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Donzi 22 classic weight loss – Donzi 22 Classic

Located in Palm Harbor Florida. Access Agreement Privacy Policy.

Ethan Walker
Saturday, January 15, 2022
  • If so, it has been sitting for a while.

  • Pristine, everything original, including VDO gauges, except red marine carpet replaced in because old carpet was faded from age. Located in Pensacola Florida.

  • One advantage jets have is you can hook up tons of power and not worry about gears or anything, cheap to rebuild. How well do you know your wife?

  • I've done a bit of business with Tyler in the past. But, for a 30 year old boat, the design looks great.

Friday November 22, 2019

The Chaudron Pro S22 is a very narrow, deep weiht design for pleasure and race. The following are improvements weight loss were made to the boat: 1. We have the largest selection of new and used boats in the greater Tampa Bay Area, offering sales, service, and parts for 14 major lines as well as quality pre-owned vessels for ANY budget! Bimini Top and Full Enclosure.

If the yellow boat has low hours I wfight worry about the motors age. I eventually got towed in. I'm with jl The best part is his ex-wife cleaned him out and she gave his boat away. Gaining 30 hp changing from prop to transom is highly exceptional as well. View Full Version : Donzi Classic 18 power As the Capt.

Category - Length Donzi 22 classic boats are typically used for day-cruising, watersports and freshwater-fishing. Year Make Donzi Model 22 Classic. Call Will consider all reasonable offers. It has a narrow pad and a 20 degree deadrise hull. Midnight Express.

Tuesday September 10, 2019

There are a ton of other factors that impact the performance of these things, other than what is sitting in the engine bay. Premium coverage for an affordable price. Auction Policies Customers with zero or negative feedback on classifieds board Motors must contact us prior to bidding. This is a great lake and river boat.

All rights reserved. The Diplomat is weight loss a good looking boat, it's not that fast and it is not lkss anything more than the hardware that comes with it, ie. It would be like finding a woman on the street that used to be supermodel, got addicted to drugs, lost everything and was living on the street for 10 years. My experience is by accidentally not opening the silent choice at full throttle and not being able to get over mph on GPS, then flip the switch and hit mph gps immediately. Looks to be in beautiful condition.

Experience the Outpost Marine Group difference today! It has an Alpha 1 Outdrive with a brand new Mirage plus prop and through haul exhaust. Deck just painted and sides buffed. Model Donzi 22 Classic. The more power and weight you add, the worse it gets obviously. Boat has been very well maintained and has been stored inside. I can email more pictures if requested.

Nice boat. I really appreciate this feedback and take it seriously. Can't beat it. Tuesday May 14, Gaining 30 hp changing from prop to transom is highly exceptional as well.

I did one for my uncles old baja You basically spent twice as much for a LaBaron with a Maserati emblem. Located in Stamford Connecticut. No worries either way. I hate bowriders though.

For the ultimate wind-in-your hair, grin-on-your-face go-fast experience, theres no better choice than theDonzi 22 Classic. I work a lot and cannot take calls but feel free to text me In a hard turn, they can lay down at a really steep angle. Viewing 1 - 8 of 8.

Technical specifications

These had deeper hulls and were known for their high quality gel work and performance. Get this and be way cooler than everyone else. Friday June 29,

  • I've heard supercharging, but not sure this is right for my application. Great for putting around a bay, running the waterways.

  • Located in Henderson Nevada. If you are interested in selling your boat, please call today for information or our consignment program.

  • As has been said, the 24 degree deadrise round bottom takes a lot of seat time to get used to. Should I go with the Scorpion package and call it a day?

  • Dual Optima Battery Setup with battery selector3.

Ultra Custom Boats. Boat Trader App Find your boat today. Located in Palm Harbor Florida. It comes with a trailer and has had a lot of work put into it recently to bring up to date. Category - Length

The docking lights were installed as an option. A powerboat built by Donzi, the 22 classic is a runabout vessel. Donzi 22 classic A powerboat built by Donzi, the 22 classic is a runabout vessel. Professionally Maintained.

We have had the boat for 14 years and it has been extremely reliable. Offered By: Mudarri Motor Sports. The hull is MUCH stronger than the stock version Many photos documenting the construction of this boat.

These will give you what you want but you'll need to match it to one of his Vortec style intakes. I wonder if it would run long enough to get to the pier. My top speed target assuming a top end prop is mph with about erpm. Any thought?

Old school turned modern! OpinionTechnical Articles. Boat has seen mostly fresh water. Super clean and awesome boat!!! Boat is loaded and immaculate. Smyrna, GA.

Boats for sale by Location

Still learning. Well, you brought it on yourself by asking for opinions. I love old Formulas, and the they say is one of the most copied hulls of all time. Don't change a thing.

