Aurora Rose Reynolds announces new book in “Until” series

Fans of the Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds rejoice. There is another book coming out for the Until series. Ms. Reynolds announced it on her Facebook page this morning.

All we know about the book is that we are going to get to see July (November and Asher’s oldest daughter) meet her ‘Boom’ in bike Wes Silver and how they meet (she tasers him, which is certainly a way to leave an impression).

Reynolds had hinted at it in Until Nico and then talked about it on Facebook, but now we get the final word. There is more books to come.

The official blurb hasn’t been released yet but is set to come out in 2015. You can keep up to date to news on the book by adding it to your Goodreads shelf.

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Book review: “Until Nico” by Aurora Rose Reynolds – Reynolds finishes series strong with this book


Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 4 of Until series
Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In what looks like the final book in the Until series, we follow the youngest of the Mayson boys, Nico, as he meets his ‘boom’ Sophie who is the last person in the world that he thought he would fall in love with.

Nico is not like his brothers in a lot of ways. He likes to do things that his brothers don’t as is evident that he doesn’t work construction with them but is rather a bounty hunter. But when he meets Sophie, things change and he finds that the job is not as appealing as it once was.

Sophie works as the school librarian and just tries to keep to herself (kind of familiar with the last two ‘booms’ from the last stories) but she comes out of her shell when she meets Nico. While they meet under normal circumstances, they both fall hard and fast in love and begin their path together.

Having a job that Nico does, you know that there are going to be dangers that lurk. He is going to upset some people and while that is evident throughout the book, you really have no idea who it is. When you finally get to see whose been stalking Sophie, we get yet another surprise twist into the series. While the scene unfolded like a scene from a soap opera, it was still fun to read.

This book is by far the most interesting story in the series. Nico is a fun character to read and how he interacts with Sophie is funny. The grammar is by far the best in this series where there is only a handful of them and not so many run on paragraphs. What separates this story from the other three is that this story has the guilty pleasure that many of the female audience like to read about. How the bad boy goes soft when he falls in love. This book will appeal to a more broader audience and pull more people into reading these books.

Like the other three books in the series, this is a good book to read while you are on vacation this summer. It’s a quick read that you could probably finish in a day at the beach and it will keep you interested from start to beginning.

The Until series:
Book #1 – Until November
Book #2 – Until Trevor
Book #3 – Until Lilly
Book #4 – Until Nico

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Book of the week – “Until Nico” by Aurora Rose Reynolds


In the next book in the Until series, we follow Nico and Sophia and their story to try and overcome each of their demons and their low self-esteem and try and use their love to try and heal their broken souls.

The Until series has proved to very intense and deals with very complicated couples who use each other to heal. This book is going to be exciting to read as Nico is the bad boy that is covered in tattoos who doesn’t think that he’s good enough for the girl, Sophia, but he’s scared that who he really is, is going to scare off Sophia. We’ve all had those moments when we don’t feel like we are not good enough for something but sometimes we deserve more then what we think.

Until Nico is available for e-book and paperback and can be purchased for your Kindle and Nook. You can add Until Nico to your Goodreads shelf by going here.

Book review – “Until November” by Aurora Rose Reynolds – a good idea but didn’t pay enough time on developing story


Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 1 of Until series
Rating: 18+ language, sexual content
Genre: Romance/New Adult
Goodreads page:

The book follows November as she moves down to Tennessee to move in with her father after she gets attacked in New York. She quickly meets Asher and they hit it off immediately. Her happy ever after gets challenged as ghosts from her past follow her and threaten everything that she’s building.

Asher knows that she is the girl for him and he is determined to do anything in his power to make her see that. She has had a rough childhood, believing htat she wasn’t beautiful and not worthy and Asher breaks down those walls and makes her feel those things for the first time in her life.

For the story, the idea was there, but Reynolds didn’t develop it enough. She spent to much at having moments between Asher and November that it got a little redundant. It also didn’t make sense that they would just fall in love so quickly with one another without really knowing each other. While Reynolds sort of defended Asher’s side with the ‘Mayson curse’ but for November, it would have made more sense for her to be more standoffish considering what she grew up with.

Reynolds sped through the main story line and it was almost forgotten until the end of the book. What would have helped the book if November continued to get letters throughout the book rather then just at the beginning and then just at the end.

One big flaw with the story that stuck out the most to me was the grammatical errors and there is quite a bit. I don’t know if they transfer to the paperback version, but the e-book version there were a lot. And they were small ones that should have been picked up, such as spelling.

I really enjoyed reading about Asher and Reynold and their relationship, but it felt too rushed. Like Reynolds had all these ideas that she wanted for their relationship and tried to cram them all in the 300+ pages. She could have cut out some of the one-on-one scenes and added more of her stalker problem. That would have certainly helped with the story.

Overall, it has all the bones for a good story but the grammatical errors and rushed storyline took away from the story. Hopefully she fixes these mistakes in the upcoming books in the series.

There are three more books in the series that have been announced. The order reads Until Trevor, Until Lilly, and Until Nico. The first two books are available now with Until Nico having a schedule June 2014 released date.

Reynolds has announced a new series called Undergroud Kings with three books so far announced. The three books, Assumption, Obligation, and Distraction all have a 2014 release date set.

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