‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×6 recap – A CEO is accused of attacking a transgender


In the last episode, Benson met with her old partner and was stuck with doing her job and doing right by him. His son had the world at his feet and threw it all away with one mistake (doesn’t this story sound familiar. Insert that swimmer that did something). We once again see the lengths that people will go to protect their loved ones but Benson doesn’t fold under the pressure.

This week we have a doozy. The show is titled, ‘Broken Rhymes’, it looks like Empire make an appearance on the show as a CEO of a record company and his protégée are accused of attacking a transgender. I find the irony of a show like this coming out today considering what happened last night. We will see what kind of messages that SVU brings up because you know that they are going to.

What I am taking out of this show is that we get to see Wyclef Jean as the guest star tonight. He plays the CEO Vincent Love and he is the number one suspect. Be prepared for the Empire jokes/comments.

I digress.

Let’s jump into the show.

Suspect #1 – The boyfriend. Logan. He is a lawyer and has a temper problem. There is a challenge with the fact that Eva is a transgender. But he quickly points the finger at someone else.

Suspect #2 – person at the end of the bar fight. Enter CEO music label and his protégée, Hype. Looks like she didn’t like something he said and let him know it. But the problem is that she slapped someone who has a lot of back up. Add to the fact that was seen near the place of assault around the time of the assault. Ain’t looking good for him.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT-- "Bad Rap" Episode 1807 -- Pictured: Will Swenson as Attorney Mitch Hampton -- (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC)

For the investigation, itself.

You know it’s not going to be an open shut case. What kind of show would that be if we found the bad guy in the first half hour? No we have to have some kind of twist involved in order to keep this show on for the hour.

There is a third guy. Cash. Apparently, Eva was possibly cheating on Logan with another guy. He thinks that he stopped Eva from getting a sex change. Fun part is that he is also part of Hype’s group. This is a very intricate triangle. Apparently, Eva is the one that writes Hype’s raps. It goes deeper than that. When they think they have Hype cornered, he drops a bomb. He’s been dating Eva. Looks like this gives Logan a motive.

We now cross off suspect 1 and 2. For 3, we have big arrows pointing to Cash. With some insert of Benson (thank God because that mom was looking for a big smack in the mouth) the little girl identified Cash as the one that attacked Eva. But justice finds him before SVU does as Hype takes matters into his own hands and shoots him dead.

Barba and Benson try to cut him a deal but Hype cares more about his name and his creditability rather than doing time in jail. They go to trial and that’s where Hype breaks down and loses it.

So the show has been off for three weeks comes back for a week and is now going to be off the air until January. This fall lineup is just stupid. There better be no repeats when the show returns.

What did you think of the show?