Inspect carefully but this could be a great buy. Get a new insert and pull out the old one clean up the hole and hose. Just like getting married though, everything seems great right now, but do you really want this 10 years from now? These things new are pricey so this isn't a bad deal. I think this thing is a buy.

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Cleanest 22 Classic on the market. One reason I got the boat at such a good price is definitely because of the King Cobra drive. Ugly color: check. The following errors occurred with your submission. The guy said that's the only thing he has never had a problem with.

I believe this is the ZT and like some of the Checkmate Convincors, it has a 24 degree hull. The exhaust was just 4" rubber exhaust but went right on and didn't have any issues with it. Located in Daytona Beach Florida. One advantage jets have is you can hook up tons of power and not worry about gears or anything, cheap to rebuild. Buy it, point it towards the sun, put the throttles down and start living. All the new 22 family boats have wakeboard towers, are bowriders, weigh 6, lbs and are lucky to go 46 MPH.

Mercruiser 8. This is a spectacular, true 75 mph boat that always draws compliments at the ramp and on the water. The boat currently have hours on but has been used in fresh water for most of its' life. The docking lights were installed as an option.

We did wind up replacing a few parts that made looss to do since the engine was out anyway. When I say run, I mean it would be literally cheaper to leave the Bentley running all year than to run this for a long weekend. I do have the cast Mercruiser bracket. The skeg is a bad idea.

Heads up indicators. Fuel Type. You can drive through it, the tabs can help but Donzi Classics are known to barrel roll when pushed to the limit. Lake test available for qualified buyers. Great condition, just detailed November

I plan on upgrading my 22 HO package also to the merc blue stuff soon You know I am biased toward a 22 Activator, but I think we have a mess on our hands here. At least he says it's A good machinist will look at you funny if you want to go more than. Will consider all reasonable offers.

Do you donzi 22 classic weight loss a MerCruiser drilling fixture, or the polypaper template required? Bowriders are terrible design for any boat, but especially a performance boat. There's not even a decision to make. Tres Martin travels during the summer to lakes around the country, providing HP driving courses. A drivers boat, you need to pay attention but then again I have yet to see any speedboat you don't Old school turned modern!

  • Will it end up costing me much more than it is worth? Capn', what do you mean?

  • Essentially a new boat at less than half the price of a new Donzi 22' Classic.

  • For a little boat, it can handle some chop.

  • Scott - Beautiful no expense spared refit with under ten hours use since.

  • Recently Updated: Oldest first.

Dora-its pretty serious when he gets in it for any length of time. All of this is value. Great looking boat. Anything custom is pretty risky for a buyer not knowing the internals for sure.

Torque; Vortec Supercharger - 7 lb. Thanks for reading and any help! You are not setting it up for top speed, you want the best "all around" and gain some speed. Let me again give you "one" example of an 18 round bottom Donzi's safety record, "one" of a number of them that I can recall from years ago. Depending on what engine hatch you end up using, you can always install an additional one on the front side of the raised engine hatch, for more fresh air. The current owner took the boat to Velocity for a look over.

Donzi 22 classic

Nobody knows until after the damage is done. The boat currently have hours on but has been used in fresh water for most of its' life. I assume yes but i did not see it mentioned.

With closed cooling, you will have the coolant in the block all the time along with it's corrosion inhibitors. Will you be running in the Great Lakes or river water? We just did an article talking about these old Sea Ray Pachangas. Both the prostitute and the boat will have pros and cons, but in the end you'll be broke with nothing but amazing stories.

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It has a c. Located in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. Exhaust temp. Built for performance. Low hour boat in excellent condition.

I hate twin big blocks in donzi 22 classic weight loss boat this size, but this is a very cool boat to me. Given that boats deal with sloppy surface conditions and varying loads, torque and cubes are your friends. The boat is only about 40 minutes away from our house, so we are going to check it out next weekend. Be a Contributor. If you're willing to strip this thing down and redo it entirely, it might be a good project for you. Currently looking for a good set of forged rods.

  • Here's the setup

  • It was taken out in brackish water twice but thoroughly rinsed out afterwards. Prev 1 2 3 Next.

  • That reminds me. Popular in California but you rarely see these East of Arizona, which is a shame.

  • All sales subject to satisfactory sea trial.

  • Omaha, NE. A rare sterndrive 21 Tuff capable of more than mph with a stock Ilmor

The stock balancers can spin the outer ring, a fluid dampr works fine. I plan on upgrading my 22 HO package also to the merc blue stuff soon Here's the setup I bet whoever bought this was firing on all cylinder when he wrote that check.

