Book review – “Shattered Ties” by K.A. Robinson – rushed love story of people from two different worlds

shattered ties

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 1 of 2 Shattered Ties series
Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content
Genre: New Adult
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The story follows Emma, a 17 year old girl who has the world at her feet, and Jesse, a poor boy from the trailer park, and how they meet and fall in love.

While on the surface, Emma looks like she has it all, but as the story dives deeper into these characters we see that she doesn’t. Her father is away most of the time and her mother wants her to be stuck up just like her. Of course, Emma knows that it’s bad to look down on people and even more so when she falls in love with Jesse.

Jesse has only had one parent in his life, his mother, and helps her trying to make ends meet but his life gets turned upside down when he gets a scholarship to the prep school and falls in love with Emma.

While Jesse and Emma have a very emotional and love filled relationship, they have many insecurities. Emma tries her hardest to make Jesse see that she loves him for who he is, but Jesse is convinced that she is too good for him and having people look down on you your whole life can do that to you.

The relationship between Jesse and Emma felt really rushed a little bit forced. Jesse had a problem with Emma initially when meeting her (after keeping their first encounter where she called him trash when they were 6 with him for 10+ years) you would think that he would be reluctant to let her in. But no, he just lets her in and falls for her with no questions asked. It didn’t seem realistic that he would just be ok with the fact that she had once called him trash despite how nice she is being now.

There is something extremely off with Jesse’s friends Andy and Ally. This may be Robinson’s goal as to show the positives and negatives that could happen to someone who lives in the kind of neighborhood that they live in. Jesse turned out ok in his life but Andy and Ally struggle to be on the right side. No doubt that they will come back in the next book with a vengeance and cause all kinds of problems for Emma and Jesse.

Some good news is that the book does not end in a cliffhanger, but it does end in a way that makes you want to just jump right into the next book. You get an epilogue that occurs two years after the events at the end of the book as you try and figure out what’s going to happen next. It has the same effect as a cliffhanger does but without so much of the anger that comes with it.

Overall, this is a nice quick read perfect for a stormy day, just don’t expect the story  to grab you and have any kind of strong hold on you past the read.

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