Review: ‘Unlawful Justice’ by KC Lynn and K. Langston – a book that talks about the issues that we still face today

unlawful justice

Format: e-book, paperback
Format read: e-book
Series: stand-alone
Rating: 18+ language, themes, sexual content
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
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In this book, we follow Grayson Taylor who takes on a case that involves a hate crime but things escalate fast when the woman that he loves becomes involved and he has to try and work the case and keep his personal feelings out of it.

**Before we get started, I don’t completely state spoilers, but I do hint at some, so be aware**

There is just something about a man in uniform that automatically makes him a 5, just to start off. Add to the fact that he is good looking and is a great man to the female lead? Yeah you can just move him right to book boyfriend material. Grayson Taylor is the hero of the story and while he may fail to save Olivia, he is able to save her from the hate before it festers and controls the town.

Olivia Bradshaw becomes a victim of a hate crime because of a misunderstanding that takes place at the beginning of the book. What happens to her is hard to read, so if you get squeamish over violent crimes, then you might want to move past it. But, if you are able to read it, it shows you how quickly things can escalate and how hate is contagious. The way she is able to forgive and takes more strength then to fall victim to revenge.

This is book by no means one of those political books that will one day end up in an English class in high school, but this book does speak to the issues that we face today. It talks about how deep racism is in the world and how quickly hate can spread. The book very much reminded me of the book A Time to Kill by John Grisham. There are similarities between both stories and they both show how dangerous hate can be.

While this may not be my favorite book by these authors, it was a good book to read. I loved the point that they were trying to make and I loved how they showed that love can heal wounds if you let it.

Rating: B-

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