Mercruiser HP blue motor hp. Freshwater use only! Center Console. Ultra Custom Boats. Donzi 22 Classic,Beautiful and Fast. Zip Only 10 miles 25 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles Any Distance from.

Celebrating 55 Years of Boat Building Excellence

The price is insane. The Wellcraft 22 had a neat interior, it's a pretty small boat but I think they look great and are a good family performance boat. If you keep the notebook and really write down all the costs you'd be amazed at how things can add up.

Two of the same steering hose assembly's donzj the inside of the two thru-hulls, up to the three-port full hydraulic helm. This is priced about right. Going from a donzi 22 classic weight loss to a 25 pitch prop is too big of a jump to really diagnose anything, only speculate, but IMO you are running out of HP with the 25". These things look and are built "all business" so know that you're getting a hull built for racing. Trying to be gentle here. It's ball park but gives me an idea of where it is. Digging for some info and I ran across this.

I am reconsidering donzi 22 classic weight loss powertrain based on the feedback I've received. Sounds like it won't really change steady state oil and engine temps For a 25 footer, this checks a lot of boxes, and they were priced really well when new. I'll take a look at it, but I don't think there's an inlet in the nose. I'm targeting to be able to hit 75, but probably never run there.

And, looks cool! It was a used unit But in California, it's not a problem, because the area is so overpopulated, classic weight loss you lose a few people out of the bow, you just pull into shore and pick up a few more, it's no big deal really. There are a lot of companies out there that sell Compression monsters for short money. Curious, What is your goal with drilling a hole in your hull for a water pickup?

Well, it's just to point out the styling of a fairly pedestrian 23' foot boat from the nineties. In California, they love bowriders. Shower, Custom powder coated swim platform with ladder. The information, products, and services published on this web site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. Rotating Scat?

Located in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. Very Smooth Riding! Every available option. Excellent condition throughout. Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

  • If I'm not mistaken they come in 21 and 23 pitch and no bigger than I could be wrong.

  • About Us.

  • A slag is a shark fin looking device commonly used under the midship of many inboards. I did one for my uncles old baja

  • Quick Quiet Plus Exhaust.

  • Appreciate the input.

I really love the lake boats, and lake hot rod scene over there. Price out a new odnzi sport boat, and it makes tons of sense to get into something like this. It would be easy to get parts, and it would be less likely to have issues for a while. Tuesday January 16,

Express Cruiser. There are small knicks, chips loss scratches in the fiberglass and rub rail but nothing that compromises the structural integrity of the boat. More photos upon request. Excellent condition and water ready! Of those available, we have 4 new and 4 used. It comes with a trailer and has had a lot of work put into it recently to bring up to date. Simply flawless.

Located in Henderson Nevada. Contact: Cannon Located in Pensacola Florida. Classified Classics

  • Most people with stock, mild engines gain little if anything changing from prop to transom exhaust other than a more high performance sound. I don't really like the look, but he does.

  • I work a lot and cannot take calls but feel free to text me

  • People love their boats too much. The 2 boats are totally different, but both are real head turners.

  • Bravo 1 upper, Imco shortie lower, Mercruiser k planes, Mayfair steering, Weldon fuel pump, Livorsi gauges, carbon fiber dash, Fusion stereo, matching trailer. This is an extremely nice boat and we hate to sell it.

  • My favorite modern Formula.

Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. New Carpet. Wave to Wave is a performance boating magazine, featuring opinions, technical articles and restoration stories. Year Make Donzi Model 22' Classic. The boat has the Classic gauge package, blue piping custom trim, cockpit cover, dual battery system, remote oil filter easy accessBennett power trim tabs, CD Stereo system, through hull exhaust system, stainless Mercury prop and a custom tandem axel drive on trailer! Bunks were done on the trailer as well.

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She losd a lot better than many red Donzis I've seen. Never mind the extreme overhang on the trailer. You could keep it as is, or just do an interior update and engine upgrade and boom, you're in business. Most boats have issues, old boats have tons of issues. I eventually got towed in.

Contact Bill at Located in Orlando Florida. High Performance. Always stored in hoist or dry storage. It's been in the family for years.

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I bought it from dealer in and, except when running in fresh doni only, it has been stored on its trailer under cover. One owner, meticulously maintained, low hours, run in fresh water only, and in immaculate condition. The boat is in overall great shape minus normal wear and tear such as light scratches on bottom of the hull where it sits on trailer boards.

I personally have owned a few 18's. Boating is supposed to be fun, this looks like it. The first 16 was built in with the 18 Classic which weight loss a stretched 16 coming out a few years later. The thing gets up and goes. I love it. However, I wasn't buying the boat to re-sell it, and it actually is a good drive, so I didn't care, especially at the price I was getting. But in California, it's not a problem, because the area is so overpopulated, if you lose a few people out of the bow, you just pull into shore and pick up a few more, it's no big deal really.

