the idea of retirement, especially considering she shot someone in the last episode. Benson, like always, avoids the conversation and pretends everything is ok. In end, Benson finally steps up and breaks things off with Tucker knowing that she needs to be focused on Noah.

In the next episode, a billionaire is accused (though he openly admits it) of drugging women and having sex with them while they are unconscious.

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‘Chicago PD’ 4×4 recap – Olinsky goes to great lengths to help his friend


In the last episode, the unit investigate a bag of drugs and a dead body that wash ashore in Chicago. Obviously where there are drugs, there is a drug lord. Voight thinks that he might be able to take down a big name until he throws his nephew under the bus to protect his name. In personal news, Halstead finally let’s go of the fight with Mouse and helps him re-enlist. Tay is returning back to her old precinct as Platt loses the battle. Which means that Burgess is going to be getting a new partner. The fourth in four seasons.

This week, Olinsky’s friend is in the hot seat in the show titled ‘Some Friend’. Burgess and her new partner, Sorensen, find a dead body in the basement of a baseball player whose father is friends with Olinsky. How far will he go to protect his friend? Will he pull a Voight and screw over justice in order to help him?

 Right out of the gate, Olinsky is having problems keeping his personal feelings out of it. And of course he uses Voight’s past to help push his own agenda. His history with Jake, Billy Burke (Twilight series) goes deep and he’s going to stop at nothing to prove his friend’s innocence. 

Jake was friends with the victim and tried to help her get away from her pimp. When the boss lady comes in, she kicks Olinsky off the case which means he’s gonna take matters in his own hands. 


When they find Jake’s personal items, they find video files on his laptop that are of him talking to the girls trying to help them. It helps lead them to her pimp, Saint. But he’s not the killer. No turns out it was Jake. He found her stealing from him and he snapped.

Burgess’s new partner is one of those people who try to hard. He doesn’t mind that Burgess takes the lead and he loves to suck up to Platt. Hopefully she can keep personal feelings out of this one. Maybe date someone who is not a cop. 

Their first case (that we see of them together) has them hunting down a sandwich thief. This is mainly because Platt wanted lunch. But they find that the woman responsible was a cop. 

In non case news, but very important, someone sends Lindsey flowers and Halstead is not at all happy about it. Whoever sent it, it’s gonna cause a wrinkle in Halstead’s plan, unless of course he’s playing her. Wouldn’t put that past him. But it gets weirder when she gets random call from a number from Kansas. Could it be possible that it was her father?

Next week, we get the Fall finale and a 2-hour special as someone is targeting the CPD and they try and find the person responsible before it’s too late

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“Allegiant” book to be adapted into two films

Today, Summit has announced that the third book in the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant, will be split into two movies.

With the success that Divergent has been seeing so far in the theaters (per Box office Mojo, it has so far brought in $139 million worldwide, $116 million of which is domestic), Summit has decided to follow suit to every other successful adaptation and split it into two movies.

Allegiant will follow suit that Warner Brothers did with the last Harry Potter book and splitting it into two movies. Other movies to have followed this trend is Breaking Dawn (last of Twilight series) and Mockingjay (the last of Hunger Games trilogy).

Fans have taken to Twitter in reaction to the announcement. Some are happy about it, but most are not, especially since Allegiant was poorly received by the fans when it was released last October. Perhaps the only movie that fans were ok with the split was the Deathly Hallows. Both Breaking Dawn and Mockingjay got overall poor reception from the fans initially.

The schedule seems to follow what The Hunger Games has done with the last three movies and have one come out each year. Insurgent is set to release in March 2015 with the first part of Allegiant to come out March 2016 and the second part to come out March 2017.

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“Divergent” beats out “Muppets” with a solid opening weekend


In a relatively slow weekend at the box office, there were three movies that were able to premiere in the top five.

The biggest movie to come out this weekend is Divergent and it opened to an estimated $56 million. The movie was able to get a 40% approval by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes but a solid 81% from the fans. While the movie didn’t premiere as high as The Hunger Games or any Twilight movie has done, it has premiered better then other Young Adult Fiction adaptations of late. Considering the next two movies have been green lit, it’s likely that this movie will hit it’s target at the box office (somewhere around $200 million total box office).

The Muppets: Most Wanted was the other big movie to premiere this weekend, but premiered with a disappointing box office. The movie was only able to bring in an estimated $16.5 million despite getting a 77% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. What’s going to help this movie is that it’s the only family-friendly movie coming out for a little while, so it should do ok at the box office.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman drops down in the box office bringing in an estimated $11.7 million. The movie has gotten good reviews, but still hasn’t gotten the numbers as was expected.

For the rest of the box office, 300: Rise of an Empire took in an estimated $8.6 million and new movie God’s Not Dead premiered with an estimated $8.5 million.

For the complete list of the box office, you can go here.

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