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If we were to keep the boat, this is the only other thing we would have done. By Zip. Exhaust is through-hull and pretty loud but awesome! Located in Akron Ohio. Clarion Stereo headunit6. Boat is for sale as of July 10,

Viewing 1 - 8 of 8. Boat Trader works with thousands of boat dealers and brokers to bring you one of weight loss largest collections of Donzi 22 classic boats on the market. I bought it from dealer in and, except when running in fresh water only, it has been stored on its trailer under cover. Trailer is NOT included. Comes with trailer. New paint, motor, rebuilt outdrive, new interior and Lavorsi gauges. Runs well over MPH and accelerates like no other.

  • Just my 2 cents. It's the camshaft and to some more extent not having forged pistons or being clearenced properly along with the oil bypass needing to be modified.

  • Tires, rims, hubs and, surge brakes recently replaced.

  • Order your all new Donzi 22 Classic!!!

  • Imagine how well things were going for this guy when he bought this. Close X.

  • We are not affiliated with any carrier. If Satan came back to earth and needed a single engine offshore hull, he would be shopping for this.

If you fixed it up, and were re-powering, a newer 90 Yamaha SHO, or Mercury 90 four stroke would run great, lpss versions would be really fast on it. Auction Policies Customers with zero or negative feedback on classifieds board Motors must contact us prior to bidding. Very cool old boat. Budget accordingly It self purges. This is the kind of boat you would buy if you went back in time, it wasand you were a scumbag Wall St.

If you are insistent on no less than horsepower, I would consider a different engine base. Unless I missed something earlier in the thread. Get the mph goal out of your head. Call Harry at


Only second owner and know original owner. Performance: - Mercury Marine 8. Offered By: Private Seller. Boat is loaded and immaculate.

  • Also, what was the high speed driving no course. You mentioned building many marine motors, what would you do to strengthen the donor motor I have?

  • Only second owner and know original owner.

  • So, just roll the dice.

  • Save a boat load of cash and then sell it when ever you want and buy the 40th anniversary when your not upside down in an old boat.

  • A "Donzi" hull leans more than most boats in turns. Nothing else.

Full dry sump. Shark Guy where do you boat on the Cheseapeake? Aluminum trailer with new tires. Also, I made friends with Shaun Torrente and he came to my lake to school me on the Skater.

Located in New York. Pop up cleats, Stainless framed windshield, custom lighting in cockpit, bow storage and engine room. Stainless docking lights and recessed running lights. I am the third owner - for 19 years. Length: Longest first. Interior is in perfect condition.

Category - Length Donzi could improve efficiency, safety and drivability while maintaining the incredible look of the boats. The only thing this boat really needs is to have the rub rail replaced and the chips in the fiberglass fixed. It has an Alpha 1 Outdrive with a brand new Mirage plus prop and through haul exhaust. There are currently 8 listings available on Boat Trader by both private sellers and professional boat dealers. That said, because Donzi has such a recognizable name, the Classics are worth restoring because they do have better resale than many other boats. Cockpit Tonneau cover, full cover, and Eagle trailer included.

My biggest pet peeve about my boat is that it doesn't have the newest windshield style Good to have lots of both. Premium coverage for an affordable price.

Dealer POP Yachts 1. Midnight Express. Offered By: Grander Marine. Less than 16 hours total run time, never in salt water. The boat is in Waterford, Mi.

You could just park this in your driveway and be wweight talk of the town. Prompted for a recommendation, I suggest big cubes along with HP. This has massive cool factor. You know what, this is a really cool boat. Look how much fun these guys are having, that's all that matters. A nice classic Scarab here, a real Scarab too.

Boats for sale by Make

Not sure, without seeing it. All rights reserved. I have it marked for 18" now.

Classics that do run crazy numbers have huge power and the hulls are weighh modified. Deck just painted and sides buffed. Great looking boat but the narrow, deep rounded keel is limited compared to modern designs. We purchased the boat in and it has been here in Alabama since then. Access Agreement Privacy Policy.

I was fortunate to be able to jump when this one became available. I don't want to give financial advice to anyone, but if you bought this boat it would be like giving a prostitute with a cocaine addiction access to your weighy account. As mentioned, since your not going that high on your X-demension, you do not need to use a remote transom mount water pickup, since the drive will be low enough to pick up its own water supply. Progressions are made by hand in NY, with great care and quality, and used ones can be excellent investments, but some have been abused, crashed and raced, so be sure you know what you are getting into. Just buying it will give you the credibility reserved for superheroes, international jewel thieves and famous serial killers. The Convincor series from Checkmate is attractive.